Explorers! This is not a drill! Outta nowhere Ludia just dropped the announcement for Season 2 of the Jurassic World Alive Tournament! This time they learned from their mistakes and made some improvements to better the tournament experience! 

Changes To the Tournament

So according to feedback from the last tournament, Ludia has made several adjustments to better this season.

First of all, the trophy reset only occurs to players over 4k trophies, so that means those under 4k won’t be paired with players at 5k or higher, which reduces the amount of chaos we saw during the beginning of the last tournament. The new reset system resets players over 4k to 4k trophies + half the amount of trophies they had over 4k, with a cap at 5k. So players over 6k will be reset to 5k, players with 5k will be reset to 4k+(5k-4k)/2=4.5k, like that, and people under 4k obviously will not be reset.

Also to clarify, you’ll have to restart the app once the tournament starts, or else your wins won’t count.

Start Date: October 1st at 10:00 a.m. EDT.

End Date: October 22nd at 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. EDT (To be confirmed)

Cheaters will not be on the leaderboard and they will not participate in any shape or form and legit players will not be matched with them at all, unlike last time. This will bring joice to many players who were unfairly matched against cheaters with teams insanely more powerful than theirs!

Finally and obviously, regular PvP rules apply.

Season 2 Rewards

This time the Guaranteed Epic DNA is Brachiosaurus, so I guess it’s safe to assume Brachiosaurus and Blue, who was last season’s reward might not get a hybrid anytime soon.

They’ve also added some reward tiers, so players with 4,250 trophies will at least get an epic incubator and 500 Brachiosaurus DNA, 4,500 players get an extra 25,000 coins and 180 hard cash and 4,750 players get an extra 500 hard cash.

The prizes still look quite juicy, so give it all you’ve got and good luck to all participants!

Trophy Reset

For Season 2, the trophy reset will be a little different than the first Tournament. Everyone above 4,000 trophies at the beginning of the 2nd Seasonal Tournament will be reset to 4,000 trophies + half of any trophies they had above 4,000 with a maximum possible starting number of 5,000. Players with a trophy count under 4,000 at the beginning of the tournament will not be affected.

For example: Player 1 (9,460), Player 2 (5,200), and Player 3 (4,500). Their Trophy count at the start of Season 2 will be as follows: Player 1 (5,000), Player 2 (4,600) and Player 3 (4,250)

Parting Words

It seems like Ludia took a lot of feedback from season one, as they should and tried their best to improve the beginning of the tournament. Cheaters are gone too, and we might expect another ban wave for this. They’ve also added more rewards tiers which will surely make this season more competitive too!

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