Agents, the new Ingress Prime scanner brought a completely redesigned interface for portal, map and inventory interactions. A reddit user named lefthandedchurro brought attention to a new set of hidden swipe shortcuts that are sprinkled all across the Ingress Prime UI.

The following graphic by Orange Heart illustrates how the swipe shortcuts work:

Ingress Prime swipe shortcuts
Ingress Prime swipe shortcuts

Lefthandedchurro’s original graphic is also quite revealing:

If you weren’t aware of these shortcuts before, here’s how it works:

  • Main button shortcuts
    • Swipe up to launch Attack mode (access to Bursters, Ultra Strikes, Viruses)
    • Swipe left to access your Inventory
    • Swipe right to access the Comm
  • Portal screen
    • Deploy button
      • Swipe “center-up” to access resonators that can be deployed
      • Swipe “right-up” to access mods that can be deployed
    • Hack button
      • Swipe “left-up” to initiate Glyph hacking
      • Swipe “center-up” to hack with key
      • Swipe “right-up” to hack without key
    • Charge Button
      • Swipe “center-up” to perform fast charge all resonators