Recursion is a new, level 16 exclusive, feature introduced in Ingress Prime. Recursion enables max level Ingress players to start again, returning them to Level 1 but without loosing medals, inventory items, mission progress etc. Recursion takes four hours before you can confirm your decision – it doesn’t happen immediately.

Recursion effects in Ingress Prime

Recursion badge (Simulacrum medal)
Recursion badge (Simulacrum medal)

Players that decide to use the recursion feature will experience the following:

  • Your will be returned to Level 1 with 0 AP
  • You will be allowed to change your faction
  • A “Simulacrum” medal will be awarded
    • Limited only for players that underwent Recursion
    • Visible to everyone who uses the Ingress Prime scanner
    • Unlocks a new icon next to your agent name
  • If you chose to recurse, you will not lose your:
    • Codename
    • Achievements
    • Inventory items
    • Portal Keys
    • Earned medals
    • Mission progress
    • Resonator recharge distance
  • Other notes and tidbits about Recursion
    • OPR access is not lost
    • Portal submissions are not lost
    • Mission authoring access is not lost
    • Lifetime AP remains visible
    • Onyx Year 6 medal eligibility

In a nutshell, Recursion will not delete or destroy anything you’ve worked for and earned in Ingress – it simply returns you to Level 1, grants you a cosmetic reward and allows you to change your faction.

Recursion allows for faction change

If you decide to do a Recursion, you are eligible to do a faction change. Once your Recursion process ends, you will be prompted with an option to pick a faction. Recursion doesn’t unlock a third faction, nor does it force you to pick a different faction than the one you had before.

Recursion vs faction change

Recursion is only available for Level 16 Agents and you retain pretty much everything you had before the process. Faction change is destructive and you will be stripped of almost everything you earned and achieved in Ingress Prime so far. You can only do a faction change once, while you can Recurse multiple times.