Levelling up in LDoE has all sorts of perks, chief among them is unlocking new blueprints, this article will guide you through the best way to farm exp fast, using The Witch boss as your source.

What you need:

  • Swat or tactical armour. (the more sets, the more exp you can get)
  • Medkits. (minimum 20, again the more meds, the more exp you can get)
  • A chopper, Energy drinks, or a lot of free time.

Some of the following weapons: 

  • Shotgun with spread shot. (optional, but makes it easier)
  • Grenades. (can be found in locked chests in bunker, pd and motel)
  • Grenade launcher. (Can be found in floppy disks)
  • Fast fire weapons i.e AK-47 or M16

How to do it:

Step 1

Gear up and travel to the infected forest, upon arrival clear out any zombies without getting the attention of The Witch.

Step 2

Start shooting The Witch with the AK-47, every 3rd hit she will deal a massive amount of damage, so make sure to use a medkit after her second attack.

Step 3

Once she reaches 1500hp she will summon a wave of zombies then run off and heal herself. Bait all of the zombies in to chasing you, use the AK to kill the infected wolves, then switch to the Shotgun with spread shot, the Grenade launcher, or the grenades.

Step 4

Group all of the enemies up and release a single shot with whichever weapon you chose, this will kill all remaining zombies in the wave granting you a lot of exp.

Step 5

The Witch comes back, start shooting her with the AK again until she summons the next wave. Repeat steps 3 + 4

Step 6

DO NOT  kill The Witch, leave the infected forest location and walk/run/bike to the nearest location (The Gas Station) immediately return to the infected forest.   The Witch will have healed completely and you can start over from Step 2 again.

Step 7

Rinse and repeat until you reach the desired level, or run out of equipment.

And that’s it, enjoy the simple 7 steps to gain as much experience as you require, especially useful for those of you looking to max out your skills, or just for plain old bragging rights.


Thank you for reading everybody, please let me know what you think in the comments below, and of course let us know what you would like to see covered next.