What Influences Spawns in Jurassic World Alive?

Though we don’t know exactly how it plays out, spawn points are clearly associated with location tags that influence which dinosaurs are found there. The broadest of these tags encompass all dinosaurs currently spawning in the game and are listed below:

  • Global
  • Parks
  • Local (4 different types)
  • Nests (There doesn’t seem to be much difference, so we’ll update those at a later time)

Global spawns can spawn at any point while park spawns spawn at parks, preserves, and other naturalesque public locations. The four localized categories are more vague. These appear to be what we referred to as “local spawns” in our previous spawn article.

These may be the areas that we are most likely to see dinosaur “migrations” to and from. These four local categories may be variable in size, but all appear to cover broad areas. We don’t know what these local areas are tied to, but we can tell you what appears in each one!

Changes in Spawns post 1.6 Update

In version 1.6, Ludia has made some minor changes to spawns. They made more park exclusive Dinos and swapped around some other locals/globals:





Nests in Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive does not currently have “nests” in the sense that Pokemon Go did, but there is something we will call nests that we think is even cooler! You may have noticed that some dinosaurs only spawn at certain times (day or night), but you occasionally see these dinosaurs at other times (e.g. running into a Velociraptor mid-day). If this happens to you, you’ve just run across a nest!

We’ve linked certain spawn points to business/building types and, at these points, a group of dinosaurs can spawn at anytime. Below is a list of these nest locations and their associated dinosaurs.

Remember, there’s always a very low chance that any Dino can spawn anywhere, so if you see a Dino extremely out of place, then that should be your explanation!

*Special Thanks to OrangeHeart for creating these graphics.

Parting Words

Let this be your guide to dinosaur habitats and habits and go explore! There is still much to learn about just how rare dinosaurs are at these locations and exactly how much variability there is with each spawn point. If you want to join in the hunt and conversation, check out our Discord!