Explorers! As in past weeks, this SATURDAY’s 1 step Epic Strike Event has been leaked on Reddit. While things could be different on Saturday, the person who leaked it has proven to be reliable in the past, so this is likely going to happen. And it may not look too tough… but after running the numbers… this is easily one of the hardest strike events we’ve ever faced. It’s bad. Real bad.

If you’ve got a level 24+ Indominus Rex, a level 21+ Erlidominus, A Spinotahsuchus at level 16+, or a level 23+ Stegoceratops and a level 12 Dracorex Gen 2, you’ll be just fine. If you don’t have any of those things and your team is around level 20, it’s going to be a rough road.

Let’s dig into the dinos and the reasons why this leaked event will be so frustrating.

Enemy Overview

Step 1:  Diloranosaurus (30), Diloracheirus (30)

Diloranosaurus moves

Distracting Impact Deal 1.5x damage. Target’s damage is reduced 50% for 2 turns.

Cooldown: 2 turn

Greater Stunning Rampage Deal 2x damage.

75% Chance to stun 1 turn.

Cooldown: 3 turn Delay: 1 turn

Impact and Run Deal 1.5x damage. Automatic Swap.

Cooldown: 1 turn Delay: 1 turn

Superiority Strike Cleanse self. Deal 1x damage.

Target’s speed -33% for 1 turn.

Damage & Health Chart

The kit for these two dinos is deceiving. It doesn’t look so bad at first glance. But here’s where we run into issues.

Dinosaur/Move Health (At Lvl 30) Damage (At Lvl 30)
Diloranosaurus 5106 1459
Superiority Strike 1459
Distracting Impact 2189
Greater Stunning Rampage 2918
Impact and Run 2189
Speed: 126  
Diloracheirus 4194 1763
Superiority Strike 1763
Distracting Strike 1763
Greater Stunning Rampage 3526
Rampage And Run 3526
Speed: 129

To look at this chart in a different way, you see this – if you’re slower, you’re likely going to take a hit, give a hit, and then take 2 hits in a row (unless you’re immune).

T1 Dmg T2 Dmg T3 Dmg Ttl Damage by Turn 3
Diloranosaurus 2189 2918 2189 7296
Diloracheirus 1763 3526 3526 8815

Now remember, turn one is most likely a distracting hit, which is going to halve your turn one damage back. Turn two is a stun for both dinos. And turn three is a hit and run, so you won’t even be able to hit back.

Oh, and sure, if you have immunity and 9000 health, you’ll be just fine. But… not a lot of immune dinos have 9000 health at level 30, let alone at level 20.

You see the problem? Cause it looks pretty rough to me.


The normal strategy for hit and runners is to field a tank and slow them down. But arguably the best tank in the game, Stegodeus, ends up with a match that looks like this:

Turn one – Dilorano or Dilorach will distracting strike/impact.
Stegodeus will superiority strike to get rid of that.
Turn two – Stegodeus will rampage.
Dilorano or Dilorach will stunning rampage.
Turn three – Dilorano or Dilorach will rampage and run or impact and run.
Unless Stegod is level 29 versus Dilorach or level 26 versus Dilorano, it’s dead.

Worse yet, a level 30 stegod still can’t two shot either Dilorach or Dilorano by using SS to cleanse distract and a rampage.

Now, IF stegod survives, you can thagomizer and rampage which STILL wouldn’t kill Dilorano (but would kill Diloraich) but most players don’t have a level 26+ stegodeus.

So fielding 3 or 4 tanks at level 20+ might narrowly get you a win. But it doesn’t look pretty. You’ll do some damage, but you’ll need two full health tanks and likely will lose both and need to cleanup with a raptor.

While it’s a valid strategy, it’s also pretty scary. And it doesn’t take into account what happens if you use superiority strike and the bots use superiority strike too, giving them priority for turn 2 and 3 with a stun and laying waste to your hopes and dreams.

And you might be thinking – “This is stupid. I have an Indominus Rex at level 20 because I needed one to create Indoraptor.” Well, here’s how that matchup looks:

If you cloak and Armor Piercing Rampage, you must critically hit (20% chance) to take out either Dilorano or Dilorach. If either opponent hits through cloak twice, you are dead before getting to use your massive attack. If one attack hits (most likely scenario) you are dead after landing your attack. So one of the best immune dinos in the game still has a pretty poor outlook in this matchup.

So lets talk creative options.

How To Win

Your chances of victory greatly improve if you can just take on one of these monsters without losing a dino, or if you can do a majority of damage BEFORE either of these two monsters gets to that turn two and turn three massive hit combo. This became my challenge as I scoured the numbers.

And I found one crazy idea that will work, and a second crazy idea that could work if you don’t happen to swap on a hit and run.

So without further ado, I present two ways to win this match that are completely insane.

Crazy Idea 1: Suchomimus, One tank, Stegoceratops, Dracorex Gen 2

Here was my theory: open with Stegoceratops. Use slowing impact (you’ll probably be hit with distraction first, but in either case you’ll still be faster on turn two. You can then use Greater Stunning Strike, which will hopefully stun your opponent. Then you can use Greater Stunning Impact and hopefully stun once more. Finally, you can swap in Dracorex Gen 2 for the swap in defense shattering rampage and hopefully destroy the first dino without losing a single thing.

Dracorex Gen 2 is interesting in this role because IF you can kill one of these two monsters with DG2, you only need to take one hit before swapping into a tank and potentially using that powerful DG2 swap in defense shattering rampage A SECOND TIME. And because both of these monsters have lower damage first moves and much higher damage second and third moves, there’s a chance it works out that way.

So I did the math. What level would you need Stegoceratops at in order to pull this off exactly? Versus Diloranosaurus, the outlook is bleak.

Beating Diloranosaurus
Stegoceratops 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Dracorex Gen 2 29 28 27 25 24 22 20

So beating Diloranosaurus means you need a level 19 Stegoceratops and a level 29 Dracorex Gen 2… not a lot of people in that boat. Even a level 23 Stegoceratops and a level 24 Dracorex Gen 2 is a pretty impossible ask.

But when you look at the matchup versus Diloracheirus, it looks much better.

Beating Diloracheirus
Stegoceratops 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
Dracorex Gen 2 21 20 18 16 14 12 9

A level 21 Stegoceratops and a level 16 Dracorex Gen 2 seems a lot more reasonable.

So when you look at this chart, if you have a high enough level Stegoceratops and Dracorex Gen 2, here’s what you do.

Open with Stegoceratops. If Dilorachierus comes out first, FANTASTIC. Slowing Impact – Greater Stunning Strike, Greater Stunning Impact, then swap in defense shattering rampage with Dracorex Gen 2 and you’ve got it.

If Diloranosaurus comes out first, swap into your Suchomimus (or a dimorphodon works too) so that you get that 25% wounding. If you survive the first attack, use a gashing wound. You probably won’t get it off, but you’ll force Dilorano to burn a massive attack. Then you can bring in your tank (like Stegodeus). Use a slowing move and your biggest rampage, and you should be able to do enough damage to take out Diloracheirus. When that goes down, you can let your tank die and use the same Stegoceratops rotation with Dracorex Gen 2 swap in and you’ll win.

All of this is hinging on two 75% chance stuns. But the strategy works.

Crazy Idea 2: Wounding Dinosaurs

If you use Suchotator (or better yet, Spinotahsuchus) as well as Suchomimus or Dimorphodon, you should be able to stack a lethal wound with a swap-in-wound which will kill both dinos in 2 turns AS LONG AS THEY DON’T SWAP ON TURN 2.

Now, that’s a big if. As someone who uses these dinos, it’s pretty rare I’ll pass up the opportunity for that massive greater stunning rampage. But the computer is unpredictable.

But if you’re looking pretty hopeless, this might be your only option.

Lethal wound turn 1 (33% damage plus 1x attack
Swap-In Wound Turn 2 (25% damage plus the second 33% damage tick = 91% damage by the end of turn 2 if they don’t swap)

That last 9% should be covered by Suchotator or Spinotahsuchus. A level 16 Spinotahsuchus does 707 damage (16% of Diloranosaurus’ health and more than that for Dilorach). A Suchotator only needs to be level 11 to get that first 9% on the 1x strike.


If you manage to pull this off, you’ll end up with an Epic Incubator with a total DNA count based on your current player level. Pretty sweet.

In Conclusion

There are no two ways about it. This strike event is going to be REALLY difficult for a vast majority of players. Their health pools might as well be double what it shows above because they can distract you, causing you to do half as much damage. And at level thirty, they’re verifiable monsters.

As always, you still need to hit hard enough to take down these monsters, so using a level 8 Stegosaurus because it’s mentioned above instead of your level 17 Einiasuchus just because it isn’t mentioned above is not advisable. Use the strong stuff you’ve come to know and trust in the arena, just be aware that you’ll need to take a hit to make it through this thing alive.

Good luck out there! Let us know how it goes!

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  1. I have a 21 Spinotasuchus,,,, 20 Suchotator, 25 Stegodeus, 20 Indominus & 23 Indoraptor,,, I still can’t see a way through this unless I get real lucky with the dodges. Any suggestions which 4 I should attempt it with? Do we know if the Invincibility bug with strike events has been fixed? (I have a lvl 23 Trago that I’m too scared to use).

  2. On my experience, AI always make SOA or SIAs when they can (they did on the pterosaurian towers). So, I predict that the Hit and run moves will always be the second attack (even with the stun move in their roster). I will play with that asumption.

    • even with halved damage, spinotah is fine and kills t2. Suchotator however has a much much harder road. It would have to ss, lethal wound, then swap in wound and the opposing dino would need to NOT use a hit and run on that turn.

  3. Why use a SS on the distracting impacting?
    You will do 400 damage more and gain first turn, but after that your dead.

    Think out of the box.
    Turn 1 from stegodeus –> Shield.
    You ony do half you damage (400 with my lvl 21 stegodeus), but the damage from the dilo’s is not the full 100% (actually 70% due to armor), but only 100 -30% armor -50% shield (100 x 0.7 x 0.5 = 35%) And that the 2 turn that you are stunned.

    Be shure to select slow as your second move. If you don’t get stunned, you gain advantage in turn and he waisted his stunning. If he stuns you, you can try it again next turn with slow and do slow/rampage and propably hit him once more. If he runs even better. The new dino will always be slowed and gets rampaged turn after and you should be able to hit it again.

    • I think that opening with a Stegodeus with shield is the best to, at least, halve the hp of both dinosaurs, or even kill one if the AI doesn´t change them. I will also use a Vraptor which surpasses in speed to both dinosaurs and will land at least a hit of 2k (hopefully that will clean one of them).

  4. I think there is a chance, when
    1. The long Invincibility-bug is cleaned
    2. The opponent creatures use their “Run away”-attacks every second round

    My guesses:
    Strike starts with Diloracheirus.

    Start with Velo (lvl20), does +2,9k damage. Dilo does -50% damage. Velo survives.
    Swap in Alankylo (lvl18) to get that shield. Dilo uses his run-attack, zero damage.
    Dilorano uses distracting impact. Alankylo SS, does +600damage and outspeed Dilorano.
    Use “Long Invincibility”, Dilorano again “run away”, Zero damage.
    Diloracheirus uses attack, zero damage, Alankylo SS +600 damage. Outspeed next round Diloracheirus and kill her.(=4.194 – Velo 2.912 – First Alankylo 610 – second Alankylo).
    Now you got Dilorano which kills Alankylo. Swap in Velo -2,9k damage, Velo dies. Swap in any faster creature which does more than 1k damage to kill that beast😅

    Strike check😂

  5. I’m going to tell what worked for me. I begun with lv.17 suchotator, survived first hit and did lethel wound for bleed. At round two I did instant distraction to stay alive. Luckily the opponent did not swap on that round but he stunned me so immediately I swapped for round three to my lv.10 edmontosaurus (!) hoping that I would stun the opponent (and again luckily I did) so that he would not swap and die from bleeding. on the second opponent i kept using sup. strike until I die. That way I was sure I would have him slowed down to strike first with suchotator (lethal wound). He killed me afterwards and used me lv.18 stegodeus to stand the first strike, then thangomizer and rampage (+ bleeding from sucho) and he was done! Not perfect, opponent must not swap on round two and edmo has to stun opponent afterwards, but it worked for me!

  6. Failed the first time around (0 dodges on indominus and indo). Was reluctant to pay the 200 for a new round. Then did so by adding Paramoloch (20) to my Stego (20) and Spino (22) and indo (25). Luckily stunning has a greater chance than dodging so just needed to survive one hit on my indo from diloranosaurus at the end. Don’t know if it would of worked if the two were reversed.

  7. I’ve done it with 21lv spinotasuchus, 20lv velociraptor and 19lv stegoceratops. Not even needed the 23lv stegodeus I have chosen, too. Started with spino lethal wound against dilorache and spino died in turn 2, dilorache wounded for one round and I cleaned it up with velo strike. Then I pounced dilorano, survived for one more turn then strike, velo died. Finally stegoceratops used slowing, killed dilorano with greater stunning impact in another turn.