Explorers! This it not a drill! As we predicted, the Special Event continues for a third (and possibly final) week! From an in-game notification, we were able to learn that Ludia extended the event for a third week!

Before we move on, did you just begin playing Jurassic World Alive and are left confused as to what the event actually is? Make sure that you read our coverage of the event announcement to know exactly what this Special Event entails!

Now that Ludia has found a permanent fix for the spawn issue for the second week, they have decided to bring in a third week of Featured Dinosaurs, and trust me, they are even more super duper exciting than last weeks’ Dinos!

New Dinosaurs: Baryonyx, Blue, and Indoraptor!

As you can see from the image above, three Dinosaurs are shown that were not yet available to players!

  • Baryonyx (First one from the left on the second row);
  • Indoraptor (Middle one from in the second row);
  • Blue (First one from the right on the second row).

Ludia is hitting the movie release in North America very strongly with the release of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom! The introduction of the franchise’s new fan favourite: Blue, and the Indoraptor shows how Ludia is serious about Jurassic World Alive! These new Dinos will soon be added to our Dinodex!


Monday: Einiosaurus (Common, very meh)
Tuesday: Purrusaurus (Rare, only available in Arena Incubator, so get out for this one)
Wednesday: Stygimoloch (Epic, this one is a must!)
Thursday: Utahraptor (Rare, this one is a must!)
Friday: Baryonyx (Epic, this one is a must, although it’s not the best in the Arena)
Saturday: Indoraptor (Unique, speechless, I shouldn’t have to tell you about this one)
Sunday: Blue (Epic, speechless, I shouldn’t have to tell you about this one)

How the event works

The Special Event is work as follows:

  • You have 24 hours to collect DNA from the Featured Dino;
  • Daily cycle are from 10:00 a.m. EDT to the following day at 10:00 a.m. EDT.;
  • During the 24 hours, each Featured Dino will be accompanied by a regular spawn to make up for the fact that once all attempts are completed, one cannot collect DNA for the Featured Dino;
  • You have 12 attempts for Commons, and 3 for Rares/Epics Featured Dinos;
  • Special Supply Drops and regular Supply Drops now have a shared coin and hard-cash cap.

Which Dinos to look for during Week 3 of the event?

Purrusaurus is simply interesting because of it being normally exclusively available in Incubators from the Arena. Otherwise, it doesn’t really have much battling potential.

Stygimoloch is a very strong Dino to have in the Arena. It is very fast (129 speed) and has interesting stunning moves with a very useful Hit and Run. We strongly recommend gathering as much DNA as possible for this one!

UtahraptorUtahraptor is one of the players’ favourite raptors! With Pounce and Critical Impact, it is a monster in the Arena! Furthermore, it is required to get two Hybrids: Spinotahraptor and Utasinoraptor, and trust me Utasino is very powerful!

Baryonyx is a decent Dino to use in the Arena, but the reason why we strongly recommended gathering as much DNA as possible for it is because it’s a new Dinosaur in the game and that is very exciting!

Indoraptor is a completely new addition to the game! Never seen before! It is the first time that a Unique will be available in the wild, so make your single dart count! Yes, you heard correctly, you will have one single attempt at her! It is one of the strongest Dino in the game!

Blue is the fan favourite! It’s a completely new addition to the game! Never seen before! It’s a no brainer that one should make every dart count for this one as we suspect it will be required to create Indoraptor DNA. Blue’s dex entry will be updated soon!

New Incubators in the store!

Week 2 Incubators are now gone, and we have a new Incubator in the store to replace them. The Epic Incubator in the store for week two has the following rewards (amount depends on a player’s level).

Stun creatures are the stars of the show this time around. Sinoceratops and Stygimoloch are very tempting, and at 700 cash, we’d be tempted to say that 1 or 2 Incubators won’t hurt anyone.

Parting Words

We are very excited to know that we have a third (and possibly final) week of Featured Dinosaurs to look for, especially given that Blue and Indoraptor are part of those!

What do you guys think of this roster? If you have any questions or wish to join the discussion, let us know in the comments or join the MetaHub’s Discord server!