Survivors! Today, we present you a very useful and timely guide on how to optimize Oak farming during the Christmas event! We all know how Oak is precious and difficult to come by. Well, thanks to Shade, we are presenting a guide on How to optimize Oak farming during the Christmas Event! The key is Oak Clearance. 

For more details on the Christmas Event, check out our coverage right here!

In this scenario, one has ideally the military backpack and the chopper available. If you do not have one of the two, or the two, it is still possible for you to benefit from this strategy, but it’ll be slightly less productive, for obvious reasons. Furthermore, one also has unlocked the North in the top of the map through the Watchtower. If you do not have the North unlocked, your only option is to wait until you get the Oak Clearing Event available. If you go for the Oak Clearing only, the requirements will be lower than what we suggest below.

Why during the Christmas Event?

During the current ongoing event, players have access to the infamous Yule Log! The Yule Log increases the amount of produced tree for 10 minutes! Now, at first, this might sound a bit dull, but combined with the right strategy, it can be extremely valuable!

What does this mean? Instead of collecting the usual 2 Oak Logs per chopped Oak tree, you will get 3 Oak Logs per tree!

This strategy was shared by Shade on his YouTube Channel (for the video, click here), but we know that some people (like ourselves) prefer reading over consumption of our precious data.


  • Military backpack (recommended);
  • As many Iron Hatchet as possible (Shade recommends”a trunk and a half” of those) – 10 of those would go in your inventory;
  • A few weapons, ideally Machetes + 1 gun (between 3 and 5 is recommended);
  • Decent protection gear (Military or Swat) and an extra set (3 full sets);
  • One empty slot;
  • Med kits + food and water;
  • YULE LOGS (At least one. To know how to obtain the Yule Log, check out this article).

How does it work?

Once you have prepared your equipment for this adventure, head over to the Oak Forrest/Clearing.

***If you want, you can, in advance, drop a couple Iron Hatchets (or other equipment) over at the AI base so they are conveniently close in case you run out of weapons, Hatchets, med kits, etc.

Once in the Oak Forrest or Oak Clearing here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Pre-chop down each Oak trees without actually cutting them down. This means that you will want to hit every Oak tree 7 times. The eighth strike will cut it down, but we do not want to do that at this stage;
  2. While pre-chopping down the trees, you can always clear the Zombies roaming around, collecting Pieces of Cloth in order to craft some potentially last-minute needed Bandages; also open up any containers you find as you will want to be as fast as possible after consuming the yule log;
  3. Once you have pre-chopped down all the Oak trees in your location, time to reorganize your inventory! Get rid of anything not valuable, but make sure to keep 1-2 Iron Hatchets. Spread out Oak Logs to fill your inventory space so that your inventory looks like something like this:
  4. Eat the Yule Log;
  5. Quickly exit the inventory and hit the Auto button in the bottom left of the screen so that your character strictly focuses on Oak Logs collection. If you have done things properly, you should now be one-hitting all the Oak Trees in your location for 3 Oak Logs each!
  6. Repeat as many times as you can!

Final tips

  • If you are going to switch between the two Oak Forests at the top of the map, some people may want to drop their collected Oak Logs in an AI base or your chopper before moving on to the second location. Why? If you die in these two locations, you cannot retrieve your items! However, this will significantly affect your Yule Log buff timer, so do so at your own risk!
  • When turning into Auto mode, best to have a gun ready in case the VSS AI (AI character with a VSS gun) shows up!

Parting Words

Huge thanks to Shade for sharing this strategy with us and the community! We hope you will use it a couple times during the Christmas Event in order to stock up on Oak planks!

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  1. Just a couple of suggestions…. Instead of making the iron hatchets at your home base, bring along crafting material to store at the AI base. If you bring up enough material for 12 hatchets (60 iron bars and tape, 36 pine planks, and 24 nails) it only uses 10 inventory slots. Also, start in the red-zoned oak clearing since that has the most oak trees; once you’ve cleared the zone and travel to the yellow-zone you won’t have much buff time from the log, and all trees will now require 8 swings so most likely the buff time will run out before the zone is clear. Finally pay attention to the hatchets’ durability, and split oak piles when a hatchet gets used up to prevent collecting non-oak material while on auto.