Explorers, a quick heads up! Seems like we are getting some clues to a possible event in the near future!

October 12, 2018 UPDATE: A follow-up was made on the forum thread about this strange teased event! It seems that what we had decipher (see below) may be right! We’ll wait for an actual update, but it certainly looks like we’ll have a scary event around Halloween! Stay tuned for more information!

Mysterious Ambassador Post

A few moments ago, a community ambassador on the Ludia Fourms, DarthOnga posted a mysterious post as follows:

“Dear DPG Members,

At 3:36pm Eastern Standard Time, the Ambassadors to the Dinosaur Protection Group received a report from an unknown source that an IUE (Incoming Unidentified Event) was decrypted for a brief moment before the report was redacted and marked “Classified.”

During the brief decryption process, we were able to decipher only the following.

[email protected]_S(3&ts)T3##orS[r!&

We’re asking the community to keep an eye out for any information regarding this IUE. If you have any information regarding the IUE, even if but a rumor, be sure to share with us.

Happy Hunting,

-DarthOnaga, Ambassador to the Community” Link

Our team immedietly got to work to decipher this shot line of code and our best guess is

[email protected]= Fear




which reads Fear Scents Terror Strike

This leads us to believe that there will be Halloween Themed Scents and Strikes!


Parting Words

What do you think about our quick decipher? Do you think this is what they’re implying? Could it be something else? If we are correct, which Dinos do you think the Fear Scent would attract? Which Dinos do you think the Terror Strike will pit us against? Join our Discord here to discuss it with us and follow us on twitter and facebook for the latest updates!