Enemy Overview

Step 1:  Koolasuchus (30), Diplocaulus Gen 2 (30)


  • Nullifying Strike: Remove positive effects. Deal 1x damage.
  • Distracting Impact: Deal 1.5x damage, target’s damage reduced by 50% for two turns. (Cooldown: 2 turns)
  • Slowing Impact: Deal 1.5x damage. Decrease speed 50% for three turns.


  • Diplocaulus Gen 2Nullifying Strike: Remove positive effects. Deal 1x damage.
  • Distracting Impact: Deal 1.5x damage, target’s damage reduced by 50% for two turns. (Cooldown: 2 turns)
  • Crippling Distraction: Act First! Target’s damage is reduced 90% for one turn. (Cooldown: 1 turn)


Damage & Health Chart

Thank goodness these salamanders aren’t immune, or we’d have some serious problems on our hands. You’ll have a few possible routes to beat these pesky rascals.

  • Tanks with superiority strike to get rid of the distraction.
  • Stuff with immunity that’s faster than 125 speed or can take a hit (Indominus Rex perhaps).
  • Bleeding is totally a viable route. Particularly the new Dimodactylus.

Here’s our chart of the moves, damage, and health of these monsters at level 30.

Dinosaur/Move Health (At Lvl 30) Damage (At Lvl 30)
Koolasuchus 5470 1216
Nullifying Strike 1216
Distracting Impact  1824
Slowing Impact 1824
Diplocaulus Gen 2 5470 1374
Nullifying Strike 1374
Distracting Impact  2061
Crippling Distraction                                                        0

The damage may be lower than the raptors and our previous carnivore duo, but don’t be deceived. If you don’t have immunity or superiority strike, YOUR damage is going to be cut in half most of the time. And worse yet, these buggers are deceptively fast.

So how do you beat these quick amphibians?


There are three strategies that come to mind. Depending on your team, any of these three (or even a combination) would prove useful.

Strategy 1: Tank them

Get out your highest health monsters. The sauropods (Nodopatosaurus, Gigaspikasaurus, Brachiosaurus, Giraffatitan) or any tanks with superiority strike (Tragodistis, Stegodeus) and counter that distraction and lay it on thick. Remember, while you can maintain priority against Diplocaulus Gen 2 (because it lacks a slowing move), if you try to slow down Koolasuchus, it’ll probably just slow you down in return and leave you moving second regardless. And since superiority strike no longer cleanses slowing effects, that means once you’re slower, you’re stuck being slower until that slowing effect expires.


The second way to deal with these monsters is immunity. Don’t let them do anything that impacts you. Unfortunately, the list of immune dinosaurs that are faster than these two is pretty short. Erlidominus and Magnapyrator is pretty much it. So if you don’t have one of those, stick with an immune dino with a LOT of bulk. Indominus Rex comes to mind, or even Ankylocodon is a great one to use on this madness. Get a shield up and start bashing them.

Lethal Wound Them To Death

And if that doesn’t look like an option, you can do a lot of damage with lethal wound and high health stuff like Apatosaurus. Sure, using Spinotasuchus or Suchotator would work, but an even more clever wounder would be the new Dimodactylus. Even a freshly created Dimodactylus will have 1444 health, just enough to survive a nullifying strike. So if you have one, you can save it until the Koolasuchus or Diplocaulus Gen 2 has blown the heavy strike moves and is stuck using Nullifying Strike, then swap in for the swap in wound at 50%. After you swap in, hit them with a lethal wound for another 33% per turn and that thing will be doomed. Also, using Suchotator’s Crippling Distraction is going to keep you alive for another turn as well. So be sure to utilize it after you hit them with lethal wound.

If you go the bleeding route, just remember to bring along enough high-hp stuff to survive the turns while these two are being bled dry. If you just lethal wound each one, you still need to survive 6 turns with 4 dinos, so you need 2 that can take a hit and keep on kicking.

Possible Counters By Rarity (Level Dependent)

Unique: Magnapyritor, Erlidominus, Indoraptor, Trykosaurus, Thoralodosaur, Utarinex, Tuoramoloch, Tenontorex

Legendary: Indominus Rex, Stegodeus, Tragodistis, Alankylosaurus, Spinotasuchus, Nodopatotitan, Gigaspikasaurus, Monomimus, Paramoloch, Rajakylosaurus, Diloranosaurus, Allosinosaurus, Ankyntrosaurus, Pyrritator, Utahsinoraptor

Epic: Dimodactylus, Nodopatosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Sinoceratops, Stegoceratops, Alanqa, Kentrosaurus, Spinotahraptor.

Rare: Ankylocodon, Suchotator, Tuojiangosaurus, Arambourgiana, Giraffatitan, Wuerhosaurus, Diplotator

Common: Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, Suchomimus, Dimorphodon, Tanycolagreus, Velociraptor


If you manage to pull this off, you’ll end up with an Epic Incubator with a total DNA count based on your current player level. Pretty sweet.

In Conclusion

All in all, this strike event doesn’t seem too terrifying. Unlike the others at this level of difficulty, this one at least offers a few ways to win for players with lower level dinosaurs. As always, you still need to hit hard enough to take down these monsters, so using a level 8 Stegosaurus because it’s mentioned above instead of your level 17 Einiasuchus just because it isn’t mentioned above is not advisable. Use the strong stuff you’ve come to know and trust in the arena, just be aware that you’ll need to take a hit to make it through this thing alive.

Good luck out there! Let us know how it goes!

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  1. Start: Spinotasuchus L21 vs Diplocaulus. Lethal wound + Swoop. Utarinex L22 came next, took damage and Diplocaulus fainted. Koolasuchus came in, I used Distracting Rampage but he slowed me down. Then I used priority stun (it worked!) and swapped in Diorajasaur L21 which successfully finished this ugly frog… No dinosaurs fainted on my side.

    • Success, but with lower levels. Start with suchotator (15) vs diplo, wounding, distraction and on third turn they both died. Then stegodeus (19) takes two 1.5x hits from koola and switch to dimodactylus (11) wounding from swap and wounding strike so on next turn both died. But it wont work if ai starts with koola and switch to diplo with swap in distraction.