Explorers! This Strike Event is a Rare One, which means that it is a rather difficult 7 step event. While it may be easy for some players, it might reveal more difficult to new players or rookies. Therefore, here comes our complete walk-through!

Enemy List

  1. Erlikosaurus (11) + Pyroraptor (12) + Monolophosaurus (13)
  2. Erlikosaurus Gen 2 (11) + Blue (12) + Koolasuchus (13)
  3. Erlikosaurus (12) + Pyroraptor (13) + Monolophosaurus (14)
  4. Erlikosaurus Gen 2 (13) + Blue (14) + Koolasuchus (15)
  5. Erlikosaurus (13) + Pyroraptor (14) + Monolophosaurus (15)
  6. Erlikosaurus Gen 2 (14) + Blue (15) + Koolasuchus (16)
  7. Erlikosaurus (14) + Pyroraptor (15) + Monolophosaurus (16)


This Rare Strike Event should be quite difficult for most players. Considering that the creatures you will be facing are quite fast AND can decrease your damage output, your best bet to counter them is on faster Dinosaurs (Velociraptor or Tanycolagreus) OR Dinosaurs with cleansing moves OR immune Dinosaurs! This way, you can make sure to take them down before they can decrease your damage; cleanse the debuff that you have been inflicted and be ready on turn 2; make sure that they cannot decrease your damage output!

Dinos with moves like Thagomizer, Decelerating Impact, Bellow, Slowing Impact and Superiority Strike should be your ideal counters. Among those moves, Superiority Strike is the best of them all since you will be able to cleanse the debuff from your opponent!

So remember, get one of the Stegosaurs, especially Tuojiangosaurus and Wuerhosaurus, which both have Superiority Strike to Cleanse the Damage Debuff while Slowing, and use Superiority Strike! If you are lucky enough to have a Stegodeus, it should be your first choice!

Otherwise, the following immune Dinosaurs should help get through it without too much hassle:


Step 1

200 Coins

Step 2

300 Coins

Step 3

Step 4

500 Coins

Step 5

Step 6

1000 Coins

Step 7

Potential DNA in Incubators

Common Dinosaurs

Rare Dinosaurs

Epic Dinosaurs (if very lucky)

Parting Words

Were you successful? How do you feel about such low difficulty Strike Events?

If you have any questions or wish to join the discussion, let us know in the comments or join MetaHub’s Discord server!


  1. Heya Metahub Crew! I was hoping you might be able to give Ludia a bug note- if you use a stunning move or Tragodistis’ invincibility shield on any of the blue battle’s third enemies (either pyroraptor or blue)- the raptor AI does not choose a move, instead it does the scroll animation stating ‘thinking’ for 240 secs, and runs the timer down to 0- at which point the game will either default the raptor with its lowest move, or announce you have been defeated. I had this happen on every battle with a third-enemy raptor, until I gave up and just worked *with* the bug (spamming superiority strike until the raptor died)- this will not be as doable for lower level players however.
    I am loving the update! I hope this ^^^ is just a very simple AI script bug 🙂