Explorers! This Strike Event is a Rare One with 3 reward Incubators. While it may be easy for some players, it will reveal more difficult to others.

Enemy List

  1. Ankylosaurus Gen 2 (8) + Apatosaurus (8) + Euoplocephalus (8)
  2. Nodosaurus (9) + Amargasaurus (9) + Argentinosaurus (9)
  3. Apatosaurus (10) + Ankylosaurus Gen 2 (10) + Euoplocephalus (10)
  4. Nodosaurus (10) + Amargasaurus (10) + Ankylocodon (10)
  5. Ankylosaurus Gen 2 (13) + Apatosaurus (13) + Euoplocephalus (13)
  6. Nodosaurus (12) + Amargasaurus (12) + Ankylocodon (12)
  7. Ankylosaurus Gen 2 (15) + Apatosaurus (15) + Euoplocephalus (15)


You will be facing high health and high armor Dinosaurs, but fear not, this short guide should help you clear this without too much hassle!

The theme for this event is: Resilience. Why? Because the Dinosaurs you will face are quite resilient and will not go down without a good fight! Most of the Dinosaurs have either a rather large health pool or a rather high armor stat.Ā Therefore, anything doing a high amount of damage with armor piercing/shattering and/or with Immunity will do the job.

Since these Dinosaurs are mostly tanks, your best bet is on Fierce Dinosaurs. We recommend any of the followings:

So remember, Fast Dinosaurs will not be of much help in this Strike Event. The best way to win is to go with teeth! As long as you have decent Dinosaurs with Armor Piercing/Shattering, we cannot emphasize enough how Armor Piercing/Shattering is a necessity, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.


Step 1

200 Coins

Step 2

300 Coins

Step 3

Step 4

500 Coins

Step 5

Step 6

1000 Coins

Step 7

Potential DNA in Incubators

Common Dinosaurs

Rare Dinosaurs

Epic Dinosaurs

Parting Words

Were you successful? We hope you were and that this guide somewhat helped you through this Standard Strike Event!

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