There’s a new strike tower out today, and it’s a single-step for a rare incubator! Totally worth a shot!

You’ve got one day to complete so be sure to get out there and finish it!

Enemy List

Step 1: Dimodactylus (15), Tyrannolophosaur (16), Dracoceratops (17)


These three shouldn’t prove too difficult for a team of level 12’s and up, but just watch out for the swap in actions. Dimodactylus has a swap in wound for 25% health per turn for two turns. And Dracoceratops has a swap in stun.

But the health pool is pretty limited for these three. Dimodactylus only has 1755 health, so you should be able to one shot that one with a decent raptor. Dracoceratops has 2901 health so you may be able to two shot it with anything that sports immunity (looking at you Ankylocodon). And Tyrannolophosaur is another worthy of a pounce and strike from a raptor. It’s got 2579 health, and it’ll dish out an impact move turn 1 if pounced that only does a meager 737 damage.

So it’s probably not worth it to provide an entire listing of all the different commons, rares, epics, legendaries, and uniques that will help you through this event, since most every dino out there would be on that list with few exceptions.

But focus on speed and distracting and you should be fine. Or just bring out a tank with plenty of beef. The go-to’s we use in these strike events at lower levels are as follows:

Really, any common or rare at around level 15 should be able to take down one or two of these beasts, and if you’ve got epics with a few levels or legendaries, you’re not gonna have issues.


Step 1

Rare incubator at player level.

Potential DNA in Incubators



Epics (very unlikely but possible)
AnkylosaurusSinoceratops,Tyrannosaurus Rex

In Conclusion

Most players shouldn’t have too much trouble with this strike event, which is good. I’ll take a free rare incubator any day.

As always, share any other strategies that worked for you in the comments below and let us know if you’d like more guides on any particular subject that is challenging you in Jurassic World Alive!

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