Explorers! With update 1.4. in Jurassic World Alive came a solution for those losing streaks that could go on and on and on and on and on… Ludia came up with the Daily Battle Incubator, which is a great FREE addition to the game!

What is the Daily Batte Incubator (DBI)

Basically, DBI is a Battle Incubator (therefore it follows the Battle Exclusive Dinosaurs rewards like any other Battle Incubator), but you do not have to incubate it to open it. The only way to open the DBI is to obtain 10 Victory Points.

Victory Points are obtained by defeating Dinosaurs in the Arena. Defeating one Dinosaur = 1 Victory point. 10 Victory Points can be exchanged for one DBI. Once completed, you can open the DBI from the Arena section in the game.

You are allowed to one DBI per day. If you do not defeat the required amount of Dinosaurs in a day, your Victory Point will simply forward to the following day, or the next, or the next… Victory Points do not expire.

However, Victory Points have a cap. Once you have obtained your DBI, you cannot gather additional Victory Points. In short, you cannot stack more than 10 Victory Points.

The DBI is a completely new Incubator, i.e. it is not the same as a 15 minutes, 3h, 8h, 12h, or 24h Incubator, but from our observations, it is something close to the 3h Incubator.

Is it really useful?

Is a free lollipop at the doctor’s office worth it? Is a free coffee worth it? Or even better, is free DNA in Jurassic World Alive worth it? Yes! It always is! The intent behind the DBI is to alleviate the struggle of going on a frustrating losing streak dropping you from 200 Trophies on the Leaderboard. While it doesn’t compare to a 3h, 8h, 12h or 24h Incubator,  at least you get to open an Incubator and get FREE DNA, COINS, AND DARTS!

Check out what it looks like in the game right here!