Previously, we got to know everything there was to know about the Crooked Creek Farm. But, how will we use this knowledge efficiently, you may ask. In this tutorial, we’ll be discussing the most efficacious way to clear the Farm.

Zone map & Legend

a Top-down view of the Farm.

On this section, you can see the 2D map of Crooked Creek Farm from a top-down view. Green lines indicate where you can enter and exit the zone. Red lines are parts of the map you cannot access or cross. Yellow lines are wall-trick spots you can use to cheese your way through the Farm.

In the zone, you can see 4 pen – quadrants filled to the brim with zombies, from Infected Bulls to Savage Giants. Every pen has a loot sack spawn point – 4 in total. There’s a chance that one of the 4 loot sacks will be replaced with the Blue Chest. On very rare occasions though, the Blue Chest might spawn near the barn on the top-right corner.

There are also 5 puppy spawn locations, one being in the Barn which might not open every time. There is a 90% chance of the Barn doors opening, to open the doors you need to place the Blue Chest onto the table-saw.

To the top-left corner of the map is the House, which has a wall-trick spot and a door, which can be picked open with Burglar Level 2 passive skill or opened with an iron axe. Destroying the door takes 1/4 – 1/3 of the axe. In that room, you can find some nice loot and even a weapon blueprint, which commonly is a melee weapon blueprint.

Strategies & Variations

If you cleared the Farm a few times, you already know that it has various different variations – the Blue Chest spawning in different areas; zombies either waiting patiently or fighting amongst themselves or even Raiders showing up and patrolling the area! These are the variations of the Farm you might encounter. Although the strategies for each variation differ quite a bit, in general, they’re similar.

The Mini-Map view of the Farm

In every Farm run, you will come across a bridge with two Rotten Yokels guarding it. You can lure the south-facing zombie towards you without alerting the other one and kill him. After dealing with him, you can sneak-attack the 2nd zombie with a high-damage melee weapon, such as Saw Blade Mace, Skullcrusher etc. Saw Blade Mace with “Diablo” modification deals enough damage to one-shot a Rotten Yokel while sneaking. Scythe always one-shots Rotten Yokels while sneaking.

If you don’t have these weapons/modifications, you can kill Rotten Yokels in 2-3 swings with another melee weapon after dealing critical damage while sneaking. After dealing with the enemies near the bridge, you’ll see a Savage Giant guarding the entrance of the Farm. Dealing with Savage Giants using ranged weapons is highly recommended as they hit very hard, though they do not one-shot kill like their brethren Frenzied Giants.

Right behind the Savage Giant, there’s a Rotten Yokel waiting to rush towards your direction as soon as you cross the gates of the Farm. You can easily kill him with a melee weapon of any type. From here on, paths you take can change depending on the layout you got in the Farm. If you get a standard zombie layout, taking any path will be practically the same:

Kill Rotten Yokels first, approach Savage Giants with caution and avoid Infected Bulls. Sometimes Raiders & Diseased Wolves can spawn randomly in the map. Unlike Raiders though, Diseased Wolves spawn in pre-determined locations, whereas Raiders can spawn randomly anywhere on the map regardless of the layout.


Speaking of Raiders, another variation of the Farm is also called Raider’s layout. Instead of zombies, Raiders will be patrolling some of the pens. The easiest way to deal with Raiders is to bring a ranged weapon such as a Glock or a rifle. Although it’s easy to deal with Raiders using ranged weapons, you’d also need a good amount of healing items as Raiders wield rifles most of the time.


After dealing with the zombies roaming the pens, you will encounter the Ravager, the Boss of this zone. As mentioned in the in-depth guide of the Farm, Ravager has 2 special attacks – Hit and Spit. Hits deal 20 damage while not wearing any armor, while Spit deals 80 damage without armor in a cone-shaped area of damage, and damages the durability of your armor considerably. Two or three spits are enough to destroy one full durability armor set.

Ravager also has a unique mechanic where he dashes towards the player if they aggro’d him and tried to run away. The easiest way to deal with the Ravager would be using ranged weapons, preferably shotguns, although there’s a better way which uses a well-known exploit. When Ravager spits, you can avoid his cone-attack pretty easily. This will bug him out, causing to Spit endlessly as long as he doesn’t hit you with that special attack. You can use this exploit to your full advantage and punch him to death! You can, of course, use other melee weapons to speed things up. Upon dying, Ravager can drop Big Bones, although that’s relatively rare.

Now that you’ve dealt with a considerable portion of the enemies you come across the House at the top-left corner of the map. There is nice loot inside which may contain a Blueprint for a melee weapon. There are a Rotten Yokel and a Savage Giant guarding the entrance, so you have to take care of him first. After dealing with them, you can enter the house. However, to enter the other room of the House, you will have to break open the door using an Iron Hatchet or with the help of Burglar Lv2 passive skill. Inside the room, there’s another pair of Rotten Yokel and Savage Giant waiting for you, so be careful.

Getting near to the Table-Saw, you will notice a small barn on the right side. When putting the Blue Chest onto the Table-Saw, you will see the Barn’s doors moving. There’s a small chance that the doors would break open. If this happens, three Savage Giants and two Rotten Yokels will start rushing to your direction. Using a rifle or a Glock in this situation is the best method to kill this group of enemies. Inside the Barn, you can find an unfinished Chopper, which you can loot for Chopper parts. There is also a chance of Gas Tank dropping from this loot spot. On top of that, you can find a puppy next to the Chopper! Simply put, the Barn is one of the best places you can visit in the Farm.

The Best Strategy & Use of Wall-Trick

So now you know how to clear the Crooked Creek Farm normally. But there are few tricks that you could take advantage of while clearing the zone. First and foremost, killing all of the zombies is not necessary for getting all of the loot from the farm. You can simply locate the Blue Chest, bring it to the Table-Saw and immediately run away, as all of the zombies in the zone (excluding Infected Bulls) will rush towards the noise caused by the Table-Saw. Once the Blue Chest is open, approach the pile of zombies quickly and rush towards the other side of the map to kite the zombies.

It is highly recommended to kill all of the Rotten Yokels, as they will not only block your path while you’re carrying the Blue Chest but also their high speeds will not let you kite the zombies around the map, they will get to you quickly no matter how fast you run. The Ideal Route would be to only kill Rotten Yokels, Diseased Wolves and Raiders and leave Savage Giants. There’s no need for touching Infected Bulls at all as they don’t get triggered when you start opening the Blue Chest, however they give a lot of Experience Points. As Savage Giants’ low speed gives you room for kiting, you can take advantage and kite them, then rush to the opened Blue Chest to grab all the goodies.

Wall-Trick spot near the gates of Crooked Creek Farm.

You can also use wall-trick to easily clear the Farm. Wall-trick spots are coloured in Gold in the Top-Down view of the map.

These wall-trick spots are near the entrance gates of the Crooked Creek Farm – the wooden wall to your left. The other spot is near the entrance of the house, again, the wall to your left. Unlike the wall-trick spot near the entrance of the House on the northern side of the map,

Wall-Trick spot near the entrance of the House.

this spot is harder to master. If you want to easily use the wall-trick, sneak your way into the House. Kill the two zombies guarding the entrance and start using wall-trick on all of the zombies on the zone. This is the most efficacious way to clear the Crooked Creek Farm! But it is considered a cheap and boring alternative for new players who are inexperienced and lack the proper weapons for clearing the zone.

So that does it! Now you know how to clear the Crooked Creek Farm easily. Good luck on your adventures, and thank you once again for reading, as always let us know what you think in the comments below, and tell us what you want to see covered next!