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Runes unlock once you reach level 20 and is where the true, yet complex, customization of your ghosts begins! If you thought figuring out why your S-Grade Rank 4 Fu Fong had lower CP than your A-Grade Fu Fong was complex, then you haven’t seen nothing yet! These are essentially Ghostbuster World’s answer to gems and sets, all rolled into one aspect!

An important thing to note before you begin throwing Runes around like they’re going out of fashion: Rune customization can be very expensive! One can easily say goodbye to 500,000 gold just to moderately fit out a 4 man team.

What are Runes?

As mentioned above, they basically are gems that you can apply to your ghost in the Rune page, up to 6 in total, that will enhance its stats. There are also sets, so apply enough Runes from the same set to your ghost and you get an extra bonus on top.

How to obtain Runes?

Primarily from story mode, and as you advance through to higher difficulties the Rank of the Runes you receive improves. You can also obtain them from defeating bosses out in the wild. The harder the difficulty, the better the Rune! Some Runes appear to be exclusive to defeating a boss, such as bonus in healing.

Runes have the following elements to them, each of which we’ll cover in its own detail:

  • Rune type & set bonuses
  • Rune slot
  • Rune main & sub stats
  • Rune rank
  • Rune rarity
  • Rune enhancing

Rune Type and Set Bonus

There are 8 Rune types (or sets), detailed below along with their relevant set bonuses:

  • Attack – requires 4 Runes: +4 – 24% attack
  • Critical Rate – requires 2 Runes: +2 – 12% critical rate
  • Defense – requires 2 Runes: +2 – 12% defense
  • Health – requires 2 Runes: +2 – 12% health
  • Healing – requires 2 Runes: +2 – 12% healing
  • Bonus damage – requires 4 Runes: +4 – 24% bonus damage
  • Speed – requires 4  Runes: +4 – 24% attack speed
  • Resistance (yet to come across one of these)

Ideally, one will combine their sets to suit their ghosts! Our advice? Don’t be afraid to stack for example 3x Health set bonuses to get 3x the set bonus. The higher the rank of the Runes used within each set, the greater the set bonus!

Rune Slot (1 – 6)

As mentioned, you can have up to 6 Runes applied to your ghost! However, each Rune has its own specific number, which corresponds to a number slot it fits into. Meaning if you have 6x Defense Run SLOT 1, you will only be able to use one of them on a ghost.

The rule is very simple. Slot 1 Runes only fit into slot 1, slot 2 Runes only fit into slot 2, and so on.

Rune Main and Sub Stats

Most Runes come with an inherent main stat.

  • Rune slot 1 = bonus attack
  • Rune slot 2 = random main stat bonus
  • Rune slot 3 = bonus defense
  • Rune slot 4 = random main stat bonus
  • Rune slot 5 = bonus health
  • Rune slot 6 = random main stat bonus

Rune slots 2, 4, and 6 can inherit any of the main stat from Rune slots 1, 3, or 5.

In addition to the main stat, Runes can also have up to 4 (possibly even 5) sub stats. These sub stats can be any additional random stats.

As you enhance a Rune, not only will it improve the various stats within it, but there are thresholds at which an extra sub stat will be added, which differs depending on the rarity of the Rune.

Rune Rank (1 – 6 stars)

As with everything else in Ghostbusters World, Runes have a starred ranking system, which in short means the more stars it has, the higher the stats on the Rune and the more stats it will gain as you enhance it.

The catch however is that the more stars, the more expensive it is to not only enhance a Rune, but remove it from your ghost. Yes, you can remove the Rune, but at a cost.

Rune Rarity

The three little jewels at the top of each Rune relate to its rarity, which itself indicates how many sub stats the Rune can have at its base level. It goes as follows:

  • Green: 1 sub stat
  • Blue: 2 sub stats
  • Purple: 3 sub stats
  • Red: 4 sub stats
  • Orange: 5 sub stats

As mentioned above, as you enhance a Rune, it will eventually add an extra sub stat and in turn the rarity will increase.

Rune Enhancing

This is where you get some significant gains from your Rune customization. However, keep in mind that this will be at a great cost!

Each time you successfully enhance a Rune, it will gain a level (depicted by a +1 or +2). Each level increases the cost to further enhance the Rune, but also the chances of the enhancement failing. But fear not, a failure is just a failure, it doesn’t destroy the Rune. Look at it as a “Better luck next time!”

The higher the Rank of a Rune, the more expensive it is to enhance, but equally the greater the benefit you get from doing so.

Parting Words

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed, test and play around with low rank level 1 Runes before you start going over the top. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself without a penny to your name VERY promptly… but when used right, Runes can add thousand to your CP and make for one hell of a dominant ghost!

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