Ingress Prime video leak – a shaky, but glorious, minute of Ingress Prime’s gameplay


Despite the secrecy, despite all precautions Niantic put in place, this was bound to happen. A whole minute of Ingress Prime footage has leaked, showing the newly redesigned overworld map, portals and the new links design that looks, to put it frankly, bloody awesome.

You can view the leaked video above and here’s a few commentary from our end:

  • Portal UI and visuals have changed a lot, with the portal now appearing almost on fire. Resonators are clearly visible around the portal animation and it seems that a lot of actions now require less clicks.
    • Mods are visible in the top right corner, right underneath the portal image
  • Hacking rewards (item drops) are now animated on top of the Portal screen rather than on top of the over-world map and they looks a lot more detailed
  • Links are now always visible, regardless of your zoom level and orientation and they are drawn on the ground level as straight lines. Field flow over the portals, allowing for unobstructed view of portal’s links
  • You can zoom and pan around the map easily with one or two fingers, similar to how you interact with the map in Pokemon GO

Credits for this leak go to the @IUENG Telegram group.

In other news, Collin Williams, a long time Ingress player, AR instructor and Youtube personality, has managed to corner Andrew Krug on the recent Camp Navarro event and get some Q&A going on about Ingress Prime.

You can check the whole video below: