Explorers! This Strike Event is a tough one featuring the incredibly strong Dino: A Level 30 Tyrannosaurus Rex! 

Disclaimer: While not as difficult as the Indoraptor Strike Event, this is probably  one of the most difficult Strike Events ever seen. Some players are reporting being unable to complete it.

This Strike Event is an Epic One, which means that it is a very difficult 1 step event. While it may be somewhat easy for a handful of players, it will reveal a lot more difficult or even impossible to new players or rookies. Therefore, here comes our complete walk-through!

Enemy Overview

Tyrannosaurus Rex (30)

Critical Hit Chance: 30%

  • Defense Shattering Strike: Destroy shields, bypass armor, and deal 1x damage.
  • Defense Shattering Impact: Destroy shields, bypass armor, and deal 1.5x damage. (Cooldown 1 turn)
  • Defense Shattering Rampage: Destroy shields, bypass armor, and deal 2x damage. (Cooldown 1 turn)
Dinosaur/Move Health (At Lvl 30) Damage (At Lvl 30)
Tyrannosaurus Rex 5,287 2,188
Defense Shattering Strike 2,188
Defense Shattering Impact 3,282
Defense Shattering Rampage 4,376

You are facing a very powerful creature! Luckily for us, Damage Over Time Dinosaurs have gained a lot in usefulness and popularity, so many of you already have some options to take it down very easily.

If you’re lucky enough to have Spinotasuchus, open with it, use Lethal Wound, followed by anything that will be able to sustain three turns (which shouldn’t be too difficult to find).

Otherwise, you can use any other Dinosaur that will have Lethal Wound. Among the Epics, your choice should be Spinosaurus Gen 2. Simply follow up with anything that will be able to sustain three turns (which shouldn’t be too difficult to find).

Do not have these two? Worry not, as Suchotator, a very easily obtainable Rare Dinosaur has Lethal Wound as well. Simply follow up with anything that will be able to sustain three turns (which shouldn’t be too difficult to find).

Do not have any of these three Dinosaurs? Then bring any Dinosaurs with Damage Over Time moves. Allow two of them to die (after using your bleeding move), and follow up with anything that will be able to sustain three turns (which shouldn’t be too difficult to find).

If you do not have any bleeders, then your only option is to rely on fast creatures with a damage debuff. However, know that most Raptors, even if they inflict a debuff on T-Rex, will die regardless of the debuff if T-Rex uses Defense shattering Rampage (considering that most Raptors are around level 20). Therefore, your best bet truly is with bleeders!

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to complete this Strike with a single Dinosaur. You will likely have to see 1 or maybe even 2 of your Dinosaurs faint before your third one can make the final blow.

Another option, although it’s pretty much a gamble, is to go with Indominus Rex (or Indoraptor/Erlidominus, few players have those). Start with the Cloak, and hope that T-Rex doesn’t hit through it on the first turn, then go full on Rampage with a 2x buff from the Cloak!

The reward for this Epic Strike is an Epic Incubator! As always your coin and DNA rewards will vary by level and the DNA you will receive can be from any Dinosaurs except Battle Arena Exclusives!

Parting Words

Were you successful? We hope you were and that this guide somewhat helped you through this Epic and insanely difficult Strike Event!

If you have any questions or wish to join the discussion, let us know in the comments or join MetaHub’s Discord server!

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  1. I guess it will be hard but it wasn’t. I started using Monolophosaurus level 13 and it’s Distracting rampage, next Distracting strike and finally Nullyfing strike. Next I used Blue level 14, started with Pounce then Strike. Finally I used 15lvl Velociraptor and it finished it with Pounce.

  2. Tell me, does/would my plan work?

    open with 13 spinotah, distracting rampage first, then go fro the DoT, and when he dies, send 17 indom, cloak, pray for doge, then go for rampage, then if he dies, 15/16 veloci (just need about 200 coin to level up), to finish off?

    please respond if there is a floor in my plan. thanks.

  3. I went lvl15 Spinoraptor off the bat, hit him with the 2rounds of 50% reuduction. lived with 8hp and hit him with the bleed, spino fainted, then brought in my lvl19 Suchatator and hit him with the bleed, I ate a crit, and fainted. I then brought in my lvl18 Utahraptor and Pounced him for the win.

  4. Funnily enough, it one-shot my lvl 18 Stegods (because I was so “smart” to start with a tank against a lvl 30 tank buster lol). And then my lvl 20 Utahraptor killed it with a pounce (the Rex didn’t crit) and critical impact.

    Got a bunch of Ourano and T-Rex DNA both of which I need.