Explorers! Welcome to this Epic Strike Event Guide! This time, we’re facing three steps of hit and runners! These three steps feature powerful hit and runners, some with Swap in Abilities! Let’s see how we can overcome this Strike Event!

Enemy Overview

  1. Edmontosaurus (19), Pachycephalosaurus (20), Delta (21)
  2. Scaphognathus (20), Hatzegopteryx (21), Stygimoloch (22)
  3. Edmontosaurus (21), Pachycephalosaurus (22), Delta (23)


These three steps are really just two sets of three dinosaurs. Therefore, I’ll be going over each set individually and quickly go over each dinosaur in there.

Set 1: Edmontosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Delta

This set of dinosaurs feature two Swap in Stunners in Edmontosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus. Most likely these two will be swapping in on you to stun you. Delta however is the hard hitter of this set. With Pounce and Impact and Run it can really hit hard coming from its high Attack stat. The key to beating this set of dinosaurs is speed control and Immunity. Speed control for Delta and Immunity to counter the stuns in this set.

Set 2: Scaphognathus, Hatzegopteryx, Stygimoloch

This set has a bit more diversity. Each of these dinosaurs all have a different role. Scaphognathus specializes in DoT, Hatzegopteryx in Swap in Defense and Slowing and Stygimoloch is a hard hitting dinosaur with priority Stunning. Both the pterosaurs have Swap in Abilities, so expect these two to be swapping in on you. You can counter the SI-Wound with Immunity and the SI-Defense with Defense Shattering Attacks. Stygimoloch will most likely prove to be the most difficult one to deal with due to its high Attack stat and moveset. Try hitting this one as hard as you can with Defense Shattering Attacks.

Dinosaurs you should use

Here I’m going to list a couple of good dinosaurs for this Strike Event. They aren’t in any particular order and should be appropriately leveled to be of any use. The ones with Immunity are highlighted in RED, the ones with Speed Control/Superiority Strike are highlighted in BLUE.

Good dinosaurs for these steps are: Secodontosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Stegoceratops, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Dracorex GEN2, Suchotator, Postimetrodon, Ankylocodon (has both!), Dimetrodon (GEN2), Ornithomimus, Wuerhosaurus, Gallimimus.


If you win this Strike Event, you’ll be rewarded with a Fight or Flight Epic Incubator filled with coins and DNA from the following pool:

Parting Words

This Strike Event certainly looks tough. However, beating it will reward you with some valuable DNA! The Epics in particular are hard to come by, as they are either are Arena Exclusive or a Daily Spawn! The Commons and Rares are also quite useful to have for either Strike Events or their hybrids! Therefore this is definitely a Strike Event worth doing! As always, follow MetaHub on social media and join our Discord to talk with us about JWA!

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