With Season 2 of Tournaments in Jurassic World Alive officially underway, we thought it was a good time to share our interview with the player who finished first in the very first edition of Tournaments in JWA! Luckily for us, this player reached out to us (believe it or not, a legit player) and is an active member of our Discord Server!

Who is it? relentless24! You are probably used to seeing the name in the game as it constantly is in the top 3 on the Leaderboard! At the time of writing this article, relentless has cumulated over 5,000 Trophies, is #3 player in the Arena and his team looks like this!

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Without further ado, let’s move on to the Q&A!

P.S. Did we tell you? relentless IS a legit player.
P.P.S No, we did not ask how much he spent on the game because it is none of our darn business!

BoonSlevin: How does it feel to have officially WON the first Jurassic World Alive Tournament?

relentless: It feels pretty gratifying and certainly gave me an adrenaline rush. I thought I had the best team and deserved the victory. When I would go up against my fellow top ranked players, I would usually win more than I would lose. My goal was to win this tournament in the beginning, but as time went on I tried to just finish in the top 3 because it took so long to get a battle. I’m just glad I was able to eek it out against the rest of the field and take the gold, specifically against CSFharmonyMY and Legomin.

We would have some amazing battles when matched up. It is definitely historical in terms of the context of this game, which does mean something. To be the best in the world is awesome (again I’m not insane, I understand this is just a game and I am putting it into its context, but its still really cool and I’m having fun with it). However, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do on the current leader board post tourny. But ill certainly be ready to defend my title in Season 2!!! If ya smell what The Rock is cookin’!!

BoonSlevin: How does matchmaking look for players at your level?

relentless: Matchmaking at the stage I’m currently in is tough. It takes so long to get a battle that often times I would just click cancel because I was doing something while trying to battle and I’m an impatient person to begin with. It still happens even now but not as bad as the late stages of the tournament. That’s why it kind of stinks to be at the higher levels on the leaderboard, because you don’t immediately get a matchup, plus all the other players think you’re a cheater or spoofer, which I am not!!

BoonSlevin: What was your dream team whenever you were able to get matched in the Arena?

relentlessI love having either Magnapyritor or Indoraptor on the squad, preferably both. They are fast, powerful attackers and the former has pretty much every move you want with immunity to boot, despite the low health. Starting with one and ending with the other usually guarantees me victory, though there were the extreme rare occasions where I do get out maneuvered.

I usually want Monomimus too, because it kills an Indoraptor with ease and can really beat almost anyone at the level I have it (30). Lastly, you do need a tank or two with some armor on your squad, so having 1-2 of these 4: Rajakylosaurus, Stegodeus, Trykosaurus Allosinosaurus (after the update).

BoonSlevin: Do you have a favorite Dinosaur in JWA?

relentless: Blue by a mile. But in terms of game play, Magnapyritor and Indoraptor are my favorites to battle with. They are so explosive and that’s how I like to play. Indoraptor is for sure my favorite “closer”, as nothing gives me greater pleasure than ending a battle with his DSR.

BoonSlevin: What’s the most annoying Dinosaur one can face in the Arena?

relentless: After reading Legomin’s piece, I guess its Monomimus right? Lol I can certainly see how that dino can give you fits. It didn’t give me any issues because mine was a higher level than the rest of the field, so I did not share that pain. On my end, I guess if you don’t have the right counter, Stegodeus can be tough to deal with, and Indoraptor when dodging and not having a nullifying counter can certainly take out an entire team.

MonostegotopsBut I personally would always get annoyed with Monostegotops until the update, as it was a matchup nightmare for the Indoraptor. Which is why creatures with immunity are so valuable. But if there anything I’ve learned in this and Pokemon Go, any dinosaur can be beat. It’s the matchups that dictate everything. Having the right matchup in the battle arena can pretty much guarantee you success. The wrong matchup pretty much guarantees failure. So having a team with the least weaknesses usually will put you in a good position to win the battle.

BoonSlevin: Can you tell us a bit about your game style? What are some habits that you have?

relentless: I just love to battle! I certainly go out and hunt raptors mainly (not nearly as often as I will hunt Pokemon in Pokemon Go because that part of the game isn’t nearly as fun), but I love to battle and use dinos with high speed and high impact. Using the predators is fun for me. I am certainly addicted to this game and check it every hour or so, which is not good for my health. But these games are addicting and I’m just enjoying the ride for now. I have bought too many incubators and keeping vowing to myself that the most recent purchase will be my last, but it never seems to sink in.

BoonSlevin: What’s your favorite feature in JWA?

relentless: Certainly the battle system. Being able to battle from the comfort of your home if a luxury that pokemon go should figure out how to implement into their game system!

BoonSlevin: What would be an advice you’d like to give to people who hope to make it in the top 500 for 2.0?

relentless: That it’s not going to be easy. Many players play this game, so landing in the top 500 requires a top team and some people like me are crazy enough to spend a serious amount of money on incubators, or a serious amount of time on hunting dinos to ensure that they have a top tier squad. This game certainly has a following, and a fanatic following at that.

But there is a serious strategy involved in the battle system, so studying the game play can certainly enhance your chances. I guess that’s my advice. I hope to see you on the battle field, where I set to defend my title, with the definite bulls eye on my back. And of course, Good luck! “Just so that your interests don’t conflict with mine”

BoonSlevin: Are you excited about 1.4? What’s the thing that excites you the most about it?

relentless: Flying creatures bring a new element to the game, so dinos with Immunity, nullifying impact, and defense shattering strikes are very valuable. I’m most excited about having the opportunity to battle them. I will try some of them on my squad, to see if they possibly have a niche role.

BoonSlevin: What would you like to tell Ludia if you could talk to their team?

relentless: That they should continue to work on the game as they have made tremendous strides in the last few months. Continue vetting the spoofers, improving battle mechanics and keeping the players invested.

BoonSlevin: What are you hopes for this game?

relentless: I’m not sure where to go from here, maybe introduce some new features in the battle system or make the hunting a little less time consuming? I would assume new dinos will continue to come out, but there’s a fine line with keeping things interesting and going over the top. Don’t go over the top please! My biggest hope is that it stays relevant and the tournaments continue!

BoonSlevin: Anything you’d like to share with us about you?

relentless: That I am a hard working young man, and I actually hate video games. But between this game, Pokemon Go (will always be my favorite), and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, I have become entrenched in these games, which mainly stem for my love for the films that came out in relation to them.

I do not think these addictions are healthy, and the kids in schools are too addicted to the electronic devices (as I observe my 10 year old cousin). I want to get a better balance in life, where I am reading more books and taking more walks. But for now, I am invested in this game.

Parting Words

We hope that you appreciate have a glimpse into the life and game style of the winner of the first Tournament in Jurassic World Alive! Our goal is to bring more content from the community, and this includes testimonies and interviews with landmarks in the JWA community such as relentless24!


  1. It isn’t a bad thing to get addicted to an AR game like this, so long as you jog or use your bike to get around like I do. My favorite part of this game is how it is more neighborhood/park based because I live up in Wisconsin, so there isn’t an abundance of stuff in PoGo, but there is in this game.

  2. It simply baffles me the fact that he has Monomimus 30, Indoraptor 30, Tryko 30, but the Stegodeus is 29 (the dino that most of the top 100 is highest level in every team).
    Is it left at lvl 29 on purpose, to win the mirror match ?

    • “I just love to battle! I certainly go out and hunt raptors mainly (not nearly as often as I will hunt Pokemon in Pokemon Go because that part of the game isn’t nearly as fun)”

      I guess since he doesn’t hunt much, commons DNA are hard to come by in the required quantities (apato, nodo and stego). On the contrary, epic is easier to get in the incub if only buying (I guess he bought all the t-rex guaranteed incub, etc..)

  3. I hate to tell you folks, I have spent $901.67 on this game and I am not even HALF as progressed as this guy. My highest is a 21 Stegodueos. Looking at the amount of DNA needed to get this, I am thinking he’s near the $15,000 range……

    • I’m not a true pay-to-player, spending less than $100. I am no where close to being competitive as the top 100 players. However, have a 22 Stego and feel I can compete with players around my level (without spending a ton on the game). Factors to be competitive- Hard work in locating/darting dinos, forming a balanced team, understanding battle strategy (which I am working on), and a pinch of luck.

      • Yes, but what is the average level of your team? My team is 18, 18, 19, 19, 20, 18, 21 (Full Legendary). Having one level 22 legendary that is easily obtainable is not that much of a fair comparison if the rest of your team is 16, 17 or 18 with Epics. This dude has Uniques at level 30. Uniques, man. After 900 bucks I am still short 70 DNA from Indoraptor.

        • Okay, so just to participate in the discussion… 🙂
          My team is made of 16, 17, 19, 20, 20, 20, 20, 21.
          All legendary and one unique.
          Having several more legendaries of levels 17 to 19.
          Can easily upgrade half of my team to levels 22-23 right now as I’ve got enough DNA and coins but I just want to level up my 16-17’s first, and those actually are the difficult ones as I just can’t locate the required epics…
          And yeah, I’m playing since mid-May and haven’t spent a single penny on the game (greetings from the GB)

          • How? I literally can’t even imagine where I would be without spending the money I have. I’d still be rocking Rare/Epic Hybrid teams. My brother and I started playing at the same time. He’s 5 levels beneath me and doesn’t have any legendary guys. He hasn’t spend anything on the game either. He’s 3,200ish and I am 4,200ish.

            Something’s not adding up.

          • Let’s compare to see if this makes sense- When I go on a darting run, I get around 10 rares per hour and maybe 1 epic (ish). I’ll head to one of the cities nearby and play for about 4 hours. I’ll do this 1-3 times a weeks and at least play about 1 hour a day. Also am able to spin a drop (and catch some commons, occasional rare, and epic [maybe once a week]) that’s near my house. How does this compare to your play?

          • Not even close, as I don’t have anywhere to go for a good source of Dinosaurs without going into the city center. The other issue is weather and life related things. I have a 9-5 career the entire week with a girlfriend who doesn’t play, lol. I have to help around the house with stuff and by the time I have a moment to play, it’s dark or my dorks on Destiny 2 want to play.

            On your darting runs, what is your mode of transportation? Walking, biking, driving, etc.

          • No_Political_Exp_Guaranteed, I do drive. With my knees, it is very difficult to get around without pain (not complaining- just trying to explain).
            I know we all have priorities. I’m fortunate that I have the time (and wife that understands). JWA is my one guilty pleasure 🙂

          • I should say that’s it been quite difficult to find rares and epics before the special events came to the game, however, since the special events started it became easy enough to locate and dart the most required epics in a long park which is having about 30 supply drops in it and is located not far away from my home. I walk to my workplace and back every day, darting creatures as I go. Sometimes I manage to dart up to 15 rares and 1-2 epics a day but most of the times it is only about 5 rares and up to 1 epic a day on the way. I also dart from work (whenever I have time to) and have a supply drop located conveniently and reachable right from my office, so sometimes I manage to dart an epic while at work. Also, during the summer time, I used to walk in the evenings and dart some 3-6 rares and maybe even an epic. Still, most of the epic DNA that I got were from the special events so without those events I doubt I would be having now more than 1-2 legendaries. Well, if I had a car then I could drive around some locals that I’m interested in (mainly locals 2 and 3) and get more of the most needed Monolophosaurus and Ouranosaurus DNA. You may not believe but I find some of the rare DNA as difficult to collect as epic DNA or even more difficult. Just an example: I see a T. Rex every 1-2 days but it takes about 1-2 weeks to see a single Tuojiangosaurus, although I’m crossing Local 3 twice a day, every day… There’s obviously some magic behind these spawns :]

          • ……. well then I officially live in a shit area. At level 14, I was happily rocking level 16 and 17s with a few legendaries.

          • Hmm, honestly, player level is not the best thing to measure the progress as you only get XP when you level up a dino or fuse a hybrid. Considering how I play, I don’t tend to spend coins on leveling up a common or a rare dino to a high level without it being needed for a hybrid. Instead, I accumulate coins and DNA and wait to see what changes in the gameplay the next update will bring up, and only level up those creatures which seem to be really good and useful in the current meta. I can level up some Allosaurus to level 25 right now but I find it just a waste of coins… that may be the main reason why my player level is relatively low considering the dinos I have.

          • You must be in am amazing location to have such a team with only $100 invested. Damn. I get diddly squat in a 5 mile radius. I have a 50×50 foot “park” with one occasionally spawning Dino.

  4. Why not ask him his age range, profession etc?

    Spending all day catching pokemon and being driven around raptor hunting makes him sound like a trust fund baby. My guess is he comes from a wealthy international family and is living in a major U.S. city with a driver and access to daddy’s amex black card.

    100% has two phones (one for Pokemon one for JWA)

    The funny (sad) reality is that if I’m wrong, he’s either just a poor, proficient spoofer or literally wasting his life doing something he probably can’t afford. 😂

    Keep it up!

  5. Can we just enjoy the reading and maybe try to learn some strategies for ourselves?
    Every free app that has in-app purchases is either a pay2win or wait2win, But here also dedication to grind is needed. How do you think he did get to high levels? I spent I think around 20 Euros in this game and for me it is enough for now. So I just keep collecting every single dna that I can, hunt treasure chests and spin supply drops to grind coins, then I keep treasure the advices on what dino prioritize to level, seen that I won’t be able to easilly level up all of them.
    But after all, having the best dinos in the fab fighting four is useless if the wrong strategy is chosen.

  6. What do you hate the most when battling?
    Unlucky crit/dodge or your dinos inability to do such?
    Enemy having the exact counter dino on his squad and ready when you think your play is going to be truly good or just getting stun locked?
    Or are you fine with the game system and only get triggered if you encountered a bug (having to restart app and loosing the match because of it).
    There are many options and I wonder what it is like for someone with the best team in the game.

    For me it’s encountering Stegodeus. I truly despise the dino and so far, I’m avoiding to have him on my team. Doesn’t help that everyone seems not to only have one, but always have him in the chosen 4 as well 😀 Add to the fact that Lolgodeus is usually 3+ levels higher than my best dino… And I’m still working on proper counter..
    Yeah, can’t wait for his nerf 🙂

  7. This guy is not legit at all lol. First of all, to get a team like this you need to spent AT LEAST 5,000$ which nobody that’s a bit smart would do… I mean who the hell could someone spent a whole car into an AR game. Secodnly, he got lots of dinosaurs at lvl 30 MAX which costs so much dna that even thousands of incubators wouldn’t give. It’s clearly a cheater and a spoofer and he is actually not in the leaderboard anymore because he GOT BANNED