Zombies play the biggest role in the formation of LDoE and they are a dangerous threat in our survival, there are even more dangerous types of this creatures which you might have difficulty killing. In order to make matters easier for you I wrote all the ways to kill The Blind One and The Witch in Last Day on Earth.

The Blind One

The Blind One

The Blind One is found on bunker Alfa floor 3, and is arguable the easiest boss to kill (not including the Ravager) to open the terminal leading to where The Blind One resides you need to activate the bunker security protocol. This can be done in the overseers room on the first floor of the bunker, after rescuing the specialist from the end of the second floor. More information about the floors of Bunker Alfa can be found here. 

Requirements to kill The Blind One

To kill it you will need 2 rifles or shotguns ,10 med kits and an armour set made up of swat and military armour pieces (swat boots and chest with military hat and  trousers). However it is unlikely that you will be using both of the rifles or/and shotguns  so the second shotgun could be half-used. With the addition of weapon modding fully/mostly modded glocks are also good to use to kill The Blind One as they never miss and have a DPS.

How to kill it

The Blind One in action

You first need to let the blind one hit you 5 times so that he will use his charge attack, once you see a big red arrow in front of The Blind One make sure to steer clear of his charge attack as it will one shot kill you.

Once it charges into the wall start shooting with your rifle or shotgun until he comes out of his confused state. Repeat this until it gets below 700 health, then go to the alarm at the top left of the room and hit the alarm once you see it hunching over to eat. If you do not hit the alarm at the correct time he will heal to full health.

After that repeat the previous steps until he reaches 400 health, then go to the bottom right of the room and hit the alarm once he hunches over to eat again. After that he won’t heal again. He will always drop 10 red tickets, 3 of each reputation item and very rarely he will drop his head or the skull pattern.

The Witch

The Witch Looking Creepy

Last Day on Earth The Witch is the reason that the hoard comes to your base every day, and therefore can be found in the Infected Forest location, for some The Witch can be hard to defeat both due to the reinforcements she has, and the requirements to kill her.

She will be surrounded by a dozen or so other zombies, and when you start fighting her she will also summon waves of ‘crawling’ zombies that sprint after you. There are also naturally spawning red spikes which will damage you for 10 HP every time you run in to them.

Things you need to know

  • Last Day on Earth Witch has a HP of 2000.
  • She does a variety of damage starting from 10 , then 27 and afterwards that 68 if you are in swat armour.
  • She will heal using the infections located on the middle of the map , there are 2 infections. You can blow them up using C-4 . If you didn’t blow any infections she will heal to near full-health and a lot of crawlers and infected wolf will spawn and attack you . If you blew one of them the witch will heal about 400 to 500 hp and only half the amount of crawlers and infected wolf will spawn.If you blew both of the infections the witch will only heal 150 hp and crawlers won’t spawn , you will only deal with crowd zombie.
  • There are red spikes on the infected which does 10 damage per second
  • There are also other zombies on the area which you can kill without actually killing the witch first with normal weapons .

Requirements to kill the Witch

Full durability swat set , 3-4 rifles, 1 saw blade mace for zombies in the area, 1 glock for crowd zombies, 2 katanas for infected wolfs and the ordinary zombies in the zone, 2 stacks of medkits. (note, with the addition of active skills a greater variety of weapons can be used to effectively kill her, however these have not yet been fully tested.

How to kill the Witch

Fighting The Witch
  1. Firstly clear the zombies in the zone using saw blade maze and katana . Sneak attack with saw blade maze and then continue with a katana . After clearing the zombies sneak attack the witch and she will start running towards you.
  2. Equip your Ak47 and start running, when there is a distance between he Witch and you, start shooting the Witch with the Ak47 and repeat this tactic until she will heal. If you blew both of the infections on the middle of the map then she will only heal 150hp and only crowd zombies and infected wolves will spawn.
  3. Kill these enemies using a glock and a katana since the Witch will start running at you as soon as she finishes healing. Continue the shoot and surrender tactic until the second round of healing. Kill the zombies the same way and you should be able to kill the Witch and possibly get her head.

Alternatively you can use the active skill on the shotgun (spread shot) to deal damage to all of the crawling zombies she summons, this will kill them all in one go.

We hope you found this guide informative and helpful in your plans to dominate the bosses, thank you for reading and as usual let us know in the comments below for any other topics you would like to see covered.