It’s obviously important for Dinosaurs to have high stats, but I’m here to tell you why speed is so critical in Jurassic World Alive. There are many great, slow dinosaurs with high health/armor or damage, but new players may find their fast Dinosaurs do most of the heavy lifting in arena. I believe we can break down what makes speed so important into two main points.

1: Speed gives you control

The importance of being the first one to land a hit in battle cannot be overstated. The first Dinosaur to attack gets guaranteed damage, free from potentially crippling damage-reducing ailments (aside from Instant Invincibility and Instant Crippling moves). More importantly, going first gives YOU the ability to inflict those same crippling status ailments, put up a shield, or remove your foe’s buffs. Below are a few of the most useful status manipulations alongside common skills that inflict them:

  • Stun (Stunning Impact, Greater Stunning Strike)
  • 50% Damage-reduction (Pounce, Distracting Impact)
  • Shield (Short Defense, Long Protection)
  • Buff Removal (Nullifying Strike, Defense Shattering Rampage)

Not only does making the first move allow you to cripple your opponent, it also gives you the strategic higher ground. The player who attacks last must predict what the first Dinosaur will do and decide

A) whether they can survive it
B) whether it will affect their damage output.

Though both players must predict their opponent’s moves, the faster Dinosaur at least knows exactly what their attack will do.

2: Speed Doesn’t Scale

In an arena meta filled with over-leveled bots (computer-generated and controlled teams), your Dinosaurs must be able to punch above their weight, so to speak. Though damage and health scale with Dinosaur level, speed does not. A level 1 Velociraptor is still faster than every level 20 Dinosaur that isn’t another Velociraptor. This gives Dinosaurs that rely largely on a high health pool or big damage to offset their low speed are at a disadvantage.

When fighting a higher level Dinosaur, higher speed at least guarantees you can do some damage and land some debuffs. This is why Dinosaurs like Nundasuchus are often more useful in arena than the likes of Allosaurus. However, high speed alone does not make a Dinosaur good (just ask Iguanodon).

Damage multipliers give an immediate huge boost to damage output, meaning Dinosaurs with high speed that can deal 1.5 or 2X damage are sometimes able to KO Dinosaurs at much higher levels. Couple that with debuffing abilities, and you get Velociraptor; probably the best Dinosaur at killing things that are much higher levels than it. Allosaurus May deal good damage, but at low levels it’s under-leveled health and poor speed make it a sitting duck for faster Dinosaurs.

Working Around Speed

Speed may be king, but fast Dinosaurs can be dethroned. Below are some skills that slower Dinosaurs can use to either slow down fast dinosaurs or get a surprise move in first:

Parting Thoughts

Speed may not be the only thing to look for in a Dinosaur, but it is incredibly important. I hope this guide helps you better prepare for future battles and cope with annoyingly fast Dinosaurs!

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