The fearsome Indoraptor… Perhaps you’ve faced him in the arena and survived to tell the tale, or perhaps you’ve been defeated one too many times by the sleek trickster. In either case, let’s discuss what (if anything) you can do to counter the Indoraptor in the arena.

Indoraptor Stats, Moves, and Effects


Rarity Unique
Tier Apex
Health 4000
Armor 0%
Damage 1400
Speed 128
Critical 20%


Armor Piercing Strike Deal 1x damage, bypassing Armor.
Cleansing Impact Cleanse self. Deal 1.5x damage.

Cooldown: 2 turn

Evasive Stance Act First. Gain 50% chance of dodge for 3 turns.

Cooldown: 4 turn

Defense Shattering Rampage Destroy shields, bypass armor, and deal 2x damage.

Cooldown: 1 turn Delay: 1 turn

Thanks to Orange Heart, the incredible artist partnering up with us, we now even have our very own infographic! This way, people who prefer a visual guide will be served!

Key Differences: Indoraptor vs. Indominus Rex

There are a few major differences between the Indominus Rex and the Indoraptor.

For one, the Indoraptor is much faster than the Indominus Rex. Second, the Indoraptor is not immune to negative effects quite like the Indominus Rex. And third, their movesets have a few subtle but very important differences.

Where Indominus Rex can simply pierce the armor of the opponent, Indoraptor breaks all shields and pierces armor (goodbye Stegodeus and Tragodistis).

Where Indominus Rex has immunity, Indoraptor has a cleansing impact that removes any debuffs and then slams into opponents for a ton of damage (see ya later Monolophosaurus).

All that, and the Indoraptor kills near every dinosaur in the game in three moves and has no reliable counters. Or at least it did, prior to the 1.3 patch. But things have changed.

No Counters, You Say? But I’ve Beat Indoraptor!

Now I know what you’re thinking, at least you’ve got your Velociraptor. Unfortunately, even our speedy friend is relying on hitting through that annoying Evasive Stance twice to win. And those aren’t the type of odds we want in a counter guide.

In fact, if you’ve beaten Indoraptor with one dino, you’ve beaten the odds. That means you landed hits through the cloak, or you were able to stun Indo, or you lowered his damage output and the opponent didn’t use Cleansing Impact like they should’ve.

The reality is this – prior to the 1.3 patch, you had to be incredibly lucky to beat Indoraptor. It was hands down the most powerful dino in the game, and even after being rebalanced, it still really destroys most Dinosaurs.

So let’s go over the counters, and I’ll give you some tips if you don’t have one of these lovely winners.

Post Patch Ideal Counters

Now that Nullifying moves remove a cloak (and now that Indoraptor was given “Evasive Stance” instead of “Cloak” which allows Indo to dodge one more turn but doesn’t get the super crazy 2x damage bonus), there are three primary Dinos that work well to kill Indoraptor.

Note: the below counters assume the same level. With a level advantage, even these counters can be dropped by Indo — but they’ll do some damage first.

MonostegotopsMonostegotops is a good Indoraptor counter. Be sure to open with a slowing move (even if they use Evasive Stance) to gain priority first. This way if Indoraptor tries Cleansing Impact and Defense Shattering Rampage on you, you’ll get the last laugh. Opening with Nullifying Impact only benefits you if they happen to use Evasive Stance first. If they don’t, you wasted an opportunity to gain priority for a minimum of one turn. If they’re smart enough to armor piercing strike you and defense shattering rampage you (because you opened with a slowing move) that will still leave you standing as long as you don’t get critically hit. In short, always slow, then either nullify or stunning impact with Monostego to give you the highest probability chance to win.

TanycolagreusTanycolagreus has the advantage of being faster than Indoraptor from the get-go. But there’s a trick here too. Tany needs to land two moves to win against Indoraptor and can only get hit once. So if you open with Nullifying Impact and Indo doesn’t use Evasive Stance, Tany will lose. And Tany must be at least the same level or higher to win. The rotation to use is actually Armor Piercing Strike, followed by Nullifying Impact. This way, if Indoraptor uses Evasive Stance first, it wasted a turn and you’ll still get two moves to kill him. And if a savvy Indoraptor user tries to trick you by NOT using Evasive Stance first, you land damage and beat them T2 no matter what. As long as the Indoraptor doesn’t land a critical hit, you win every time with this rotation.

Monomimus, strangely, also beats Indoraptor in most cases. The rotation to use is Nullifying Impact, Distracting Impact, Distracting Strike. If Indoraptor uses Evasive Stance, tries to do a simple strike, or uses Cleansing Impact first, you win. Because you can Distracting Impact the Indoraptors Defense Shattering Rampage, a Monomimus at the same level will actually live for 3 strikes against Indoraptor — just long enough to kill it. Again, this assumes Indo does not get a critical hit on you.

Now, you might be thinking, the chances of Indoraptor getting a critical hit on you is pretty high, and you’re right. With a 20% base crit chance each turn, there’s lots of opportunities for Indo to take you down. But you must remember, the above assumes the Indoraptor doesn’t waste a turn using Evasive Stance (understanding the counter can clear the Stance) and this simply won’t always be the case. Lots of Indoraptor users are going to try to sneak in a cloak and spell their own demise. But in either case, these three at same level or above will take Indoraptor down about 70-80% of the time — far better odds than we ever had pre-patch.

Post 1.4 Update

Some people have a strategy of running no nullifier teams or very few nullifier teams. There’s certainly more of a case to be made for a no nullifier team these days, now that Instant Charge was changed to 1 turn delay, and with additions like Diloranosaurus and Diloracheirus and with buffs to Utahrinex and the damage over time effects of Spinotahsuchus. There’s a world in which you use slowing, stunning, and distracting moves to manage Indoraptor’s damage and win.

I Have No Counters… Now What?

If you find yourself without the above 3 counters, start working on them first and foremost. And secondly, I’ve left you with a few more Hail Mary tips below.

Tips, Tricks, and Last Resorts

Tip #1: Because Indoraptor does not have immunity, you can slow him down or reduce his damage. Yes, he can use Cleansing Impact and cleanse these things away, but slowing him and taking priority gives you one more shot at hitting Indo, and reducing damage forces Indo to use a slightly weaker move (1.5x instead of 2x with Defense Shattering Rampage).

In fact, an ideal counter would be something like Blue, if it were possible to level Blue up to about a level or more higher than Indoraptor. Something that can both shield and reduce damage on an Indoraptor means the Indoraptor either has to use a weaker move and hit a shield, or use a stronger move to negate the shield but at half the damage.

Tip #2: Try to stun him. The Stegoceratops has by far the highest probability of destroying the Indoraptor of all possible counters, but even that outcome is a bit bleak (around 30% as Stegocera lacks a nullifying move). Indoraptor has to use Evasive Stance first, Stego has to land the damage portion of the slowing move, Stego has to then land the 75% stun of Greater Stunning Strike, and then the damage has to land for the Stunning Impact.

Someone said the chances of this are somewhere around 37%, but it’s really your best option without a nullifying counter.

Tip #3: Play smart with your speed.

When all else fails, and you lose a dino, you’re gonna need something with a speed of 129 or above to hopefully get a third hit in and beat him, or something that can take a hit, slow him down again, and hopefully hit him twice. Something like a Stegodeus, a Gigaspikasaurus, or a Velociraptor would come in handy as cleanup batters. Don’t bother with shields. Just hit as hard as you can and cross your fingers.

Mirror Match

The mirror match for Indoraptor vs Indoraptor comes down to who hits and who misses through Evasive Stance. If you’re faster, always open by trying to damage the opponent. They will likely use evasive stance first, and you’ll get a free opportunity, plus if you both are great at dodging you’ll have one turn more of dodge to take them down when their dodge wears off. If you’re lower level, I’d still recommend evasive first. Not worth it to gamble on your opponent using evasive and trying to hit them, generally speaking.

Really, whoever gets a crit or hits through evasive is probably going to win.

Parting Words

All in all, the Indoraptor is one of the strongest Dinosaurs in the game, and the best way to beat him if you don’t have one of his counters is by taking full advantage of that lack of immunity and hoping for the best. If all else fails, you can always swap in something you’re willing to lose and maintain that Stegoceratops or Stegodeus in hopes of landing a few more hits and beating Indoraptor down.

The reality is, you’ll probably lose a dino. Just do your best not to lose all three and hope you can make up for the lost dino later. We do understand that most of the ideal counters are Epic and Legendary Dinosaurs, but keep in mind that Indoraptor is a Unique Dino, which means that Common and Rare Dinosaurs have very little chance on their own against this fierce creature.

If you have any questions or wish to join the discussion, let us know in the comments or join MetaHub’s Discord server!


  1. Awesome article, especially for higher level players than me. i haven’t encountered Indoraptor, but I know it’s dangerous. I’m currently in the Badlands arena, and I don’t think I’ll find an Indoraptor until Sorna Marshes. I imagine this will help high-level players a lot. However, Indoraptor was a male. Just letting ya know.

  2. I don’t understand how so many players already have one.
    Especially as the usual state is that the rest of the their team is 18-19 but there is Indoraptor sitting on lvl 23. Is there some T-rex hatchery no one told me about? 😀