Explorers! Many of you were asking for it, and I have been gathering data for a long time now, so it’s time to reveal our partial findings! The tables below show the One-Time Offers (OTO) that one should get when leveling up or when ranking up in the Arena.

NOTE 1: Depending on when you started playing the game, you may get a Level OTO at a different level. The reason is that you may have joined the game when OTO did not exist (Beta) and therefore leveled up with no OTOs, hence delayed OTOs. For example, if you joined the game before OTOs were introduced and you reached level 7 when they were; you might get a lower level offer (most likely level 6 OTO).

NOTE 2: If you find any error or have information on a OTO that we do not yet have information for, make sure to let BoonSlevin know on the Discord Server!

The first OTO that a player will receive will be upon reaching level 3.

Leveling Up OTOs

Level reached Cost (USD) Hard-Cash  Cost for Cash only in the store (USD) Coins DNA
3 1.99 180 N.A. 4,974 Rare: 382
Common: 2311
4 1.99 180 N.A. 4,974 Rare: 382
Common: 2311
5 4.99 (3X value) 500 4.99 27,789 Rare: 431
Common: 2606
6 9.99 (4X value) 1200 9.99 33,368 Epic: 212
Rare: 369
Common: 4213
7 19.99 (4X value) 2600 19.99 108,842 Epic: 225
Rare: 390
Common: 4452
8 24.99 (3X value) 4000 N.A. (Approx. 29.99) 109,316 Epic: 238
Rare: 411
Common: 4690
9 49.99 (3X value) 7000 49.99 259,316 Epic: 252
Rare: 432
Common: 4929

Most OTOs from leveling up are worth it in our opinion, but it always depends whether you prefer Free to play or you don’t mind spending a bit of money in a game.

Basically, every OTO is the cost of Cash offers in the store (See image below, shout-out to Reebecca1977), with the addition of Coins and DNA, which in most cases are a blessing! The best offer in our opinion is the Level 8 OTO since it has a discount on Cash, but it also provides a very good amount of coins to help kick things off. So if you are holding on to your money for the best OTO, our advice is to aim for that one.

Ranking Up OTOs

Rank reached Cost (Hard-Cash) Coins DNA
Fallen Kingdom (60 Trophees) TBD TBD TBD
Mt. Sibo (500 Trophees) Level 4: 100 1,000 Rare: 154
Common: 934
S.S. Arcadia (1000 Trophees) Level 5: 140 1,375 Rare: 212
Common: 1285
Level 6: 150 1,500 Rare: 232
Common: 1402
Nublar Jungle (1500 Trophees) Level 6: 880 5,250 Epic: 93
Rare: 232
Common: 2643
Level 7: 940 5,625 Epic: 99
Rare: 248
Common: 2832
Badlands (2000 Trophees) Level 6: 1,000 6,000 Epic: 106
Rare: 265
Common: 3021
Level 7: 1070 6,375 Epic: 113
Rare: 281
Common: 3210
Lockdown (2500 Trophees) Level 7: 1190 7,125 Epic: 126
Rare: 314
Common: 3587
Level 8: 1250 7,500 Epic: 132
Rare: 331
Common: 3776
Sorna Marches (3000 Trophees) Level 9: 1440 8,625 Epic: 152
Rare: 381
Common: 4342

Ranking up OTOs are not very interesting, but they might appeal to the Free to play user since they cost in-game Cash unlike Leveling up OTOs. Our advice remains to avoid these offers and invest your hard earned Cash in Coins.



  1. “Our advice remains to avoid these offers and invest your hard earned Cash in Coins.”

    Why is this the case? Coins can always be grinded through battling but epics are (suitably) rare and cannot be reliably caught in the wild.

    • The issue is the amount of coin needed for leveling higher level dinos. Good luck grinding that 🙂 After all you can catch enough Velociraptor DNA every night but when the level up itself cost 10k+ even this route starts to be quite hard.