Ingress Prime, the infamous vaporware update for Niantic’s oldest AR game, is coming. With iOS beta underway, Ingress Prime videos and screenshots are slowly appearing online, showing how the future of Ingress looks like. Admittedly, I’m not a good Ingress player – level 8 is still eluding me, despite my best efforts to balance work, life, JWA and Pokemon GO.

However, Ingress Prime makes me excited for Ingress again, with its bursting animations, futuristic UI and dark theme which will probably be a problem in direct sunlight. Alas, share the video already:

The UI is fluid, playful even, and clearly built on top of something much powerful than Ingress 1.0. Unity 3D is the name of the game, and despite early skepticism the UI looks better than expected. Again, readability is concerning, especially in direct sunlight, but it could need just some getting used to.

We scrapped a few Ingress Prime screenshots that how the loading screen, glyph hacking, portal interaction and linking.

Ingress Prime was delayed recently, pushing the new release date to November 2018. Whether or not Niantic will manage to deliver in time remains to be seen. The Prime UI seems to be in a constant state of flux, with earlier screenshots looking significantly different. The screenshots posted here are from version Ingress 2.10.0, and are likely to change before the game officially releases – especially in the contrast department.