Explorers! Welcome to this Strike Event Guide! This time, we will be talking about the Purutaurus Strike! This Fierce Hybrid is accompanied by its Hybrid Components, and they challenge you to try and defeat them! Let’s see if we can help you with this!

Enemy Overview

Carnotaurus (30), Purussaurus (30), Purutaurus (30)

We’ve got another awesome infographic thanks to our artist Orange Heart!

As you can see, there are two powerful Rares and an Epic Hybrid facing you. These all pack a serious punch. One with the Ferocious Impact it has, and two have that awesome Greater Rending Counterattack, making them do 33% damage each time they survive an attack! And the worst thing is: They can cleanse Distraction and other negative effects! So we need to work around this to succeed. But first, let’s get to know our opponents better.


The Meat-Eating Bull is one of the dinosaurs that got improved in the 1.7 Update. The Greater Rending Counterattack is a dangerous tool, as 33% of your Health is quite a lot. If Carno survives three turns, you won’t. You can reduce the damage Carno will do, but it has access to Cleansing Impact, which cleanses all negative effects and deals a good amount of damage! It also has a Shield to reduce the damage taken, so that it can counterattack more times. This with its 4740 Health pool makes it a dangerous opponent to face!


This crocodile can dish out some major damage in two turns. Ferocious Impact and Lockdown Impact give it two very powerful Impacts. The Ferocious Impact alone will do over 3k damage! What’s worse, is that it’ll most likely use this move first and then Lockdown Impact, giving it a total of nearly 6300 damage in two turns! You’ll need to use either Shields or Invincibility to really survive this assault. The fact that Purussaurus isn’t the slowest either really isn’t useful. Its 112 Speed makes it outspeed all high damage chompers, while it’s high Health and 10% Armor make it quite bulky. Bleeding might be a good tactic to deal with this one, as it doesn’t have access to cleansing.


The star of the show, this Epic Hybrid has the high damage output of the Purussaurus and the Rending Counter of the Carnotaurus. It’s Precise Rampage allow it do deal an easy 2674 damage that you cannot dodge, while its Long Protection reduces the damage it takes. Couple that with its good Health stat and it can be a problem. It also has easy access to cleansing in its basic Cleansing Strike. This one can surely be a problem if you don’t work around the counterattack in some way!


As you can see, we’ve got quite a team opposing us. High damage is the modus operandi of this Strike, even if the Attack stats aren’t as high. Two of these dinosaurs also have easy access to Cleansing, so that might prevent a DoT approach to this Strike Event. Purussaurus can be bled, and that might actually be a good approach due to the high damage it has. Carnotaurus and Purutaurus need a different approach. Let’s find out what to do here.

You might actually need a couple of legendaries in this fight, just because the damage of these dinosaurs is really high. Therefore, I will be listing Legendaries as counters here if needed.

Against Carnotaurus

From other Strike Events we know the move order that it’ll do: Short Defense-Cleansing Impact-Vulnerability Strike. The fact that it doesn’t use Cleansing Impact first can be a bit troublesome, because that way you can’t bleed it the second turn. However, Carnotaurus’ Attack Stat is quite low, so you could take a powerful chomper like Tyrannosaurus Rex to face this creature. Having dealt a good number of hits on it before your chomper dies to Carnotaurus might help you set up another dinosaur to face against the other two dinosaurs!

Against Purussaurus

Purussaurus is the most threatening of the bunch damage-wise. But it can be easily beaten by a Spinotasuchus with over 3119 HP. Lethal Wound+Swoop should make Purussaurus drop in two turns. The perfect way to do this is to make your Spinotasuchus Swoop into an Alanqa/Alankylosaurus because of the Swap-In Invincibility. This way you will get out of the second Impact unscathed and Purussaurus should die. If not, you can finish off the weakened crocodile with your pterosaur, as they are both faster and can deal enough damage. If you haven’t gotten access to a Spinotasuchus yet, you might want to use a DoT strategy here and just let your bleeder die. Suchotator should be able to do this while also taking the Ferocious Impact due to Instant Distraction.

Against Purutaurus

Purutaurus is an interesting opponent to face, because we don’t know what the move order is going to be. If he goes Precise Rampage-Long Protection-Precise Rampage you might be able to take your own Purutaurus to fight this one. Instant Distract the Rampages and use a damaging move when he puts up a Long Protection. That way you should win this matchup. If he goes Long Protection-Precise Rampage-Cleansing Strike, you might want to consider a bleeding option with either Suchotator or Dimodactylus. But you need to beware of the Cleansing Strike he’ll use on T3. Otherwise, maybe just chomping him to death is a solid thing to do. Tyrannosaurus Rex and company can deal good amounts of damage this way.


If you beat this Strike Event you’ll be rewarded with a Purutaurus Themed Epic Incubator. In it you’ll find loads of coins, 200 guaranteed Purutaurus DNA and the regular Epic Incubator DNA.

Parting Words

This might be one of the most difficult Themed Strikes we’ve had so far, just because the damage output is so incredibly high. However, if you beat this you will get an Epic Incubator with some free Purutaurus DNA, so you could unlock this monster if you are able to beat it! Were you successful? Let us know! As usual, follow MetaHub on our social media and join our Discord and discuss JWA with us! We got over 6000 members on it, so there are a lot of people who you can talk with about the game! We hope to see you on there!

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