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There are many resources you must manage while playing Jurassic World Alive: Dino DNA, darts, hard cash, coins, and – the most precious resource – your own time. Managing the latter one is totally up to you, and we at Metahub are here to help you out with a brief summary on managing the others. Let’s begin with Cash and Coins. Be aware, it’s a long one, but completely worth it! Knowledge is power!

Cash and Coins

1. Income

a. Offer wall

To find the cash offer wall, click the “Earn Cash / Free” button in the in-game shop. There you’ll find a variety of tasks involving different apps, sites and everything else Tapjoy has to offer to give you a chance to earn free in-game cash. These offers differ not only from country to country, but also from device to device. So far, you cannot receive multiple rewards for the same game/app, so it’s better to pick the most expensive one. The offer must be accessed through the offer wall, installing the app through App Store/Play Store will in most cases make offer invalid.

It’s also important to note that offers are tracked for each individual device, so logging to your own JWA account from another device will give you access to this device’s offer wall which might have ones you’ve already seen and done, and, yes, repeating them on different device will still give you the cash (but we do not recommending doing this as it is against the Terms of Services). If you need some advice on completing this or that specific offer, feel free to join our Discord Server and visit #Free-cash-offers channel.

b. Direct purchases and one time offers

In this chapter and further on, cash to coins conversion rate is based on the 250,000 coins bundle.

One-time offers for leveling up:

Level reached Cost (USD) Hard-Cash Coins Coins per USD DNA
4 1.99 180 4,974 7,524.62 Rare: 382
Common: 2311
5 4.99 500 27,789 11,135.63 Rare: 431
Common: 2606
6 9.99 1,200 33,368 10,013.48 Epic: 212
Rare: 369
Common: 4213
7 19.99 2,600 108,842 12,670.66 Epic: 225
Rare: 390
Common: 4452
8 24.99 4,000 109,316 13,266.84 Epic: 238
Rare: 411
Common: 4690
9 49.99 7,000 259,316 12,966.69 Epic: 252
Rare: 432
Common: 4929

All the following One Time Offers still cost $49.99 (US) for 7,000 cash, 250,000 coins and an Epic incubator, but overall coin/DNA yield will slightly increase as Epic incubators’ capacity increases with your level.

In addition to One Time Offers for leveling up, there are offers for ranking up in arena. They are of no interest in terms of coin gain, but if you want to satisfy your curiosity, check BoonSlevin’s article on One Time Offers from which most of this data is shamelessly stolen.

Direct cash purchases:

Cost (USD) Hard-Cash Coins per USD
4.99 500 5,566.69
9.99 1,200 6,673.34
19.99 2,600 7,225.84
49.99 7,000 7,779.33
99.99 15,000 8,334.17

As you can see, One Time Offers from leveling up have a significantly better Coins/USD ratio. Direct hard cash purchases can be purchased multiple times, but unless you plan to buy shop incubators (pro tip: don’t), you’re better off saving that money and spending it on One Time Offers, unless you’d rather get VIP, which is covered in the next section.

c. Supply drops

Tapping supply drops has a chance to give you coins up to certain daily limit. Past that point, tapping drops doesn’t give any coins this day.

The daily coin limit depends on your level and VIP status:

Level Coins’ Cap without VIP Coins’ Cap with VIP VIP coins/USD at 100% % to match
1 1,500 3,000 11,166.66 113.41%
2 1,700 3,400 11,766.66 108.89%
3 2,100 4,200 12,966.66 101.56%
4 2,400 4,800 13,866.66 97.15%
5 2,700 5,400 14,766.66 93.44%
6 3,000 6,000 15,666.66 90.27%
7 3,300 6,600 16,566.66 87.53%
8 3,700 7,400 17,766.66 84.41%
9 4,000 8,000 18,666.66 82.39%
10 4,300 8,600 19,566.66 80.60%
11 4,600 9,200 20,466.66 78.99%
12 4,900 9,800 21,366.66 77.54%
13 5,200 10,400 22,266.66 76.23%
14 5,600 11,200 23,466.66 74.67%
15 5,900 11,800 24,366.66 73.61%
16 6,200 12,400 25,266.66 72.64%
17 6,500 13,000 26,166.66 71.75%
18 6,800 13,600 27,066.66 70.93%
19 7,100 14,200 27,966.66 70.16%
20 7,500 15,000 29,166.66 69.23%

Coin per USD is calculated via comparison of hitting both coin and cash limits for 30 days with and without VIP subscription. Coin value of VIP subscription does include extra cash from supply drops: cash cap for supply drops is the same among all levels: 50 with VIP, 10 – without, which gives another 2,222.22 coins/day difference between having VIP and not having one. The “% to match” column is better explained in conclusions to this chapter.

d. Arena

There is a cap on how many coins you can get from winning arena battles too. So far, arena rewards follow rather fuzzy logic. Reward per win seems to drop after each 4 or 5 wins per day, you might get a warning you’ve reached daily coin cap before one battle and still earn coins for winning the next one.

If you have some extra time to spare, you should definitely try battling more in the arena. Even if your incubator slots are full, the coins and the fun are still there.

e. Incubators

While it’s true that each and every arena incubator gives some amount of coins, each and every incubator you get has to be activated and opened, there’s no way to discard the ones you don’t like, so the only optimization available here is based on your schedule: try saving the longer ones for times you won’t be able to check the game and activate another incubator.

Courtesy of Tehj72 and Reebecca72, we at MetaHub have this wonderful article on incubator cycle that will help you plan your activities in advance. Speeding up the incubators is covered in Expenditure chapter of this Compendium.

Coins and Cash Income: Conclusions

In the later stages of the game, it is not DNA, but coins that limit your progression. If you intend to play as a pure F2P player, you should do your best to hit both supply drop and arena coin caps daily and keep an incubator running at all times. If you have made some in-game cash via free offers, supply drops and free incubators, check the Expenditure chapter for guidelines on spending it with highest efficiency.

If you’re a casual spender, it’s worth considering VIP subscription over One Time Offers for leveling up if you intend to hit coin limits regularly. Some perspective: you need 90% of maximum at level 6 or 80% of maximum at level 10 to match the value of best One-Time Offer there is. We have provided actual percentages in “% to match” column of table given in “Supply drops” section of this chapter.

2. Expenditure

a. Direct coin purchases

Coins Hard cash Conversion
2,500 60 41.(6)
25,000 500 50
250,000 4,500 55.(5)

As of now, saving up hard cash and spending them on coin bundles is the recommended way to spend your hard cash. It’s up to you to decide whether you can wait for coin bundle deals like 275,000 for 4,500 deal (+10%) or 37 500 coins for 500 cash VIP-exclusive deal (+35%). Since deals like these are not available 100% of the time, calculations in this Resources Compendium are based on 55.(5) conversion rate.

b. Incubator purchases

Incubator prices and contents below are given for lvl 10:

Price Coins DNA Coin price of all DNA
670 3,421 Total 3,197 DNA, at least 528 rare. 33,801.22
3340 10,263 Total 5,167 DNA,

at least 265 epic

and 453 rare.

6670 (VIP exclusive) 23,333 Total 11,747 DNA, at least 618 epic and 1,030 rare. 347,222.6

As you can see, cash you spends to buy one incubator is worth a ton of coins. Incubators provide a good shortcut to a better collection for people willing to heavily support the game by spending a lot on it, but for casual spenders and free-to-play advocates the return is not worth the investment. Make sure to check MetaHub frequently, you’ll see it on the news if anything worth the cash comes up.

Incubator speed ups

Incubator speed ups follow the same logic as buying incubators from the shop: you trade some of your coins for extra DNA:

Incubator Time Coins Coins/hour Cash speed up cost Coins/cash
Epic @ lvl 10 24 10,263 427.625 240 42.7625
Epic @ “breakpoint” 24 13,334 555.58333 240 55.55833
Standard 3 375 125 30 12.5
Large 8 1,000 125 80 12.5
Small @ lvl 10 0.25 150 600 3 60
Small @ “breakpoint” 0.25 139 556 2.5 55.6


Total time Total coins Cash cost Total time Total coins Cash cost Total time Total coins Cash cost
192.5 34,434 0 190.5 34,434 20 168.5 34434 240
Coins/time Extra coins/cycle Coins/cash Coins/time Extra coins/cycle Coins/cash Coins/time Extra coins/cycle Coins/cash
178.8779 0 -//- 180.7559 357.7558 17.88779 204.3561 4,293.07 17.88779

On the surface it looks that upon climbing high enough to assure each 15 minutes incubator has at least 139 coins (level ~8) or epic one – 13,334 coins (level ~17), you should start speeding up those incubators: you get (at worst) equivalent amount of coins, but you also get some DNA. However, if you model coin/time gains and compare the increase against cash spent, you’ll see that these gains do not outvalue 250k coins bundle.

Leveling up and fusing DNA

Unless you’re hellbent on changing your in-game name, the coins you’ve made will be spent exclusively on fusing DNA for hybrids and leveling up your collection, both of which grant XP points. Even if though it’s suboptimal to spend your coins based purely on their XP value, sometimes it might be useful to know the most appropriate way to rush that little XP left until your next level up without shooting yourself in the foot by leveling and fusing/leveling up everything blindly. In the following table you can find the highest XP to coins rate actions:

Action Target Rarity Level XP Coins Cost XP/coins
Level-up Any Common 2 100 5 20
Level-up Any Common 3 150 10 15
Level-up Any Common 4 200 25 8
Fuse Gigaspikasaur Legendary 1,100 200 5.5
Fuse Paramoloch Legendary 1,100 200 5.5
Fuse Pyrritator Legendary 1,100 200 5.5
Fuse Spinotasuchus Legendary 1,100 200 5.5
Fuse Utasinoraptor Legendary 1,100 200 5.5
Fuse Megalosuchus Legendary 1,100 200 5.5
Level-up Any Common 5 250 50 5
Fuse Allosinosaurus Legendary 1,000 200 5
Fuse Ankyntrosaurus Legendary 1,000 200 5
Fuse Einiasuchus Rare 100 20 5
Fuse Indominus Rex Legendary 1,000 200 5
Fuse Majundasuchus Rare 100 20 5
Fuse Monostegotops Legendary 1,000 200 5
Fuse Rajakylosaurus Legendary 1,000 200 5
Fuse Stegodeus Legendary 1,000 200 5
Fuse Suchotator Rare 100 20 5
Fuse Tryostronix Legendary 1,000 200 5
Fuse Tragodistis Legendary 1,000 200 5

You can find more detailed information in our articles on XP mechanics, coins and DNA costs of evolutions and hybrid recipes.

Parting Words

We apologize for the length of this article, but Bexmuu provided us with such an incredible analysis that we had to share it in full! What do you think of his analysis? Let us know in the comments below!

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