Explorers! It had been a while, but we felt that this week deserved a News Roundup as a couple friendly reminders could be helpful to many people in the community! Without further ado (Yes, Boon is getting better with introductions, congratulate him!), let’s jump in!

New Incubator in the Store

This new incubator is quite exciting! It’s an Epic Incubator featuring Counter-Attack Creatures Dinosaurs! While these Dinosaurs will probable never be the strongest in the Meta, they will always remain a useful and somewhat nasty type! Why? Because they always hide a potentially lethal blow if you dare attacking them! This type being our personal favorite, we certainly are tempted by it, especially considering it’s the first time it’s available in the store as an Epic Incubator!

Keep in mind, that we always maintain the same opinion via Incubators: we prefer playing and grinding over spending money (even though we allow ourselves to buy a few now and then). But let’s be honest, Counter Dinos are really cool!

Scent Strikes

Scent Strikes, in case you didn’t play all week, are basically Strike Events where the reward actually is a Scent Capsule! Battle a handful of Dinosaurs for a chance to win up to one Epic Scent Capsule!

For more information about Scent Strikes, check out our complete overview right here.

Overall, we believe that Scent Strikes are a very great addition to the game! Many people do think that the price for Scent Capsules is fair, but others prefer not to put a dime in a game. Scent Strikes basically are the solution for those who prefer to play with spending money. The few Scent Capsules you’ll obtain through those won’t help you make it in the top 50, but they’ll certainly make your experience of the game much more enjoyable!

What did you think of Scent Strikes? Us, we’re certainly hoping that they stick around!

Season 2 – Tournament

In case you had not noticed, Season 2 is underway! For more information about the Tournament Season 2, check out our complete overview right here! If you want to improve your game in the Arena, don’t forget to check out our guides as many of them might help you jump up on the Leaderboard!

We are currently working on more Counter Guides! Stay tuned for those!

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