Explorers! Welcome to this Strike Guide! This time, a team of three four-legged creatures face us! With high levels and high damage, these three seriously pack a punch! Let’s see how we can beat them!

Enemy Overview

Nundasuchus (30), Marsupial Lion (30), Smilodon (30)

We’ve got an awesome infographic for you thanks to our artist Orange Heart!

As you can see in the infographic, we’re up against some really powerful dinosaurs. All are able to dish out some major damage quickly due to either their moveset or high damage. Two of them also have an Evasive/Crit boosting/Cleansing move in Prowl, but most of the time the AI doesn’t use non-damage moves. So you can expect all of these to go for their highest damage move accessible. This way it becomes a bit easier to predict what they’ll go for. So let’s go over their pros and cons before going over a strategy.


The Sabre-Tooth Tiger is a fast, heavy hitter. Precise Pounce and Evasive Strike also give it some extra longevity to sort of mitigate the lower Health Stat a bit. However, Smilodons only cleansing move is a non-damage move, and the AI tend to not go for non-damage moves most of the time. So it is vulnerable to being slowed. However, it can be quite annoying to deal with thanks to the Evasive effects of Evasive Strike and Prowl. So best to bring a nullifier to this fight!

Marsupial Lion

This Cenozoic Lion specializes in Rending Attacks. All of its attacking moves are Rending Attacks, which is both good and bad for it. The good thing is that it always does a set percentage of damage. The bad thing is that it cannot take you out in one turn, giving you the opportunity to set up on it, for example slowing it down. The Rending Attacks also mean that M.L. is really vulnerable to Distraction, as they half the damage done! It can cleanse the Distraction with Prowl, but like I said before, the AI tends to not use non-damage moves. Keep in mind of M.L.’s monstrous 40% Crit Chance though, it will make the Rending Attacks hurt even more!


Nundasuchus is the common of this Strike and it’s way of handling things is similar to Smilodon: hitting you fast and hard. With its Ferocious Strike it boosts its Attack to high levels. And with its 128 Speed it can outspeed a lot of things. But, just like Smilodon, it has a low HP Stat and is prone to being Slowed. This one is probably the easiest to deal with, but you still shouldn’t underestimate it!


Now that we know our opponents better, let’s quickly go over their main weaknesses:

  • Smilodon: Prone to being Slowed, low Health
  • Marsupial Lion: Really hurt by Distraction, cannot reliably twoshot dinosaurs
  • Nundasuchus: Prone to being Slowed, low Health

As you can see, there really are two weaknesses categories here. Now, let’s go over some counters for these creatures.

Against Smilodon:

  • Brachiosaurus/Giraffatitan – These two can put up a Priority Shield with Bellow to soften up the Precise Pounce and then start using Superiority Strike and Rampage to hit Smilodon really hard.
  • Kentrosaurus/Wuerhosaurus – These dinos has the bonus of being able to Instant Distract the Precise Pounce. And they both have Thagomizer and Superiority Strike to really win the speed war with Smilodon!

Against Marsupial Lion

  • Double DistractersPyroraptor and Monolophosaurus both have two Distraction-based moves, and are excellent choices against Marsupial Lion. The two Distractions make Marsupial Lion really struggle to do damage, and this way you can defeat this Lion quickly without taking too much damage.
  • Suchotator – Another dino to use is Suchotator. With its Lethal Wound and Instant Distraction it can easily stall out the turns needed for the DoT to finish M.L. off.

Against Nundasuchus

  • Stegoceratops – Stegoceratops can slow and stunlock Nundasuchus to death quite easily. First slow it and then stun it with its two stunning moves to maximize the damage. The stunning also removes the turns the Ferocity effect is on Nundasuchus, limiting the damage when the stunning moves have been used.
  • Any solid tank with Armor/Shield and Slowing – Because Nundasuchus’ attacks don’t pierce Armor, they won’t work as well against Armored creatures. Amargocephalus and Nodopatosaurus are excellent choices due to their high Armor and Health stats.


If you beat this Strike Event, you’ll earn a Smilodon Themed Epic Incubator! In it you’ll find 200 Smilodon DNA and the regular Epic Incubator rewards that vary depending on your player level.

Parting Words

This Epic Strike isn’t as difficult as it might seem, but underestimating the damage output can cost you. Don’t be fooled by these creatures: They pack a punch! Were you successful? Let us know! As usual, follow MetaHub on our social media and join our Discord and discuss JWA with us! We got over 6000 members on it, so there are a lot of people who you can talk with about the game! We hope to see you on there!

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