A new set of in-app store bundles have appeared in Ingress Prime, honoring Niantic’s recent announcement that they will stop selling high level items via the store bundles. Today’s update features six distinct bundles that are aimed at different Ingress Prime play styles.

Offensive bundles

Attack Bundle (common) Attack Bundle (rare)
L6 XMP Burster 50 L6 XMP Burster 100
L6 Power Cube 5 L6 Power Cube 15
L6 Ultra Strike 5 L6 Ultra Strike 15
Price 2700 CMU Price 5700 CMU

Defensive bundles

Defensive Bundle (common) Defensive Bundle (rare)
Common shield 24 Force Amp 8
Rare Portal shield 24
Turret 8
Price 2400 CMU Price 7500 CMU

Special bundles

Builder bundle Meetup bundle (rare)
L1 Resonator 20 Rare heat sink 10
L2 Resonator 20 Rare Multi-hack 10
L3 Resonator 15 Portal Fracker 10
L4 Resonator 15
L5 Resonator
L6 Resonator
Price 5400 CMU Price 24000 CMU

Frankly speaking, these deals are not really the greatest, are they now? The majority of these items can be easily farmed from L7 and L8 portals in a matter of a few hours, which is not that uncommon in places where Ingress players hang out.

We’re happy to see that Nianitc is standing by their words (Google+ source):

“Your input regarding the new in-app store item bundles has been valuable. As a result of your suggestions, we are going to make some changes to what is currently offered within the in-app store starting on Wednesday and add new item bundles as well. As Ingress continues to evolve with the release of Ingress Prime, we want to ensure its long-term success so we can celebrate future adventures together.

Based on your feedback, we will no longer be selling items like Aegis Shields or Very Rare Portal Shields in the current item bundles. In addition, the current item bundles will no longer contain Level 7 and 8 items. As before, limited Anomaly kits or special events may vary from this.”