Explorers! The two new epic fliers soar into battle, do you have what it takes to bring them down to Earth? We hope this guide will help you complete the One-Step, EPIC Strike Event – Pterosaur Duo. Fair warning before we jump in, this one is going to be tough, and some of you might not be able to complete it! You only have 24 hours to beat this Strike Event!

Enemy List + Strategy

In this Strike Event, you will face a tag-team (perfect word choice) of level 30 Pteranodon and Alanqa.

We have so far been unimpressed with the fliers battle prowess but do not be deceived! They both may be on the slow side but sport excellent damage due to either counter attack, which is boosted if Pteranodon swaps in due to its ability Swap-In Ferocity, or Rampage from Alanqa, who sports Swap-In Invincibility and may block your big damage! Due to this we suggest using dinos that carry Defense Shattering or Null, and are able to deal large amounts of damage!

Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2
Dimetrodon Gen 2

So remember, after you get one of these flying reptiles to low health they will likely swap in order to take advantage of their powerful Swap-In Abilities! So do not be afraid to use your big damage on a finishing blow!


When you send these creatures crashing down you will be rewarded with an Epic Incubator! This is just a normal one without a theme so their is no limitations on what DNA you may get! The amount of coins and DNA within it will vary based on your level.

Parting Words

We wish you the best of luck and hope we were able to help you in completing this Epic Strike Event! This is a great reward and might be just what you need to power up your team to prepare for the upcoming Tournament Season 2!

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