Ludia  introduced daily missions in the  release 1.5 which rewarded players with coins, cash and a preset amount of EPIC DNA for performing  routine gameplay activities such as firing darts, getting direct hits, participating in battles etc . This was great enhancement to the gameplay. Ludia further enhanced mechanism based on community feedback by greatly reducing requirements of some of the tasks.

Ever wondered how these missions are decided and how you get certain DNA rewards? We got you covered. Let’s take a  look at the available  missions:

Name Max Requirement No of steps Variation  with each  step
Collect Coins 5000 98 50
Collect Darts 60 24 2
Collect DNA (any) 5000 196 25
Collect DNA (common) 5000 198 25
Collect DNA (Rare) 2000 195 10
Open Supply Drops 20 23 Varied (max increase  2)
Get Direct Hits 60 59 Varied (max  increase   2)
Play Friendly Battles 1 1 0
Open Incubators 6 15 Varied (max  increase  1)
Play Arena Battles 12 39 1 (Becomes constant after 12)
Open Daily Battle Incubators 1 1 0
Fire Darts 100 33 Varied (max  increase  10)

Few things to note from table above:

  • Tasks have steps which increase by one for each day a task is completed, and reduce by one when a player fails to complete task for the day. Each step increases / decreases requirement by certain number.
  • Each task has maximum requirement, and doesn’t appear next day when threshold is achieved, and comes back again with same requirement next day.
  • Some tasks such as Open arena incubator / Participate in battles, and collect common / rare DNA are related and may appear in different form on the next day when maximum requirement is achieve.

Let’s take a look at how the DNA rewards  are calculated when all  daily tasks have been completed.

Total Life Time Missions Completed Trex DNA Reward
0 to 27 10
28 to 55 20
56 to 83 30
84 to 111 40
112 to 139 50
140 to 176 60
177 to 213 70
214 to 250 75
251 to 292 80
293 to 334 85
335 to 376 90
377 to 422 95
423 Onwards 100

What the above table tells us is even if a player can’t finish all of the missions in a day, trying to finish as many as he / she (one) can helps progress towards next tier of Trex DNA reward.

We hope this you guys area as excited as us for completing these daily missions, and this information helps you plan your tasks better.