Hello all Last Day on Earth players,

Today you will get to know more about dogs in LDoE!

Dogs were a feature added in the v.1.7.12 update of last day on earth, and the only companion you can have in the game. We will be discussing everything about these interesting animals from breeding them, to doggie doors, and of course the most important of all: The True Friend trait!

How do I find a dog?

Well it’s pretty simple! There are numerous places you can find these puppers all over the map. When you find a dog you will find it in its puppy state. They can’t do anything until you place them in a dog crate. You find dogs mostly in the farm, at airdrops and sometimes in Christmas boxes found in the 2018 Christmas event in yellow and red zones (excluding oak and winter zones). Of course you can find dogs in other locations as well, but these are some of the best spots to get them with the highest spawn rates.


After you find a puppy it will go in a free inventory slot in your inventory and turn into a puppy in a box. A really important tip is to look at the dogs collar before you pick it up! It’s really important to know its gender when getting it for breeding. The collar could be blue for a male, or red for a female. Since puppies are somewhat rare, you should really take the time to notice this detail.

The Dog Crate.

The dog crate is a multiple stage item and the stage 1 form can be made for 20 pine logs, 7 duct tape, 15 limestone and 10 scrap metal at level 10 and 1 craft point. You need to place it down like a furnish item in a 3×4 spot. You need to add stuff to the placed stage 1 dog crate to finish it. The materials needed for that are: 15 empty cans, 20 cloth, 30 bolts, 30 rope, 40 pine planks and 5 small boxes. Here is where the magic happens. There are 3 intractable areas inside of the dog crate. The feeding station where you feed your dogs with raw meat, raw turkey and dry food. The breeding area where you breed your dogs and the puppy and select area where you see all your dogs and equip them in their active slots.

Feeding your dogs.

Dogs need food in the dog crate to be active, for their traits to be active and for puppies to grow. You feed them raw meat, raw turkey or dry food. If your dog is tired in a zone you need to return to your base or feed them a dog treat.

  • Raw meat lasts 2 hours
  • Raw turkey lasts 12 hours
  • Dry food lasts 24 hours

Dry food increases your chance to get a high rank puppy dramatically, but it’s very rare. It has a small drop rate at the farm or it has to be bought from the in game shop.

Dog ranks.

Dogs come in all shapes forms and ranks. You have dogs of rank I, II, III and IV. They all have different traits, which are the main attraction of the dogs. You get higher rank dogs the more you breed them, which you do in the dog crate. There are certain odds to breeding the different dogs:

  • 100% chance for a rank II dog when breeding two rank I dogs.
  • 50% chance for a rank III dog when breeding two rank II dogs.
  • 25% chance for a rank IV dog when breeding two rank III dogs.

These are rough estimates and not 100% correct.


So here we are. The famed and con dog traits with the True Friend on top. There are a wide variety of traits out there for you to get on your dogs and benefit from. Some more rare than others and some better than others. Here is a list of all the traits you can have on your dogs:

What the traits do:

  • Companion: “Increases the experience gained”. A good skill for low level players who need some extra xp for levelling up.
  • Careful: “Increases puppies’ growth speed”. Good for if you want to breed puppies a lot for different perks.
  • Well-Stocked: “Decreases the need for food for dog crate”. This perk is very useful since you need food in your dog pen for your dogs to operate.
  • Hunter: “Increases the chance of meeting a rare animal”. Also a useful perk for getting more food for your dog crate.
  • Bloodhound: “Increases the chance of finding rare items”. Very good if you are out and about a lot in the world.
  • Witty: “Increases the chance of getting a high rank when crossbreeding”. This is very useful to have active then you are breeding dogs.
  • Leader: “Increases the damage done by all dogs”. Useful if you have a True Friend or a guard dog.
  • Guard: “Can attack the horde”. Kind of speaks for itself, the dog attacks the horde if it is at your base.
  • True Friend: ” Can be taken with you”. The fabled, the legendary and probably the best perk you can get on a dog. Can be taken with you to areas you explore.

And the levels where you can get them at:

  • I: Companion, Careful, Well-Stocked, Hunter
  • II: Companion, Careful, Well-Stocked, Bloodhound
  • III: Companion, Hunter, Leader, Guard
  • IV: Companion, Careful, Well-Stocked, True Friend

True Friend.

We’ve arrived at True Friend, debatable the best perk you get on a rank IV dog. It goes with you everywhere you travel, except when it is tired or you don’t have any food in your dog crate. It does 10 damage if it attacks a zombie and it’s really helpful if you need to have that extra damage. It will attack anything you attack and will sneak if you sneak. You can also send it through a doggie door like the one in front of bunker Alfa with the minigun that teases you every time you walk past it. It is worth it to try to breed the True Friend dog but you have to know that the chances are very low on getting one.

And that is everything you need to know about dogs in LDoE. I wish you the best of luck getting that true friend dog.

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