Explorers! One of the best Featured Dinosaur weeks continues with another Epic Strike Event! This time, three European dinosaurs challenge us! How do we beat them? Let’s find out!

Enemy Overview

Elasmotherium (23), Concavenator (24), Pyroraptor (25)

Once again, we’ve got an awesome infographic for you thanks to our artist Orange Heart!


Just like the Asia Strike Event two days ago, this Strike Event has a lot of variety. Therefore, I’m going over each of them individually to highlight their strengths and weaknesses. So, let’s get into it!


One of the new creatures introduced in JWA Update 1.7, Elasmotherium offers a lot of bulk and good damage. 3888 HP, 30% Armor and 1038 Attack is quite good. It gives it good tanking potential while also dishing out some good damage. It’s two attacking moves are Rending Strike, which deals 33% damage, and Definite Rampage, a moves that will do 2076 damage if not Distracted! However, it has a weakness. With Strike Events, we know that the AI prioritizes damage over defense. Therefore, it most likely won’t use the Defensive Stance basic it has. Therefore, you could bleed it out with DoT attacks like Gashing and Lethal Wound. Rending attacks are also a good way of disposing of Elasmotherium. However, don’t let this Rare get you, it’s a formidable opponent to face if not prepared for!


This Spanish dinosaur has that brutal Defense Shattering Counterattack it’ll use after every hit it received! So after each hit it lives, you’ll get hit with 953 damage on top of the attack it’s going to use itself! This can make battling it quite difficult, especially when it’s putting up its Shield. When you face this dinosaur at level 24, its stats are 3572 Health and 953 Attack. Combine that with 106 Speed (which is fast for a counterattacker!) and you’ll have a problem if you don’t prepare for it. However, it lacks any Cleansing abilities, so DoT and Distraction will do well here. Distraction in particular will help a lot, as it reduces the damage output Concavenator has by 50%, effectively removing the Counterattack! So try and bleed this thing out or to Distract it!


Thank goodness this thing isn’t actually on fire. This 129 Speed dinosaur has two Distracting moves in Distracting Impact and Pounce, so it can (and will) reduce your second hit on it to 0 damage if you’re slower! Bringing some form of Cleansing/Superiority Strike is mandatory against this one if you ask me. It would also be wise to bring something that has Armor/Damage reduction as well, as its hits are coming off a 1286 Attack stat! Thankfully, its Health isn’t as big, only being 2143 at level 25. So, in short: Bring something with Superiority Strike, preferrably with some Armor, and you’ll be alright.

What dinosaurs do I use in this Strike Event?

Due to the fact that each of these dinosaurs all have a different role, it’s going to be difficult to have one clear counter for all of them. Each has their own counters, and therefore, I think it would be better to go over the three best counters for each of these dinosaurs. Some of them might also be useful for another dinosaur, but for variety, I won’t list one dino multiple times. So, let’s get into the counters.

Elasmotherium counters:

  • Purutaurus – With the Greater Rending Counterattack and Instant Distraction, Purutaurus is an excellent counter to Elasmotherium. Use the Precise Rampage when Elasmotherium uses the Rending Strike, and Instant Distract the Definite Rampage. Rinse and repeat and Elasmotherium should drop before you.
  • Suchotator – Strike Event MVP Suchotator is back, bringing more DoT and Distraction to the table! With the Lethal Wound, it sets Elasmotherium on a timer, and it can Instant Distract the big Rampage to receive little damage overall. A great dinosaur to have! Best part: Due to the Rending Strike doing a percentage based damage, it can be used at creation level!
  • Dimodactylus – This creature is useful for its TWO bleeding moves in Swap in Wound and Lethal Wound. Swap it in on the Rending Strike and Lethal Wound the second turn. The one drawback is that it most likely will die after this, but you can use this to set up another dinosaur.

Concavenator counters:

  • Monolophosaurus – With the great damage buff it received and good Distracting kit, Monolophosaurus is a great dinosaur to use against Concavenator. It can Distract its damage down to 0 and it can nullify the Shield Concavenator might want to put up.
  • Pyroraptor – Same story as Monolophosaurus really. Double Distraction with higher damage output, but it cannot remove Shields.
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex – Why care about the Counterattack if you kill it too quickly? Tyrannosaurus Rex has the highest Attack stat in the game, and it can defeat Concavenator really quickly if it’s at a good level.

Pyroraptor counters:

  • Brachiosaurus – With its massive Health stat, Armor and access to Superiority Strike, Brachiosaurus is one of the best raptor counters there is in the game. It can also fire off a Rampage and put up a Priority Shield to reduce the damage it receives! The Rare Giraffatitan also gets a mention here, doing the exact same thing as Brachiosaurus.
  • Stegosaurus – Any stegosaurid could get mentioned here, but let’s go with the most available one. Superiority Strike is key here, but with Thagomizer it can also hit really hard. Use Superiority Strike first, and then use Thagomizer to hit it as hard as you can without Pyroraptor distracting you.
  • Alanqa – Alanqa gets a mention for its safe Swap in Invincibility. With it, it can soak up a big hit and then can choose to either Superiority Strike the Raptor, or put up a Long Invincibility for more safety. A great counter to Pyroraptor if you got it at a decent level.


If you defeat this Strike Event you’ll be rewarded with a Europe Themed Incubator! In it you will find loads of coins and DNA from the following DNA pool:

  • Common:Dimorphodon, Hatzegopteryx, Iguanodon, Miragaia
  • Rare: Elasmotherium, Megalosaurus, Proceratosaurus
  • Epic: Baryonyx, Concavenator, Pyroraptor

Parting Words

The Exploration Week is halfway done, and we are so excited about this week! The Irritator attempts, loads of Epic Strikes. I hope they bring this Featured week back soon! This Strike Event has some good DNA for some amazing hybrids in it, so definitely go out and do it! Did you win against this Strike Event? Let us know! As always, follow MetaHub on social media and join our Discord to discuss JWA with us! We hope to see you on there!

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