Explorers! As we knew, Ludia decided to bring back Fast Dinosaurs into Strike Events for Week 24, but not without a twist! This week’s Strike Events are seemingly new as they do not showcase the roster that we once saw in the past.

This Strike Event is a Rare One, which means that it is a quite difficult 7 step event. Although the dinosaurs for this strike are different this time around, the strategy for defeating them is mostly the same. While it may be easy for some players, it will prove more difficult to others. It will certainly be more difficult than the other ongoing Standard Strike Event (more information here). Therefore, here comes our complete walk-through!

Enemy List

  1. Gallimimus (5) + Erlikosaurus Gen 2 (6) + Tanycolagreus (7)
  2. Ornithomimus (6) + Deinocheirus (7) + Delta (8)
  3.  Erlikosaurus Gen 2 (6) + Tanycolagreus (7) + Velociraptor (8)
  4. Ornithomimus (7) +  Delta (8) + Charlie (9)
  5. Erlikosaurus Gen 2 (8) + Gallimimus (9) + Velociraptor (10)
  6. Ornithomimus (9) + Deinocheirus (10) + Delta (11)
  7. Gallimimus (11) + Tanycolagreus (12) + Velociraptor (13)


The theme for this event is: High Speed Dinos. Fast Dinosaurs are weak to slowing Dinos; i.e. Dinos with moves like Thagomizer, Decelerating Impact, Bellow, Slowing Impact and Superiority Strike. Among those moves, Superiority Strike is the best of them all, since you will be facing Monolophosaurus, Blue, Pyroraptor and Koolasuchus, which are all fast Dinos that debuff your Dinosaurs (decrease your damage), so Cleansing will help a lot.

If you have a Stegodeus, there should be no hesitation as to which Dinosaurs to use. If not, what follows will help you out!

Last week’s Events Dinos will be quite useful, especially KentrosaurusTuojiangosaurus and Wuerhosaurus, which all have Superiority Strike to Cleanse the potential Damage Debuff while Slowing the opponent.

So remember, get one of the Stegosaurs, use Superiority Strike against Blue, Koolasuchus, Monolophosaurus and Pyroraptor, and you could use Thagomizer against the others who don’t debuff on turn one. Another great Strategy with Wuerhosaurus and Kentrosaurus is to Instant Cripple on turn one to soften up the first hit, which could be a rampage or pounce, then Superiority/Thagomizer on turn 2 depending on the Dino.


Step 1

200 Coins

Step 2

300 Coins

Step 3

Step 4

500 Coins

Step 5

Step 6

1000 Coins

Step 7

Potential DNA in Incubators

Common Dinosaurs

Rare Dinosaurs

Epic Dinosaurs

Parting Words

Were you successful? We hope you were and that this guide somewhat helped you through this Standard Strike Event!