The Battle/Arena Mode in JWA is a very interesting, entertaining yet complex feature (compared to Pokémon GO). Unlike Pokémon GO where the battle feature strictly consists of simple tap and swipe gestures, JWA brings a more in-depth turn-based gameplay. When you take the time to think about it, it is quite odd that as a member of the Dinosaur Protection Agency, you have the opportunity to have Dinosaurs fight together, but given the quality of the feature, we can’t complain!

In this guide, we’ll simply provide a brief coverage of the basics of the Arena Mode, but we’ll soon cover more in-depth statistics!

*Full credits for this article go to Cramelus*

What is the Battle/Arena Mode?

This feature basically allows you to compete with other people by having your Dinosaurs fight against theirs! Isn’t it every kid’s dream?

The goal is to be the first to defeat three Dinosaurs from the opponent’s team. To do so, the game will randomly select four Dinos from your “My Team” which consists of eight Dinos that you selected yourself in your Lab. Once the game has found an opponent for you, the game randomly selects four Dinos for you, you select which Dino you want to start with, and the fight to the death begins!

As previously stated, this feature is a turn-based mode, where contenders select an attack from the pool of available attacks of their Dinos; and turn by turn Dinosaurs will attack.

How do I get into the Battle/Arena Mode?

First of all, one must have created at least four Dinosaurs in one’s lab before being able to enter the Battle Mode. Why? Simply because one needs to have four Dinos on one’s team to fight.

The great thing about JWA is that one can fight from their living room! Entering a battle does not require the player to be physically at a specific location. Battling is done remotely!

What are the benefits?

The higher you rank in the Battle Mode, the better your rewards. When you win a battle, the game rewards you with an Incubator, provided that you have room for one. The Incubator’s rewards are based on your rank in the Battle Mode:

  • Training Grounds: Unlocked at 0 trophee
  • Fallen Kingdom: Unlocked at 90 trophees
  • Mt. Sibo: Unlocked at 500 trophees
  • S.S. Arcadia: Unlocked at 1000 trophees
  • Nublar Jungle: Unlocked at 1500 trophees
  • Badlands: Unlocked at 2000 trophees
  • Lockdown: Unlocked at 2500 trophees

Rewards contain Coins, Darts, Batteries, DNA from Common, Rare, Epic, and or Legendary Dinosaurs. The amount for each will increase with the length of time required to open an Incubator. There are 5 types of Arena Incubators:

  • 15 minutes
  • 3 hours
  • 8 hours
  • 12 hours (only rewards Rare Dinos’ DNAs)
  • 24 hours (has a small possibility of rewarding Legendary Dinos’ DNAs)

What else do I need to know?

For now, we’ll give you a very brief idea of the different buffs and effects that you may encounter in the Arena.


Every attack has a cooldown, varying from 0 to 3 turns.


Immunity Dinos are immune to all and any debuffs placed on them. You cannot decrease their attack, their speed, their critical hit chance. You also cannot stun them nor remove their buffs via nullifying strikes.


It activates every time you attack a dinosaur with the ability. Damage altering stat effects (e.g. Crit up, Attack up or down, opposing dinosaur’s shield and armour) affects the damage of Counter-Attack as if it were just a x1 attack. The ONLY situations wherein Counter-Attack does not trigger in an attack is if you Stun the opponent or the attack causes fatality.

*In the specific situation where you have Dinosaurs with the attacks “Impact and Run” or “Strike and Run”, Counter-Attack WILL activate and damage your Dino before it gets to switch-out so be careful!


Stun is self-explanatory. It stuns the opponent for a turn. Stunning a Dino after it attacked will stun it for the following turn. Stunning a Dino before it attacked will stun it for the current turn.


The first type of Shields will engage based on the the Dinos’ Speed stats, stay for two turns and block a certain amount of damage; while the second type (Instant Invincibility) will engage first, stay for one attack and block the complete damage input.

Critical Hit

Every attack has a chance of being critical, but some attacks have increased chances. Critical increases attack damage by roughly about 50% but this is still being looked into.


In addition to Speed being a core statistic to every Dinosaur, some attacks can also have an impact of your Dino or your opponent’s. Some attacks will attack faster, some will increase your Dino’s Speed stat for a specific number of turns, and some will decelerate by 50% or 90% the opponent’s Dino’s Speed.


A dinosaur inflicted with vulnerable status increases damage taken by 25% of your initial attack. This does not include damage by Damage over time.

And more… But this guide provides only a general idea of what to expect in the Arena. Worry not! MetaHub will bring more detailed analyses very soon!

Parting Words

As we repeated occasionally throughout this article, we only have provided a brief coverage of the various features of the Arena Mode. This mode is a fairly complex and enjoyable feature and for that reason, we will provide you with more detailed analyses as the game evolves.

On that note, stay posted to MetaHub and make sure to join the discussion on the MetaHub Discord server here!





  1. if I need DNA from a dinosaur listed under one arena, do I have to get an incubator from that arena for a chance at it?
    Or does it add to the pool, and any higher-trophy-level arena may have it in its incubators?