Explorers, after a week of intensive calculations and testings, we’ve finally come up with the long-awaited updated tier list for Version 1.4! This list is effective as of September 24th, 2018.

Big thanks to the team; Pocemon, MnBrian, Reebecca, Triceratops, LoganSBT, JHVS, ZhengTann and special shout out to Arena Powerhouse, Legomin1314, for the help creating this list. HUGE thanks to our amazing artist, Orange Heart for these incredible graphics!

Editor’s note: BoonSlevin had no part in this project. The entire thing was carried over by the incredible team which I am thankful to be a part of everyday! Boon

APEX > Alpha > Survivor > Specialist > Hatchling > Carcass

So without further ado, the list:

Interpreting the Tiers

If you are familiar with tier lists, this should be pretty self-explanatory. However, I’d like to add in a precautionary note on taking this tier list as a straight-up prescription for team building. Make sure to build a balanced team and keep specific counters in mind. An all Apex-Alpha team probably won’t be bad but you may be passing up some good lower tier dinosaurs that would mesh well with your team. That being said, here is what we have in mind when putting a dinosaur in a specific tier…

Carcass – These dinosaurs are just bad. Their kits don’t work, their stats are sub-par and they are killed by most other dinosaurs. In short, they need a buff (or three).

Hatchling – Hatchlings are cute, cuddly, and not terribly threatening. These dinosaurs may not be the strongest but can be very useful early-game or when over-leveled.

Specialist – Though these dinosaurs are somewhat outclassed by others, they perform at least one role pretty well and can pull off surprise victories on occasion.

Survivor – These are solid dinosaurs that can carry your team early-game and still hold their own in higher arenas, though they become noticeably more situational.

Alpha – These dinosaurs are among the best in the game and are capable of easily defeating most of the dinosaurs in lower tiers. The only thing they really have to fear is…

Apex – These dinosaurs define the meta and can win against almost anything not in this tier. They either have a single, difficult to counter strategy or are able to tank hits and deal big damage.

Also keep in mind that Dinosaurs are placed into tiers based on their OWN merits. Availability of their DNA is not a factor, otherwise great dinosaurs, such as Blue, would have been quite low prior to the tournament awards going out. Another thing to keep in mind is opportunity costs while leveling certain dinosaurs that share hybrid ingredients with others. Head to head match-ups at equal levels are a large deciding factor, as well as other utility that they may bring to the arena.

Parting Words

All in all, we think this was a pretty small change in terms of balance. However, we are seeing a growth in the number of top tiers which means that Ludia is doing quite a good job at making more and more dinosaurs viable at the highest levels of play! We like to see some variety and personal expression in teams being used and we can definitely see it starting to shape out that way! Share your thoughts on our newest tier list and stay tuned for another article that will outline some of our thoughts behind the changes that were made!

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    • Blue is fast attacker with Pounce which decreases opponent’s attack. Of course it’s better than Alanqa’s Rampage. Alanqa’s Long Invincibility is very good but doesn’t do any damage and can be easily countered by something that has Defense shattering. The only thing that Alanqa has good than Blue is Superiority Strike.

      • Blue can also be countered by Defense Shattering, plus Blue has an incredibly disadvantageous matchup against Alanqa, or any thing with Superiority Strike. Alanqa’s Long Invincibility is much better considering if you dont have a shield breaker, you are screwed, whereas Short Defense is only a minor inconvenience. Alanqa is better overall.

        • There are significantly more defense shattering and nullifying dinos viable at higher levels (and lower for that matter) than there are dinos with superiority strike. Raptors took a definitive hit, but 1v1, blue beats a lot of stuff in the alpha tier and even a few in the apex tier, and alanqa just plain doesn’t.

        • Right, in the battle Alanqa vs Blue, Alanqa’d probably win, but does it make it better? No. Every dinosaur has it’s own weakness.
          Imagine battle against opponent with defense shattering, eg. T-rex. They have disadvantage in this battle. Both Blue and Alanqa will be defeated in two shoots. But who will do more damage? Of course it will be Blue.

          • They both die in 2 hits, Blue doesnt do anything better. There are other things wrong as well, like wtf, why is Monostegotops A Tier?

          • Monostegotops has 30% armor which is already great, added with a 20% crit chance and 117 speed. Has high health, decent attack, the ability to stun, nullify shields, and slow down opponents. Honestly, it’s better that 1.4 Stegoceratops at this point.

  1. Velociraptor is still better than any of the pack with the exception of blue and even there it depends.
    Just by the fact itself that it counters every other speed dino thanks to always going first (speed up strike situation excluded).

    I also doubt Stego being only a hatchling, given some dinos that made it to specialist (even if specialist are truly special category), Also it’s true that he got very obvious upgrades (Lolgodeus, nuff said)

    Otherwise I’m curious about explanation regarding the rest, but overall I would say good job.

  2. Ankylocodon should’ve been upgraded to survivor, despite his immune shield being “fixed.” He’s got nearly a complete package on paper (armor, shield, immunity, slowdown, higher crit) and he survives through Sorna Marshes quite well actually.

  3. can we possibly get some sort of article on how you determine the tier listings? it seems crazy to me that a week after (not that im upset at the speedy list!) the update, you have enough data on a Unique that needs a level 20 common that almost no one thought would have a hybrid, and therefore no one would have saved enough beforehand. Not to mention that in Pocemon’s videos he mentions how certain dinos beat others and has a spreadsheet of matchups, are these considered? if so, could we see that aswell? I ask all this because i’m 4000 plus trophies and find alot of the alpha/apex dinos on this list lackluster- biggest example being Ankyntro, i dont see how it is T1, it is a great staller and has high enough hp butt its attack is trash

  4. Good article. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of the game. In the photos of the dino’s above, some have a star ⭐️, a green up arrow, or red down arrow in the corner of the picture. What does that mean?

  5. Alankylosaurus’ swap in and long invincibility can be used to totally abuse Indominus Rex, especially if you can swap out when they initiate cloak and swap back right after to ignore the double damage attack, which I feel should knock indominus out of Apex due to its utter lack of counter play.