In the past week, Ludia has clearly been hinting towards a new update for the Jurassic World Alive as well as new Hybrids now! As you may know, we did get a sneak peek of the upcoming 1.5 update for Jurassic World Alive (more information here). While we would love to tell you what’s coming, we simply cannot. Therefore, in this guide, we will give you general tips and tricks on how to prepare for an upcoming update!

You will notice that most of this advice actually applies to any game!

1. Put a hold on any investment

While it may be tempting to invest in some Dinosaurs at the moment, a new update generally means that the meta could be affected and that a Dinosaur that would prove useful today, might not be tomorrow. Therefore, at this stage, it may be best to put a pin in any DNA or Coins investment until Ludia drops the anticipated update for which they have not yet announced a release date.

Obviously, if you are working on unlocking a Legendary or Unique Dino, it may be worthwhile to pursue this investment as unlocking a new Dinosaur is always thrilling and useful overall. Evolving said Dinosaurs, however, should wait until we all know more about what’s coming.

Coins are not as difficult to obtain as they were, but they’re still somewhat difficult to get nonetheless. So we suggest patience, although we personally have a hard time being patient ourselves!

2. Make the most of what’s currently available

New creatures also means that current Dinosaurs could potentially be less frequent in the future than they are today. Whether it’s a Featured Dinosaur, or a Dinosaur you often see in the wild in a given local (more information on locals here), we recommend making the most out of it so that you are not disappointed if a given Dino eventually becomes a rare sight.

Ouranosaurus is the perfect example, it became much harder to find after the 1.3 update (only available in Local 2, while available everywhere prior to 1.3), but it was attributed to a Hybrid, so those Ouranosauruses that we all overlooked because we thought they would be around forever suddenly made us all facepalm very hard.

3. Be prepared for anything

One thing that many players tend to do is fall into a routine or simply get too comfortable with the team they have or the way they play. Be prepared for changes by actively trying to improve your team and the way you play based on what you see in the Arena and in the wild.

Too often do we see players relying (again today) on Velociraptor, Pyroraptor, or Utahraptor. The Meta changes and evolves as the game evolves. If you see a Dinosaur or a type of Dinosaur too often in the Arena, try new strategies, test out other Dinosaurs. This way, you can adapt more easily to any upcoming changes in the game.

4. Time investment

While this somewhat resembles item 2, hunt as much as possible. There could be a period of confusion while (possibly) new locals and a new meta are being figured out (worry not, we’ll make sure to have a complete guide on Spawn Mechanics with every upcoming update, should they affect Spawn Mechanics). Hunting during this time will be less focused for those reasons.

5. Know your status

Make sure that you know your current position in the game. Not necessarily your rank on the Leaderboard, but your style, your resources, the time you can spend in the game, the Dinosaurs you have and those that you are close to unlocking or evolving, your goals, etc. Knowledge is key, we cannot stress this enough. Knowing where you are at in the game will help you know quickly what to focus on should any changes occur, but it’ll also help you adapt quickly to any changes that may happen.

Parting Words

We hope this generic advice will help you prepare for an upcoming update in Jurassic World Alive, or in any video game as a matter of fact. Are there more tips and tricks that you can think of and that you would like to share with the community? Let us know below, or we encourage you to join in on our discoveries by visiting our Discord page!

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