Explorers! Leaks this week have shown that we should be getting a Level 30 Rajakylosaurus Boss Strike soon. This should reward players who defeat the strike with a standard EPIC INCUBATOR. If you think your Dinosaurs are not up to the task, worry not, this guide will help the lowest level players complete this seemingly difficult event!

DISCLAIMER: This is strictly speculative as the information comes from an unknown leak, but the post was made by someone who has proven reliable in the past. Regardless, things could turn out differently on Saturday. Time will tell!


Level 30 Rajakylosaurus. Big thanks to Orange Heart for creating the below Statistics Card of Rajakylosaurus and an additional Counter Guide.

Strategy – Defeating it with Level 6 Dinosaurs!

The minimum requirements for this Strike Events are:

Despite the crazy stats of this max level Legendary Dino, there is actually a very simple trick to defeating it. This trick can easily be accomplished with a few level 5 or 6 Dinos. Rajakylosaurus‘s greatest weaknesses are the following:

  • Nullifying
  • Defense Shattering Armor/Shield
  • Bleed.

If you’ve noticed, in there we have “Bleed” as a weakness. Bleed damage, which will be referred to as DOT in this article, is damage over time.

Bleed does a percentage of damage based on your opponent’s health for a number of turns. The most lethal DOT move is “Lethal Wound” which is accessible through Suchotator, Spinosaurus Gen 2 and Spinotasuchus. This does 33% of the opponent’s Dinosaur’s maximum health in damage each turn for 3 turns while also doing 1x damage, ensuring the targets dies on turn 3. However, this will not exactly be of any help in this event, since the bleed takes 3 turns to fully take out the Rajakylosaurus, which in turn can defeat all three of your Dinos in 3 turns, resulting in a draw. Here is where you will have to “stack” bleed damage to defeat the Rajakylosaurus before it defeats you.

Suppose you have a fresh Spinosaurus at level 6, which isn’t hard to obtain considering it is  part of the Halloween Showcase. It will outspeed Rajakylosaurus and use Gashing Wound, which does 30% of Rajakylosaurus’s HP for 2 turns while also dealing 1x damage. Rajakylosaurus will kill Spinosaurus on turn 1 but the Bleed effect still applies. This will do 1749 Damage to Rajakylosaurus, which is 30% of it’s health, so now we’ll just have to figure out where to get that remaining 70%. Another Dino you should bring is the Apatosaurus, level 1 should suffice, reasons we will explain later. After Spinosaurus is defeated, replace it with Apatosaurus, then swap in a Suchomimus for the Swap in Wound, which deals 25% of Rajakylosaurus‘s health for 2 turns after swapping in.

This stacks with the previous 30% Spinosaurus did so we get, at the end of turn 2, 55% of Rajakylosaurus‘s health, combined with the last turn’s damage, a total of 85% of Rajakylosaurus‘s health is gone. The remaining 15% should be gone next turn after the last turn of swap in wound takes away another 25%.

This is where it gets a little bit tricky and not as straightforward as you may think. We need to survive one more turn here, we can’t let Rajakylosaurus take out our last Dino. So we have to bring in a Dino to tank for one turn without dying. If you bring in the Apatosaurus previously mentioned right after Suchomimus dies, you will be horribly mistaken, as Rajakylosaurus’s attack plus counter attack will take it down. However, there is a trick to keeping Apato alive by swapping it in.

After Suchomimus dies, bring in the other surviving Dinosaur that is not Apatosaurus, then immediately swap into Apatosaurus. This will allow you to avoid the counter damage from Rajakylosaurus as it did not attack the Legendary Dino. Apatosaurus at level 1 has 1776 Health, while Rajakylosaurus has no Impact or above moves, and on a Critical Hit, it only does 1639.5 damage, not enough to kill Apatosaurus. After that last turn of bleed, Rajakylosaurus should be dead and you’ll have that free Epic Incubator.

So to summarize:

Turn 1: Send in Spinosaurus. Use Gashing Wound. Raja will kill Spino.
Turn 2: Send in Apato. DO NOT USE AN ATTACK. Instead Swap to Suchomimus for the swap-in damage over time. Raja will kill Suchomimus.
Turn 3: Send in your other dinosaur. DO NOT ATTACK. Instead swap to Apatosaurus so that it can take the final strike. It will survive even if a critical strike hits it.
Turn 4: You win.

So there you have it, defeating a level 30 Rajakylosaurus with the absolute minimal Dinosaurs. Of course, there are other ways to do this, for example, you can use better Bleeders like Suchotator, Spinosaurus Gen 2 or Spinotasuchus with the Lethal Wound move, which does 33% DOT over the course of 3 turns while also dealing 1x Damage, assuring the kill, no need for a second bleeder. Or you can use Spinotaraptor in place of Spinosaurus as it also has Gashing Wound.

If you really want to use other methods, Defense Shattering Dinos, Nullifying Dinos, Stunning Dinos, Dinos with Ready to Crush or Adrenaline Surge (Setup Dinos), or even Heavy Armor/Shield Dinos work fine too, but nothing assures a more satisfying victory than cheesing it to death with Bleed.

Parting Words

This is definitely the easiest Epic Boss Strike tower we’ve had in the game. If only the Rajakylosaurus in the Arena were as easy to deal with, since bleeders are still heavily countered in the arena, a few of them aren’t so viable. Hope this helped you even in the slightest way to get that free Epic Incubator and good luck on the free DNA, hopefully, you’ll get something nice.

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