As you may already know, the main use of steel is to upgrade your walls to level four and at the moment, level four walls cannot be broken. Therefore, steel is a relatively hard item to come by, and this guide will cover the best ways to find and make it.

Refined Melting Furnace

By far the easiest method of getting steel is by using the refined melting furnace, which is unlocked at level 46. Inside the furnace you will need to place:

  • 1 Iron ingot
  • 1 Aluminium ingot
  • 1 Copper bar
  • 2 Charcoal (for the recipe)
  • 17 charcoal (for smelting)
Steel Recipe.

The time to make a single steel bar is 1 hour 30 minutes, it then takes a further 1 hour 30 minutes to turn the bar in to a plate.There are however some places that you can find steel, unfortunately they are not a reliable source as the loot is not guaranteed.

Bunker Alfa

The Fourth floor of bunker Alfa is arguably the most hated, as it requires a lot of guns to break the turrets. It does however offer large amounts of loot, netting you a possible gain of 4 steel bars/plates/copper from a single visit.

The floppy disk which you receive after completing Bunker Alfa on hard mode will also give some copper and steel bars, however this is the most expensive way to get steel due to the cost in guns.

Crooked Creek Farm

The farm is a destination for mid-end game players, and will be covered in its entirety in a separate article soon.

Crooked Creek Farm

For now all you need to know is that the farm chest has a chance of dropping up to 2 steel plates. (The farm chest is looted by carrying it to the large saw at the far end of the farm.)


Blackport PD

Captains Card.

The police station should be a target for end-game players with lots of guns, as earning the cards to open boxes at this location will use a lot of them. Of the three types of box available (green, blue, and purple) the blue box will be the most efficient way to get steel.

The above are all the methods in which you can obtain steel bars. The best way however is to smelt them in the improved furnace, to do this you will need copper bars. There are currently two main ways to get copper: Farming copper ore, and Recycling.

Farming Copper

Copper can be farmed in the snowy mountain area which is unlocked by placing a generator at the watch tower. Each visit to the mountain zone will grant you with 5 copper ore. The 5 ore can then be smelting in to a copper bar in the regular furnace.

This process is highly arduous as it will require the expenditure of a lot of energy to first reach the zone. You will also have to craft fur armour, take weapons with you, and iron pickaxes. All of which takes a lot of time and resources.

Copper Node.

Once you reach the zone you will be faced with frozen zombies which heal themselves when they hit you. This means that for farming copper you will want to use guns rather than melee weapons to kill the zombies.

Each copper node takes 10 hits to break, and gives you 1 copper ore, unlike iron ore, a single copper bar requires 5 ore to create. This all means that farming copper ore like this is highly inefficient. The best method for copper is of course, the recycler.

The Recycler

The Recycler is unlocked at lvl 32 and is one of the most useful items you can build in the game, it will cost you:

  • 3 Oak
  • 8 Iron plates
  • 5 Aluminium bars
  • 1 Lightbulb
  • 20 Bolts
  • 10 Rubber

Once constructed you can place it down on the floor (lvl 2+.) The recycler has 5 different focus tiers which you can level up, however to keep this article short I shall only be covering the electronics section today.


The electronics tier can be levelled up by recycling multiple different electronic items. Currently the list of items you can recycle is:

  • Watches
  • Flashlights
  • Lightbulbs
  • Usb’s
  • Phones
  • Batteries

You will want to recycle only flashlights and lightbulbs until you reach lvl 31 in the recycler. Once you reach this crucial level you then start recycling batteries as they have a high % of dropping copper bars.

On average at lvl 31 for electronics a single stack of 20 batteries will net approximately 10-15 copper bars. This is by far the best way to farm copper. For this strategy you will of course require large amounts of batteries. These can be obtained by clearing out Bunker Alfa and by going on Raids.

Once you have recycled all of your batteries you will be left with large amounts of copper bars, you then simply smelt them in the refined melting furnace to get your steel.

We hope you found this guide helpful. As always comment down below what you want to see covered next, thank you for reading.

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