Explorers! This Strike Event is a tough one featuring the incredibly strong Apex Dino: A Level 30 Indoraptor! 

Disclaimer: This is probably the most difficult Strike Event. Some players are reporting being unable to complete it.

This Strike Event is an Epic One, which means that it is a very difficult 1 step event. While it may be somewhat easy for a handful of players, it will reveal a lot more difficult or even impossible to new players or rookies. Therefore, here comes our complete walk-through!


IMPORTANT NOTE: This Strike Event only lasts for one day! Complete it as soon as possible! This is definitely not an easy strike by any means, as we are all likely facing the strongest Dino that any of us have seen in an arena (Did we mention it was a level 30 Indoraptor!)

Enemy List
Indoraptor (30)

This Epic Strike Event may seem impossible, but you can do it! Considering that you are facing a very strong and very fast dinosaur, your best bet is to counter it with fast, strong Dinosaurs! We recommend using fast, hard-hitting dinos like Tanycolagreus and Velociraptor. Dinos that can nullify and can hit hard with 2x damage are definitely a good bet. Indoraptor is not immune (thank goodness!) but be careful, we all know this dino can cleanse, can shatter defenses and can evade! Its safe to say that there is no perfect dino for this Epic Strike Event!

The reward for this Epic Strike is an Epic Incubator! As always your coin and DNA rewards will vary by level and the DNA you will receive can be from any Dinosaurs except Battle Arena Exclusives!

Parting Words

Were you successful? We hope you were and that this guide somewhat helped you through this Standard Strike Event!

If you have any questions or wish to join the discussion, let us know in the comments or join MetaHub’s Discord server!







    • I mean… you do realize a level 15 tany, level 15 velo, and level 15 deino would legit beat indo right? All three strike first. Tany opens with nullify impact (indo is set to cloak first). Velo does pounce. Deino does rampage. Total damage output 4768 for Indo’s total health of 4559… but sure… crazy. Those are about the most accessible commons out there. And if your team is much better than this, hopefully you don’t need a guide.

        • Decimated little Tany? Which dino at level 15 would have survived a CI exactly that’s common and easily available? We’re talking about 2600 damage on that cleansing impact. Literally nothing but Legendary dinos that couldn’t exist at level 15 and Epics would survive that first hit… and if they were slower? They didn’t even get to do damage before dying.

          Funny… alternatively the Tany would have STILL done damage opening with nullifying impact and you STILL would’ve had a chance at winning that wouldn’t be the case without faster dinos that hit hard. Again, theory holds. DPS output is essential in a strike event like this. But you probably didn’t need any guide because you’re so brilliant. Add any other nullifying dino to the mix (like… say Suchotator) and you’d have still won.

          You’re not offering up simple alternatives. Your take is idiotic and worthless. Literally tons of arena teams in the top 500 have “overleveled Tany” but maybe they’re just dumb and you’re just too smart. Go do some research before you come here slinging a bunch of garbage takes.

    • .. So genius what would you do? It did work for me. Maybe you should get out and hit drops and chests when they are out if you need the coins. Honestly she did say it is the hardest strike event. Also DUH! Its a 30 Indoraptor lvl 16 anything is going to be useless.

    • Man, your sarcasm there is strong! I’m so glad you’re being helpful and contributing to the community by offering alternative advice and solutions, especially for players who may not have end game superhybrids, live in areas where finding other options may not be as prevalent, or just newer to the game!

  1. Using a level 14 tano, 14 blue, and 16 stegoceratops, I was easily stressed out by the situation, but glad I won. Spend like 30 mins studying the Indoraptor counter guide, looking for ways to get that incubator. Still, I have 10 more dna to unlocking Indominus Rex

  2. Opened with Level 16 Velociraptor, then 15 Deinochierus, then 15 Pyroraptor. Pounce is invaluable in bringing down her insane damage, and just pray she doesn’t RNG all 3 evade turns. I had to do this event twice- first time I lost because I tried to use a level 18 Stegoceratops in the middle- Indo wiped it out with Rampage like it was nothing. Use all Dino’s above 128 speed, with combined single shot damage that exceeds Indo’s 4550+ health. Pounce FTW.

  3. Just so everyone is aware, in my opinion Tany was specifically retooled to beat Indoraptor. So for those of you who think Tany is a waste of time, at same level, it wins 80% of the time with Armor Piercing Strike – Nullifying Impact – Armor Piercing Strike. The only time this doesn’t work is if indoraptor critically hits a tany at the same level as it.

    The only two consistent and workable counters to Indoraptor at the moment (who can beat it 1 versus 1) are Tany and Monostegotops. So if you’ve got a tany, spend the coin. It works great as a mop-up dino when someone is swapping a lot in upper tier arena and you just need to be faster to take down their whole team. It works great as something that will get rid of Indominus Rex cloaks or Erlidominous cloaks and take a fall but set you up to actually beat them. It’s a great and underused common dino. Overlevel the heck out of it at will.

  4. Took me 2 tries (& 200 hard cash) to make it!

    First time: Indominus (level 16), Stegodeus (level 17), Stegoceratops (level 14) & T-rex (level 16). Got wiped out in no time.

    Shortly after my first attempt, this guide came out so I leveled my Stegodeus, just as an insurance. Then tried again this time with Velociraptor (level 17), Tanycolagreus (level 14), Indominus (level 16) & Stegodeus (level 18).

    Velociraptor made the hard work and luckily and Pounce was a critical hit depleting around half of the Indoraptor health. Then, the sucker used evasive stance so I took my chance with strike and hit it. My Velociraptor was out by the next move so I use the Tany. Nullyfing impact first then to finish it up armor piercing strike and voilà!!!

    Hope you guys can make it too! Hardest strike event so far in the game and first one for me that I had to repeat!

  5. I used my L15 velo, L13 Pyro, L17 steg and L14 Diplotator. I started with my velo and after first hit changed to stego, then when stego was dead I took back my velo and after that my Pyro finnished off the indoraptor.

  6. I opened with Nodopatosaurus, went into Stegoceratops after it went down, and then finished off the Indoraptor with Pyroraptor. Pyro’s Pounce was invaluable in finishing him off, because without the attack decrease, I wouldn’t have gotten the extra turn I needed to finish off Indoraptor. In my opinion, Pyroraptor is one of the best Dinos to use in the strike events.