Explorers! For the first Strike of Week 26, Ludia decided to maintain the theme of Hybrid and brings a team of dangerous Hybrids in this Five Step Rare Strike Event!

You have two days to complete this Strike before it’s gone!

Enemy List

Step 1: Purrolyth (8) + Diplotator (9) + Dimodactylus (11)
Step 2: Suchotator (9) + Ankylocodon (10) + Sarcorixis (11)
Step 3: Purrolyth (10) + Diplotator (11) + Dimodactylus (12)
Step 4: Suchotator (11) + Ankylocodon (12) + Sarcorixis (13)
Step 5: Purrolyth (12) + Diplotator (13) + Dimodactylus (14)


Luckily, it shouldn’t be too difficult to complete successfully, especially considering that these Dinosaurs are fairly low level and have lower speed that the infamous Raptors!

Therefore, we will provide recommendations for the Common, Rare, and Epic Tiers as they will be plenty enough to make it through this Hybrid Onslaught!

One thing to keep an eye on is Suchotator’s Damage Over Time. As stated earlier, considering it’s a fairly low difficulty Strike, it shouldn’t be a problem for most players, but we simply wanted to remind you of it. To avoid any complications, bringing in an Immune Dinosaur might help. We suggest one of the two followings:

In short, like our colleague Dwebble said so well:


Step 1

200 Coins

Step 2

300 Coins

Step 3

Step 4

500 Coins

Step 5

Potential DNA in Incubators



AnkylosaurusSinoceratops,Tyrannosaurus Rex

In Conclusion

This is definitely a fairly easy Strike, with a very interesting and valuable reward! Do not miss out on it!

As always, share any other strategies that worked for you in the comments below and let us know if you’d like more guides on any particular subject that is challenging you in Jurassic World Alive!

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