Ingress Prime release date pushed back to November 2018

Ingress Prime
Ingress Prime

Niantic’s official Ingress account has shared an important update in regards to Ingress Prime’s release date: it’s being pushed back to November 2018. According to the official tweet (embedded below), the extra time will be used to address feedback from the Beta test that’s currently in progress.

Ingress Prime was previously slated for an October release, coinciding with the Ingress Anime launch, which is coming to Netflix later this month, on October 18 2018.

Ingress Prime is more than just a visual make over for the game – it’s a complete overhaul of the game’s architecture, which includes networking, graphical engine and core underlying systems like GPS handling and messaging. Niantic has previously shared that their original plan for Prime’s release is to ensure that the new platform has feature parity with the current version of Ingress, with improvements across the board.

However, early beta feedback leaks indicate that there is more to the story: Ingress Prime feels like a complete revamp of the game, rather than just a technical update. Our industry contacts confirmed this, hinting that a major marketing push is expected with the release, aimed at reinvigorating and recapturing the momentum behind Niantic’s early bread-and-butter game.

Ingress versus Ingress Prime, early beta screenshot, image credits to Fev Games
Ingress versus Ingress Prime, early beta screenshot, image credits to Fev Games

Ingress, and by extension Ingress Prime, was until recently the only source of in-game POI information and map updates, with Ingress players curating the submitted candidates through OPR – a complex process of reviewing, approving or rejecting POI candidates or existing POI updates.

It remains to be seen how far Niantic will push back the release date, but for now November does looks promising.

A summary of what we know about Ingress Prime:

  • It’s built in Unity 3D, similar to Pokemon GO and the upcoming Wizards Unite title
  • It runs on Niantic’s Real World Platform, a complex mapping and AR solution that powers all Niantic titles
  • Initial release will only include features that are currently available in Ingress
  • A new anime series is in the works and scheduled for release on October 18 2018.

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