Explorers! It’s that time of the week again, and we’ve got another Epic Boss Strike on our hands. This time, the star of the show is the Queen of all dinosaurs: Rexy! She’s accompanied by two rares of this weeks Featured Dinosaurs, making this Boss Strike a bit more versatile than the other Themed ones we’ve had the last couple of weeks! Let’s see how we can beat these dinosaurs.

Disclaimer: This Strike Event is quite hard for lower level players. If you haven’t gotten some Legendary dinosaurs, this Strike Event might not be beatable for you, as the damage output and diversity of this Strike is quite high. 

Enemy Overview

Tyrannosaurus Rex (30), Triceratops (30), Dilophosaurus (30)

We’ve got an awesome infographic for you thanks to our artist Orange Heart!

As you can see, we’re getting a bit of everything in this Strike Event. High damage, tankiness, fast distracting; it makes for a tricky Strike Event to face. Therefore, I’ll be going over each dinosaur to highlight their strengths and weaknesses. Let’s get started.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus RexRexy is the Featured Dinosaur this Strike Event. She has the highest Attack stat out of every dinosaur: A whopping 2188 Attack stat! Combine this with her Defense Shattering kit and she can destroy teams when not Distracted! Distraction is really the key to defeating this dinosaur, or maybe some DoT will be useful. But expect to lose a dinosaur if you go that route. In fact, expect to lose a dinosaur regardless, Rexy shouldn’t be underestimated! The one positive is that Rexy is really slow, so she can be Distracted quickly.


This Rare dinosaur is quite the tanky powerhouse with great Stunning potential. It has two Stunning moves, Greater Stunning Impact/Strike and a regular Strike. This means that it can stunlock you for two turns in a row! 5761 Health and 20% Armor make sure it can survive a couple of hits too. 115 Speed is also quite good. Its 1459 Attack, even though it’s way lower than Rexy’s, is nothing to laugh at, as it can dish out tons of damage! You can work around this Stunning with either DoT or Immunity. DoT for guaranteed damage, and Immunity to negate the Stunning.


The last dinosaur of the bunch is the frailest of all of these, but also the fastest. 124 Speed gives it a good Speed tier. And while it is the frailest out of all of these creatures, 4558 Health is still quite high, and it’ll take a while to get rid of this if not played well, as it does have a Distracting Impact it’s going to use! It can also nullify your boosts away with the two Nullifying moves it has. Take care around this dinosaur to make sure you don’t end up like Dennis Nedry!


With the information we’ve gathered for these dinosaurs, we can work out a way to beat them. In each case, DoT will work well against all of them, especially Rexy and Triceratops. These two have the most Health to drain, so I’d advise bringing DoT against those two. In case of Dilophosaurus, you can go three routes. With the Strike Events these weeks, we know that Dilophosaurus uses Nullifying Impact first, and not the Distracting Impact. You can therefore either slow it and deal some hefty damage while it’s slowed, or you can use faster dinosaurs and hit it as hard as you can before the Distracting Impact hits you. Another thing you can do is to bring a tank like Brachiosaurus or the Legendary Stegodeus to take loads of damage and cleanse the Distraction with Superiority Strike. It’s up to you.

Now I’ll be listing some good counters to each of these individual dinosaurs, to help you get your own team together. Take note that I’m NOT taking Stat Boosts into account. So if you got a boosted dinosaur that works well against these creatures and I haven’t listed it: Please do yourself a favor and bring it. It’ll make it much easier than bringing the ones I’ve listed. Of course, all of the dinosaurs I’m listing need to be at a decent level to be useful. And for this Strike I will be listing Legendary dinosaurs. I believe some are necessary to beat this Strike Event.

Against Rexy:

  • Lethal Wound users – Lethal Wound is a perfect way to get rid of Rexys high health pool. However, most Lethal Wound won’t survive after bleeding Rexy, as her damage is immensely high. So it’s best to pair the Lethal Wound users with an Instant Distraction dinosaur in the back. That way you can limit the damage output that dinosaur will receive. Purutaurus comes to mind as a great one to use, as the Rending Counterattack will also deplete 33% of Rexy’s health.
  • Utasinoraptor – This Legendary raptor is awesome against Rexy, as it can Distract the big hits and then Stun Rexy with the Instant Charge! It also got a high damage move in Critical Impact, really hurting Rexy in the process! With the Stun landing and Critical Impact critting, a level 16 Utasinoraptor does 4664 damage with three moves! If you got this one, bring it!

Against Triceratops

  • Suchotator – Suchotator can tradekill Triceratops with Lethal Wound + Instant Distraction, not caring about any of the stuns. What’s best: you only need a level 7 Suchotator to pull this off (not factoring in critical hits)!
  • Postimetrodon/Tryostronix – These two have the same trick up their sleeve: Immune Ferocious Strike + Defense Shattering. Both are listed here because they both do a great job, with Tryostronix being the better one, but it has a higher tier and is harder to unlock.
  • Gorgosuchus – If you used Utasinoraptor against Rexy and you know Triceratops comes out next, Gorgosuchus is an excellent choice to revenge kill Rexy and really hurt Triceratops. Revenge killing with Ferocious Strike allows for two big hits with DSR and Cleansing Impact, which will take Triceratops down to really low health or kill it!

Against Dilophosaurus

  • Brachiosaurus – With its high Healthpool and great possible Damage output Brachiosaurus is a great option to bring. It can Rampage on the turns Dilophosaurus uses anything but Distracting Impact, and it can Superiority Strike away the Distraction, while also taking speed control.
  • Stegodeus/Tragodistis/Nodopatotitan – These Legendary tanks are amazing against Dilophosaurus. All have a way to remove the Distraction and some form of high damage output. Bring one of these if you’ve got one.
  • Utasinoraptor – Another awesome creature to use here is Utasinoraptor. Like I’ve said before, Utasinoraptors 3-turn combo does 4664 damage, enough to kill Dilophosaurus.


If you defeat this Strike Event you’ll be rewarded with a Tyrannosaurus Rex Themed Epic Incubator. In it you’ll find 200 T-Rex DNA and the regular Epic Incubator rewards.

Parting Words

This is one of the more difficult Themed Incubator Strikes we’ve got so far. Still, I’m happy Ludia has decided to continue with the Themed Boss Strikes. They offer more rewards in the Incubator and really do a great job showcasing the Themed Dinosaur of the Strike Event. Did you manage to beat it? Tell us how in the comments or on our Discord server! As usual, follow MetaHub on our social media and join our Discord and discuss JWA with us! We got over 6000 members on it, so there are a lot of people who you can talk with about the game! We hope to see you on there!

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