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Most Dinos in the JWA universe have a specific and widely accepted order of moves that should be used in almost any circumstance.

The simplest example of the moveset order is with the Velociraptor. You almost always open with Pounce (2x damage increase and ½ damage decrease from your opponent), and then while Pounce is on cooldown, you use Strike for 1x damage. If you survive (by killing the opponent’s Dino on the Strike), you can repeat this moveset order for the next Dino and probably get one more hard-hitting Pounce in.

But as we all know, moveset orders are not this simple. Sometimes you DO want to open with a strike. So let’s talk about when you should be breaking from your logical moveset order and why, so that we can better understand how to beat our opponents in the arena.

Advice 1: Kill the opponent if given the opportunity

One common reason to break from the normal order of your moves is if you can kill the opposing Dino. Here’s a good example. The Stegoceratops has the following moves.

Now, when facing a faster Dino, what is considered to be the ideal moveset order for Stegoceratops is this:

Slowing Impact > Greater Stunning Strike (GSS) > Stunning Impact

Using your moves in this order provides the highest chance of removing the opponents move and gaining the priority to move first. Granted, this order only works on a swap in, because GSS requires a delay of 2 moves before being used (swap in is move 1, Slowing Impact is move 2).

You always gain a move when you kill your opponents’ Dino, so even if a Slowing Impact or a Stunning Impact is out of my usual order, it can be useful to use it early if it will kill the opponents’ Dino.

Because you should always use a move that will kill the opponents dino if available. Always. That’s the goal after all, and you don’t want them to swap dinos so you lose progress.

Advice 2: Use the weakest move to kill the opponent

We see it all the time with Raptors in the arena. Someone gets used to the rotation of Pounce, Strike, Pounce, Strike, and your Dino survives the first Pounce and the first Strike. You queue up your next strongest move (because never assume they’re going to do the smart thing… they could swap assuming you will), and you see them burn another Pounce. Fantastic. You lose your Dino, and you put in the next Dino knowing they have to swap out or they’ll die.

This is a mistake for your opponent because they had a less powerful move (Strike) that could’ve been used to kill you, and instead burned a more powerful move that needs a cooldown to kill you instead.

Remember, JWA has no chance of a move missing an opponent (unless the Dino is using Cloak). That means there is no risk in using a weak move that will kill the opponent. Make sure to take into account Armor and Shield (as these are not taken into consideration when clicking and holding a move to see how much damage it will do), but always use the weakest move that will kill your opponent so that you save your good moves. Especially when you’re guaranteed to have speed priority (like in the case of a Velociraptor).

Advice 3: Order may change when facing the same Dino

One of the disadvantages of facing the same Dino is you both know the order of moves that makes the most sense. But you can also use this to your advantage. Let’s take into consideration the Indominus Rex versus Indominus Rex situation.

Everyone who uses an Indominus knows that the two-move kill-shot always goes Cloak (50% chance at dodging attacks for 2 turns and next attack does 2x damage), followed by Armor Piercing Rampage (ignores armor and does 2x damage). But when an Indom faces an Indom, if both do this two move set, both have a chance to dodge the others finishing move.

However, here’s the deal. If you’ve ever faced an Indominus, you probably realize that your only hope is just trying to hit it twice with your strongest move and hoping you do enough damage to kill it before it kills you. If you know the opponent will open with a cloak, and you know you are slower (lower level) than your opponent, then you know you’re going to either die when they hit you (through the cloak) or you won’t die and will get a chance to hit them. But your hit will also be 50/50. Unless… you use anything other than cloak.

Here’s how you should do it. For instance, if you open with Expose Weak Spot, you get a chance to hit through their cloak. Then you can use Cloak and give yourself the same 50/50 survival chance as you would’ve had if you had opened with it. If you survive, not only do you guarantee you get to hit the opposing Indom, you also guarantee you’re going to kill it because their cloak has expired by move 3. If you don’t survive, you get one chance to do some damage on the opponent before dying that you wouldn’t have had if you had opened with Cloak.

Parting Words

The point here is this – when facing the same Dino, you probably know what order they’re going to use moves. So use that information to your advantage.

  • If you know that you always use Instant Shield on move 2 when it is available, use a weak strike instead of a stronger hit to take down the shield.
  • If you know the opponent is going to open with Cloak, you know when the Cloak will expire, so offset your Cloak.
  • If you know the other Raptor is faster and they’re gonna open with pounce, swap out before you lose your Velociraptor or take your licks and keep on rolling.

In short, there are tons of strategies that comes into play in Jurassic World Alive. The best way to win, is through knowledge of the game, of the Dinosaurs, their moves and stats. This is why we provide you with the Dinodex, as many guides as we can, and an incredible community on the Discord Server. Use all of these tools to your advantage and you’ll perform well in the Arena!