Explorers, this Strike Event is an Epic One and it features Dinosaurs with the ability to buff their own damage output for a handful of turns. It is among the longest ones yet with 10 steps and that you get rewarded an Epic Incubator if you are successful!

Do not be fooled! This 10 Step Epic Strike Event is not the same as it previously was! Dinosaurs have been changed, levels are slightly higher, so overall, the difficulty level is not the same! Furthermore, with the new Swap-In Abilities, it becomes an even trickier one! While it may be easy for some players, it might reveal more difficult to new players or rookies. Therefore, here comes our complete walk-through!

Enemy List

  1. Irritator Gen 2 (6) + Nundasuchus (7) + Baryonyx Gen 2 (8)
  2. Irritator (7) + Kaprosuchus (8) + Postosuchus (9)
  3. Irritator Gen 2 (8) + Nundasuchus (9) + Baryonyx Gen 2 (10)
  4. Irritator (9) + Kaprosuchus (10) + Postosuchus (11)
  5. Irritator Gen 2 (10) + Nundasuchus (11) + Baryonyx Gen 2 (12)
  6. Irritator (11) + Kaprosuchus (12) + Postosuchus (13)
  7. Irritator Gen 2 (12) + Nundasuchus (13) + Baryonyx Gen 2 (14)
  8. Irritator (13) + Kaprosuchus (14) + Postosuchus (15)
  9. Irritator Gen 2 (14) + Nundasuchus (15) + Baryonyx Gen 2 (16)
  10. Irritator (15) + Kaprosuchus (16) + Postosuchus (17)


This Epic Strike Event should prove to be difficult for most players. Luckily, most Dinosaurs are rather low level, so it should not be impossible to complete it! Considering that the creatures you will be facing are not the fastest Dinosaurs, your best bet to counter them is on Fast Dinosaurs! This way, you can make sure to take them down before they can increase their own damage and take you down! Velociraptor should be your first choice!

In short, your best bet remains on the following Dinosaurs:

Another option is to use Dinosaurs that can decrease your opponent’s damage for one or several turns. Such creatures include:

Important note: Kaprosuchus, Irritator Gen 2, and Baryonyx Gen 2 all have a Swap-In Ability. This means that if they ever are swapped into combat, they will deal a regular strike to your Dinosaur! Keep that in mind as it might ruin your chance to be successful! Most likely, the AI will swap them into combat if its current Dinosaur is rather low health, so keep that in mind if yourself you are sitting on a low health Dinosaur and the AI has already defeated two of your Dinos! Thanks to Sableye on Twitter for reminding us of this important aspect of this Strike Event!


Step 1

100 Coins

Step 2

200 Coins

Step 3

Step 4

300 Coins

Step 5

Step 6

500 Coins

Step 7

Step 8

1000 Coins

Step 9

1500 Coins

Step 10

Potential DNA in Incubators

Common Dinosaurs

Rare Dinosaurs

Epic Dinosaurs

Legendary Dinosaurs (if very lucky)

Parting Words

Were you successful? How do you feel about such high reward Strike Events?

If you have any questions or wish to join the discussion, let us know in the comments or join MetaHub’s Discord server!


    • That mush have been an interesting challenge for such low leveled team! Nicely done and hopefully better luck next time, since you definitely deserver the main reward for attempting it like this! 🙂

      For higher levelled players (their teams) it’s sort of insanely long farm with reward too good to ignore 😀

  1. Successful with no losses, led with Erlikosaurus Epic (12), followed with Diplotator (15), had a Tuojiangosaurus to slow down opponents (12), and a clutch Allosaurus to put final hits if needed. Rarely went passed using the Erliko then Diplotator combo for the firstborn 2/3 of the event. Had to use T and A a few times near the end.