Explorers! It’s that time again, we got another Epic Boss Strike to do! This time, we’re having a themed Boss Strike featuring Nodopatosaurus and its components! Let’s see how we can deal with these three!

Enemy Overview

Apatosaurus (30), Nodosaurus (30), Nodopatosaurus (30)


These dinosaurs all have either high Health or some good Armor stats. Breaking through these isn’t an easy task if you go in unprepared. Therefore, I’m going over each of these dinosaurs and break down what will be good to use against them! At the end of the article, I’ll quickly go over the best tactics/dinosaurs to use in general.


This gentle giant has the highest Healthpool to drain out of the three. With a gargantuan 7293 HP in total, the best way to deal with this dinosaur is to bleed it out. Dinosaurs like Spinosaurus Gen2, Dimodactylus and Suchotator are good options to go to here. Apatosaurus’ Attack stat isn’t that high, but it shouldn’t be underestimated. Decelerating Impact can be used every two turns, so keep this in mind! It gives Apatosaurus a speed advantage over your dinosaur, enabling it to hit first! If you don’t have a good bleeder, the second best option is to use Rending Attacks. Rending Attacks are great in Strikes like these, and the three best Rending Attackers are Carnotaurus, Marsupial Lion and Purutaurus. Bring one (or two) of these if you don’t have a good bleeder.


This armored herbivore is quite the defensive powerhouse. Its 25% Armor and 5105 Health give it surprising survivability against anything that doesn’t pierce Armor. Still, it can be beaten relatively easy with DoT and Rending Attacks. These type of moves are amazing in Strike Events, and I’d suggest to bring every good DoT user/Rending Attacker you have! Other counters to Nodosaurus are chompers like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Allosaurus and Gorgosaurus. Just like Apatosaurus, Nodosaurus doesn’t have the highest Attack stat, but it still shouldn’t be taken lightly. The Decelerating Impact and Short Defense will rack up the damage output and survivability, so try and work your way around those moves.


The big star of this Strike Event is the Epic hybrid Nodopatosaurus. Made of the Apatosaurus and Nodosaurus, it combines their good traits into one dinosaur. It’s got a good Health pool of 5834, 25% Armor and 1094 Attack, which is lower than both its components. It makes up for the lower Attack stat by having a 0.5 Counterattack, which deals 547 non-Armor-Piercing damage to you after each hit it survives. It also has two Impact moves and a Shielding move, which makes this dinosaur quite annoying to face.

The key to defeating this dinosaur is, again, DoT and Rending Attacks. It seems like it’s getting repetitive, and it is, but these two categories are just amazing against this Strike! Other counters include chompers and Armor Piercing/Defense Shattering Counterattackers.

What dinosaurs do I use?

Good question! Some dinosaurs are better than others after all. I’m going to list off a few dinosaurs which I believe will be excellent to use in this Strike Event.

  • Purutaurus – The Greater Rending Counterattack combined with Instant Distraction and Long Protection give this Epic Hybrid amazing damage output and survivability. Rending Attacks also destroy Shields, so you don’t have to worry about those.
  • Suchotator – Being one of the most versatile dinosaurs there is, Suchotator comes equipped with the Lethal Wound/Instant Distraction combination to really cripple the opposing dinosaur. One of the best dinosaurs to use in Strike Events like these.
  • Dimodactylus – Although a bit frail, it has two DoT moves in its arsenal. Swap this creature in on a non-Decelerating attack and see how the combination of Swap in Wound and Lethal Wound make a dinosaur drop before you.
  • Marsupial Lion – A bit risky due to the reliability on dodging and possible low levels, Marsupial Lion has that infamous two turn combo with Prowl and Rending Takedown, allowing it to take 75% of the opponents total health. It’s a great creature to use here, as it can really mess up the opponent.
  • Spinosaurus Gen2 – The next best Lethal Wound user is the Epic Spinosaurus Gen2. Although it does suffer a bit from low health, it can at least put a timer on the opponent with Lethal Wound.
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex – It’s Rexy’s time to shine here. With the highest damage stat in the game, chomping away at these herbivores is a good option. Beware though, just like Spinosaurus Gen2, Rexy suffers a bit from a low health syndrome at lower levels.
  • Any boosted creature you got – With the infamous Stat Boosts almost every dinosaur can be viable to take these three dinosaurs out. Especially a boosted chomper like Thoradolosaur or Tryostronix. If you have a creature that’s boosted and can pierce Armor, bringing it won’t be a bad idea at all.


Winning this Strike Event will reward you with loads of coins and a Nodopatosaurus Themed Epic Incubator! What’s in it? Everything! It’s the same Incubator we saw in the store, so it has a chance of giving you DNA from all dinosaurs in this game except Tournament Exclusive dinosaurs! It also gives you 200 Nodopatosaurus DNA on top of the Epic DNA you get! The rewards vary with your player level.

Parting Words

This is one of the first real Themed Epic Boss Strikes we got, and I’m excited about it! It’s a great way to make the Boss Strikes a bit more interesting, yet still give players a bit of a challenge! I hope we see more of these sort of Boss Strikes in the future! What do you think? Should Ludia continue with these Themed Boss Strikes? Let us know! Remember to follow MetaHub on social media and join our Discord server to discuss the game with us!

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