While Bleeders, like Spinotasuchus, Spinotahraptor, and Suchotator didn’t receive any direct buffs in the new patch 1.5, they did receive an indirect buff due to the nerf to Superiority Strike. While dinos like Stegodeus and Tragodistis could beat Spinotasuchus 1 on 1 previously, now they lose (while likely trading the kill barring swaps.) So now how do you take care of these pesky dinos who can get a guaranteed kill in 3 turns?

Why this dino is so scary

Like a couple other dinos, Spinotasuchus comes equipped with Lethal Wound- a move that only does 1x damage, but deals a mighty 33% of your health after every turn. This means that if you don’t cleanse, swap out or not take any bleed damage (due to being immune) you will die.

This dino is not a complete one trick pony, as it also comes with Critical Impact, allowing it to pump out a significant amount of damage. Swoop is another move it has, allowing the dino to deal .2x damage for 3 turns while automatically swapping out.

The most direct counters

The most obvious route is for immune dinos, and most immunes can handily take care of Spinotasuchus. The highest tier ones such as Erlidominus and Indominus Rex can easily take it with cloak. Monomimus can two shot Spinotasuchus while being immune. These dinos force Spinotasuchus to swap out or try to pump out as much damage as possible before it goes down.Image result for jwa immunity

Other lower tier dinos such as Postimetrodon, Dimetrodon,  can do solid work as well.

Can kill- but will take damage

Hit and Run dinos are valuable when facing Spinotasuchus. They allow you to deal damage and get out before Lethal Wound can completely kill you. Higher tier dinos like Utarinex, Diloracheirus, and Diloranosaurus can either kill or badly injure Spinotasuchus while not completely dying and save themselves for another fight.

Image result for jwa rampage and run

Lower tier counters include Ouranosaurus and Parasaurolophus who may not completely finish the job, but can hit and run before they are killed.

Hit and Runners are not as effective as Immune creatures in a 1v1 fight with Spinotasuchus. They are almost always guaranteed to take at least one hit and lose 33% with one tick of Lethal Wound. No matter, taking some damage, killing an opponents dino, and being able to switch out before death is always valuable.

An interesting case- Cleansers

If you are good at predicting your opponent’s moves, Indoraptor and Gorgosuchus can be your friend. Since both are slower than Spinotasuchus, using Cleansing Impact the same turn your opponent uses Lethal Wound can completely shut your opponent down. Miss out, and it may lead to your dinos’ demise.

Image result for jwa cleansing impact

Lower tier dinos with this move include Kaprosuchus, Majundasuchus, and Carnotaurus.

Special note- dinos such as Einiasuchus and Postosuchus can use Adrenaline Pulse to cleanse bleeds, but will always take 1 tick of bleed damage plus another turn of damage while you use a move that does no damage.


If you want to save your stronger dinos from an untimely death, you can always go for the trade kill with many upper tier dinos. Doing this can save your more valuable dinos for the rest of your battle.

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Parting Words

Spinotasuchus is a valuable dino to utilize once unlocked. It is very strong individually, but having the right dinos to counter it can take away the threat.

As always, comment down below your thoughts on Spinotasuchus, and let us know in our Discord what counter guides you would like to see next!