The zombie-like Tryostronix… This scary looking dino is a terror to tanks – provided it’s within a level or so.  It also outspeeds all tanks except for Tragodistis, so you will normally go first.

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Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Stats, Moves, and Passive


Rarity Legendary
Tier Apex
Health 3750
Damage 1150
Speed 120
Defence 0%
Critical chance 20%


Armor Piercing Strike Deal 1x damage, bypassing Armor.
Defense Shattering Rampage Destroy shields, bypass armor, and deal 2x damage.

Cooldown: 1 turn Delay: 1 turn

Ferocious Strike Damage increased +50% for 3 turns. Deal 1x damage.

Cooldown: 3 turn

Ready to Crush Increase damage 50% & Critical Chance + 30% for the next 3 turns.

Cooldown: 2 turn

Passive effects

Immunity All negative effects are deflected.

Let’s begin by breaking this creature’s moveset into three categories – tanks and counter attackers will be the first two – since these are the groups Tryostronix excels against.  The last one will be mirror.

A short thought on Ready to Crush. Generally speaking, it’s very good to use IF all of the following conditions are met (OR if you like to roll the dice):

  • You will not die before your next turn hit;
  • You will kill them without the added damage from a T1 ferocious strike;
  • You are avoiding counter-attack damage to prevent high damage/death.

Otherwise, it’s usually best left alone. We wouldn’t be surprised if Ludia were to eventuall add some twist to that move so that players actually consider it as a viable option. With that being said, let’s cover specific details in the match-ups.



This will be both the most common and toughest match-up possible. If Tryostronix is 1 level lower or same level, it can take out Stegodeus in 3 hits (provided that Stegodeus hasn’t taken Tryostronix down beforehand thanks to a lucky critical hit).  However, if Stegodeus is more than 1 level higher than Tryostronix, Stegodeus kills Tryostronix with a Thagomizer and Armor Piercing Rampage combo.

The recommendation rotation to use is:

T1:  Ferocious Strike
T2:  Defense Shattering Rampage
T3:  Armor Piercing strike

Provided the dreaded Stegodeus is no more than 1 level higher than you and has no critical luck, you win that trade! Otherwise, you at least leave it hurting and will be able to finish it off with your next Dinosaur.

Note: Ready to Crush is almost never the right choice here. You have a 50% change to do marginally more total damage, but not enough to kill the Stegodeus.  Half the time you will die having done more damage, the other half you will die doing substantially less damage.  Use at your own risk. 


This match-up is a little more forgiving. With it’s immunity, Tryostronix seems custom fit to take out Tragodistis.

As always, Ready to Crush is the riskier move. Assuming that your Tryostronix is within 3 level of Tragodistis, Tryostronix wins this matchup. Tragodistis kills Tryostronix in 3 hits (rampage, SS, rampage).  Keep this in mind, so you don’t fall into the Ready to Crush trap! You don’t need Ready to Crush to beat Tragodistis (assuming levels are as stated earlier) – even if they use Long Invincibility on Turn 1.

The recommendation rotation to use is:

T1:  Ferocious strike
T2:  Defense Shattering Rampage (Tragodistis dies unless he used Long Invincibility T1)
T3:  Armor piercing strike (only needed if Tragodistis used Long Invincibility T1)


Of all the tanks, Alanklyosaurus might be least equipped to deal with Tryostronix. Our poor bird friend dies consistently on T3 unless there is a 7 (!!!) level difference. Alanklyosaurus  basically is a slower version of Tragodistis, with no counter attack.  If you are within 2 levels, you kill it on turn 2 – having only suffered 1 attack!


The recommendation rotation to use is:

T1:  Ferocious strike
T2:  Defense Shattering Rampage


StegoceratopsWe’ve included Stegoceratops in here as a tank as it still is quite common in the Mid Tiers of the Arena.

If within 1 level (like it’s cousin Stegodeus), Tryostronix wins. The only difference being that it wins on Turn 2 rather than Turn 3! If the Stegoceratops is 2 or more level higher, it defeats Tryostronix at the end of turn 2 due to it’s high armor, health and damage.

The recommendation rotation to use is:

T1:  Ferocious strike
T2:  Defense Shattering Rampage

Let’s summarize this

Long story short – the only way that Tryostronix actually works (99% of the time) is through the same repeated rotation.

T1:  Ferocious strike
T2:  Defense Shattering Rampage

It will do incredibly well against most Tanks, but might not be able to defeat all of them. It will, nonetheless, deal a very good amount of damage, so that your next Dino can give the final blow!

How feasible is swapping Tryostronix in?

It almost never is. Unless you know that you can expect the opponent to use any of the Invincibility moves, Tryostronix simply doesn’t have what it takes to join the battle through a Swap-In. Think of it as if you were swapping in your Velociraptor. Would you do it in most cases? No. Well, there you have it.

Parting Words

We’d love to hear from you! Do you have any suggestion on how to improve Tryostronix in the game or how to use it better? Do you have a strategy of your own that you use and that we may have missed?  Let us know!

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  1. I find that when Tryostronix is faster, the other dino is low, and your dino just died, bringing in Tryostronix to power up finish and then OHKO the next dino is a valid strategy. If it was beginning of the match the score goes from 0-0 to 0-1 to 1-1 and then to 2-1 after Tryostronix. This is a dino that gives me solid results all the time.