Jumping into it, Utasinoraptor is a very strong dinosaur if used right. While it’s placement on the tier list was ‘Alpha’ this dino has the potential to be a very strong dino in the mid to upper tiers. (3500-4500) and potentially even further.


Understanding the role

Utasinoraptor is vulnerable to some other strong dinos, mainly those with superiority strike, are immune, or dinos that are faster. Some examples of these are Stegodeus, Monomimus, Indominus rex, and Pyrritator.

Utasino’s doesn’t have a specific role that it excels in more than any other dino. What Utasino does have though, is versatility. It is very survivable due to it having a damage reducing move and a stunning move. It often can struggle if your opponent pulls out a faster sweeper. Again, Monomimus, Pyrritator, or Diloranosaurus can give Utasino fits. Due to this, we recommend using faster sweepers at your range like Pyrritator and Monomimus. Utasino has some good uses as a starter dino. This is largely due to the sheer number of Stegodeus starts at the 4,300 range. Utasino can put up an amazing fight against a Stegodeus and depending on your luck can even kill it as long as you aren’t too highly outleveled.

Breakdown of moveset

Critical Impact Chance of Critical attack increased by 40%. Deal 1.5x damage.

Cooldown: 2 turn

Distracting Impact Deal 1.5x damage. Target’s damage is reduced 50% for 2 turns.

Cooldown: 2 turn

Instant Charge Act first. Deal 1x damage. 75% chance to stun 1 turn.

Cooldown: 2 turn Delay: 1 turn

Low Stunning Strike Deal 1x damage. 20% chance to stun for 1 turn.

In most cases, the first move you will use from Utasino will be Distracting Impact. This move deals 1.5x damage, and the big benefit is that this move reduces opponent damage by 50% for two turns. This gives it huge benefits in survivability. The only bad thing about this is that against immune dinos, this is really only a 1.5x damage move.

Next, we will look at a move that was recently buffed that made Utasino quite a bit stronger, Instant Charge. Before the most recent patch, it had a two-turn delay. Now, its been changed to only have a 1 turn delay. This is huge for the survivability of the dino, allowing it to deal out desperation damage while stunning to faster creatures. It also allows it to nullify the effects of superiority strike, by using up the 1 turn of slow, while going first.

Last but not least, we have Critical Impact and Low Stunning Strike. Stunning strike speaks for itself, a 1x damage attack with a 20% chance to stun. Critical Impact is interesting as it deals 1.5x damage, and if you’re lucky with a 45% chance can deal out a ton of damage and completely change a battle in your favor.

Parting Words

Always be sure to avoid Pyrritator, Monomimus, Indominus Rex, and most end-game Uniques. This dino most likely won’t be the backbone of your team past the 4500 range, but in the right hands can be one of the most powerful Alpha creatures out there.

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  1. Adding to the Counters:
    If you have a tank having multi-rounds speed reducer like Thagomizer, decelerating impact, use that as the first move against Utahsinhoraptor and not Superiority strike. An opponent using Utah will mostly use Instant Charge (priority) as second move, to stun you and gain another free attack.
    Since Utah doesn’t have any cleaning moves, the tank will be able to gain next move irrespective of stun working or not.

  2. I think it speak for itself that there is a counter guide for Utasinoraptor and not, let’s say Pyrritator.
    Struggling against dino with Superiority strike is truly laughable as THIS IS THE ONE FREAKING speed dino who in fact CAN deal with it thanks to Instant Charge.
    And you even sort of mentioned it when you said you got a chance to deal with Lolgodeus who can easily swept fast-themed team by itself or damage it beyond any hope at least.

    Honestly to once again mention Pyrritator. While it lost in the matchup itself thanks to lower speed, it can deal with so many other dinos which beat Pyrritator in the second round with nothing to be done about it.

    Also a big plus is that it can use his Critical Impact on round one. Some people prefer to go with Evasive stance and such on the first round even with speed advantage on their side, and can suffer for it greatly 🙂

    Utasinoraptor should definitely be an Apex